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    Seems I was partly mistaken about Dasani.

    They DO have an unsweetened water with a fruit essence in it.

    But they ALSO have an a sweetened flavored water.

    call the unsweetened one "Dasani Essence" and the sweetened on "Dasani Flavors"

    The BIG visual clue as to which one you have is that the artificially sweetened Dasani Flavors is in a typical waterbottle type container.

    The Dasani Essence is in a wider mouthed bottle and is shaped more like a carafe.

    Be careful if you are looking for the Essence that you don't get the flavored.

    The flavors that the sweetened flavored water are in Strawberry, Raspberry, Grape and Lemon.

    The Essence flavors are Lime Essence, Strawberry Kiwi Essence and Black Cherry Essence.