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I could just strangle difficult child. :grrr: After my little rant about the school being so unorganized and not having him registered for the right class, saying he wasn't showing up, blah blah blah. (They were still wrong in that instance) Another person called me today about the class difficult child IS taking. Apparently yesterday, one hour into class he told the teacher he had to leave for a dentist appointment, left the class and then sat in the commons for the rest of the time. Today he went to school (I have transport set up with a public system here) and went directly to the commons where he sat again for the entire time. My mom and step dad are having health issues right now so I was a half hour away at their house mowing when I found this out. I called difficult child at home after I knew he would be there and asked him how school was today. "Good". Reeeeeeally? Because I got a call, blah blah blah......."No mom! I swear I was there!" Meanwhile I'm at Mom's out in the middle of nowhere with a bad signal so I said we would discuss it when I got home. He's mad of course at this point and hangs up. 30 seconds later my phone rings. He fesses up at that point (somewhat) but I was too mad to talk to him.

Some days I just want to shake him till his teeth rattle. That way they won't hurt my hand as much when I knock them out of his head for lying and being a snot. (J/K!!!)


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Oh my goodness - it must be something in the air tonight. Forgive me for laughing, but don't you sometimes just want to ask them exactly who they think they are dealing with? I mean, I'm sure they might possibly get away with something here and there, but skipping summer school 2 days in a row? Like no one is going to notice and call you? ARRGH! :hammer:

Have a :smile: and a :bath:

Deep breaths! :wink:


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difficult child's thinking: "Technically I was in summer school." Yeah, in the building....we've been down that road before....I just thank my lucky stars my difficult child is out of school. Hope you can get him through to graduation....


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My difficult child has to attend summer school, too.

They have made it clear if she missed more than 3 days - she gets booted and has no chance for those credits. Meaning she would have to do 5 years of high school.
Unfortunately, I don't have any words of advice!!! Your difficult child sounds like difficult child 1 in so many ways!!! I just want you to know that I understand!!!

Vent away!!! I know it helps me. Sending cyber hugs, WFEN

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Ugh - I'm so sorry. The jury is still out for my difficult child; we'll find out tomorrow if she passed today's finals and graduates next week. I am on the edge of my seat.

Hugs to mom.