GRRRR...the people at my house...GRRRRR...

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    I finally had enough of the disgusting mess aka my house. I spent a large portion of my day sorting, putting away, and vacuuming in the bedroom, and the parts I got to look great. There's still more to do, of course, but I made a good start. Doing laundry, and notice there's something wrong with the drain, and it's draining in the kitchen sink. Better that than on the laundry room floor, I guess.

    We're having Miss KT's BD party tomorrow afternoon, rather than closer to her birthday, because Hubby and I have our class reunion next Saturday. She's been all eeky-squeally-excited, and making me crazy. Hubby's unemployment check finally appeared, so we're able to get the food for the party without having to listen to any more of my mother's martyr pose about how she doesn't have any money, either.

    Hubby got home from school in full-fledged attitude, thinking he's funny, and is not. I tried to ignore him, but I made the mistake of asking what we were doing about dinner, and he presented a box of frozen salisbury steaks. OK, I want noodles with mine. No. He refuses to cook noodles. Fine, I'll cook the darn noodles. Miss KT is in the kitchen, and she cooks the noodles. Of course, once they're cooked, he wants some. Fine. Then I get the "What's the matter, baby? Hmm?" "Dude, you're being a jerk. Stop it already."

    Now I have to make the cake. Miss KT wants a four tier cake that looks like the cookie from Alice in Wonderland. I am not making a four tier cake, especially not using 6 inch rounds. "But, Mom, I have a VISION!" "Yeah, I do too. It's called getting this cake done so hopefully the house will cool off before bedtime." Get the batter made, and can't find the spray stuff. We don't have any. Hubby graciously goes to the store, and comes back with two different kinds. Miss KT comes back into the kitchen, and sings me the theme song for "Wonder Pets." I throw a dog toy at her. She looks at me, horrified, and says, "Slow your roll, Medusa." I crack up.

    The cake is in the oven, Miss KT is in her room scolding her panther, Hubby has toned it down, and I've had about enough for one afternoon.
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    But of course, there's more, since no one will be satisfied with just letting it lie already.

    The cake stuck to the pan, so I get to piece it together and hide the ragged edges with frosting.

    I wanted to finish my book before going to bed, so Hubby had a lot to say about it, thinking he was funny again. Since I'm not allowed my Ambien, it's taking me at least two hours, sometimes longer to get to sleep. I'm tired and I'm out of patience. Finish the book, go to bed, Hubby lets out these awful snores because he doesn't like the mask on his CPAP. I shove him and ask him to put on the mask. I mean, seriously, I have enough trouble getting to sleep, I don't need to listen to that, too. Just put the darned mask on. He asks why he should put the mask on. I say he's snoring. He gets huffy and says, "So what? I always snore."

    I don't say a word...just get up and go into the living room. I'm not even going to debate this. He's been a jerk ever since he came home (with the exception of going to the store) and I have had enough. Husband slapping line starts in California.
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    "But, Mom, I have a VISION!"

    "So do I...of a house without children in it."

    As for hubby snoring, I'd flick him in the ear every time. If I couldn't sleep because of him, then neither would he. :D

    I would brag about the joys of having the bed to myself, but I'm awake because a cat was wrapped around my head.
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    I also have trouble getting to sleep. If I go to sleep before husband does, he invariably falls asleep with the light on and in an awkward position, so when he wakes up enough to get more comfortable, he has a crick in his neck and often can't get back to sleep. Or I wake up enough (at about 2 am) to turn off the light and get husband's book off his chest and his glasses off his face, and then I've had just enough sleep so I can't settle again.

    So I stay awake until husband is asleep. Then I stuff those little squishy foam earplugs in (they are marvellous - I can still hear him snore, but most of it is inaudible) and do my sudoku until my brain shuts down. I also have a small pushbutton night light so if I wake and can't get back to sleep, I can do sudoku with only my little light, so it won't disturb husband too much.

    Another good method for getting to sleep, is to listen to my iPod. I've found the spoken word is marvellous for getting me off to sleep. I have a few tracks that work well. Some talking books are great, but you need something that isn't too variable in pitch and volume (no sudden shouting, for example). And nothing with a sudden change in sound type, which means no musical interludes. But there is plenty that fits this bill. You can even read a book yourself, into the computer. Save it to MP3 then load it via iTunes to your iPod. Then play it when you need help getting to sleep.

    I've often used the iPod playing a spoken word text file when I urgently need a catnap during the day. If I'm driving and need to pull over to rest, for example, the iPod playing in the car (radio plus ear buds) drowns out the sound of passing traffic. I lock myself in the car for safety, but most of the time when I need to do this, I'm stopped somewhere out of the way.

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    (((KTMOM))) OMG what a day. Gentle hugs and wishes for a much brighter today. Stupid cake!
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    Got to bed about 5:30 am. Put the d*mn cake together with frosting, and of course was just a little bit short. Miss KT freaks out. Hubby is still being less than cooperative, and in the spirit of "helping" me, tells me I really need to let go of my anger.

    The party went very well, Useless Boy showed up early and helped set up, and stayed late to help with clean up. He was actually pleasant, and I was very happy for Miss KT that he made the effort. We had enough food, without too many leftovers, the presents she got were great...thank God for small favors.

    While on the way home...I got a ticket for not wearing my seat belt properly. It's positioned too high on the seat, and cuts at my neck, so I tuck it under my arm. When I got stopped, I just started crying. I am so done. Just looked it up on's $132. I can't even pay the electric bill, car insurance is behind, and now this.