Grr - Today's my cookie party and we're getting a storm :(

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mattsmom277, Dec 12, 2010.

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    Just a short gripe, vent of my inner blues ... today is my sugar free cookie party. Have been looking forward to this particular mix of people, those family and friends closest to me all together and many meeting for the first time.

    S/O and I were up until 2a.m. preparing. Baked 12 dozen cookies, have sandwich platters, veggie and dip trays, cheese/meat/cracker trays ready to go. Punch is ready to go with a few last minute add ins. Have apple cider ready to heat and other specialty beverages I purchased just for today. The house is decked out and we cleaned like mad. I purchased a gorgeous ginger bread house to raffle off among the guests. This was to be the official Christmas visit for many of us since those I'm not related to get busy as do I, so it's also a gift exchange for several of us.

    I woke this morning to a winter storm warning. High winds, blowing snow, blizzard conditions and 40cm's plus of snow expected. With 5 hours to go until guests are expected I find it unlikely that the majority will be able to drive here by that time as it's already getting nasty out there (we've already got quite a bit of snow and drifts before this storm). A really close friend was to bring her 2 year old daughter as well as her mother who is visiting. They both made very complicated recipes for the exchange too. They would be taking the bus here and my neighbor was to drive them home. But my neighbor is a senior and I don't feel comfortable having her drive my guests home in bad conditions, not to mention I doubt my friend will take a bus in this weather. Especially with a toddler in tow. I have a special gift here for her little one. This is one of my longest lifelong friends and I so wanted to see her since we wont' see each other again until the New Year.

    Stupid mother nature, messing with my Christmas spirit and my party. :( The food alone with nobody to eat it is enough to make me want to ARGH! I know that 3 of my neighbors will come regardless since they can simply cross the street. I highly doubt anybody else will make it.

    I haz a sad :(
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    Leave it to Mother Nature to ruin the best laid plans. I hope you and those that CAN make it have fun and enjoy the company and warmth. If anyone DOES come from any distance, if what just hit us is heading your way, you just might end up with overnight guests. We ended up with a foot of snow and I have a drift as tall as one of my sons (over 4 ft) blocking the way from my house to my garage. Keep warm, eat well, enjoy your time with whatever friends are able to make it.
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    Call everyone right now, explain the wearther situation, see if they still want to come- or tell them to freeze their cookies and you'll have it next weekend. Because everyone has their cookies prepared, they can do this without having to make more. You won't have to worry about people leaving early, or not showing up at all. Whatever snacks and drinks you can't put away- you just have to eat them now or have a few people who you know can make it come over anyway. I'm sure they would be glad to hear that it's ok if they can't make it. The gingerbread house may still be ok next weekend.
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    That sure does stink ! Last year husband and I had a big Christmas party planned tons of food, sweets, and some holiday cheer LOL anyhow, we got 18 inches of snow and out of 40 people only 15 made it. We ended up having a great time anyhow. Maybe a few can still make it other than your neighbors. I hope you enjoy the day regardless. :consoling:
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    Thanks everyone, will post an update on the other thread I spied that was sweetly put up. Can't wait to read it, you all rock