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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Hound dog, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Hound dog

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    Fall quarter at the college is coming to an end. Next week is finals week.

    Nichole isn't doing all that great. I don't think she's flunking, but I'm only going by what she tells me.

    Now she's always had trouble in school, always had to work 2-3x's harder than her sibs just to pull C's. So it's not like I expected her to be pulling A's in her classes.

    What makes me want to smack her is that she rarely spent time studying, most especially the biology, her hardest course. I kept telling her she HAD to study the material. She has the same professor I had, and he's easy, IF you study the material. :rolleyes:

    I think she thought it wasn't going to be any harder than hs and by the time she realized it was nothing like hs she was so far behind she's having trouble catching up.

    She's mad at me because I won't let her drop her classes since she's decided to change tracks. lol I told her she needs to knuckle down this week and actually STUDY. And the girl knows I'll sit down and help her.

    She still has a chance of passing biology with a really good grade. If the professor knows you're trying he'll bend over backward to give you a really good grade. But he won't just hand it to you.

    You know, last year I'd get so frustrated with the young kids in my classes for this sort of thing. They'd whine about how hard everything was, but when you pinned them to the wall it was always because they didn't study.

    And now I have one in my house. lol

    I hope this quarter has been an eye opener for her. :hammer:
  2. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    Yeah, it's amazing how that works :hammer:. I learned that lesson the hard way in college...but I finally learned it. I hope Nichole learns it soon, too, and doesn't waste this class grade when a little effort will retrieve it.

  3. goldenguru

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    College is a privilege. Not a right. At least not in my home.

    When my son went to school we told him:

    We are not going to nag about studying. Not going to nag about grades. You maintain a 3.5 GPA (our son is very capable of 4.0) or we quit paying. Period. You screw up your one chance - then you're on your own.

    I personally was not shelling out tuition $$$$ unless my child was committed to doing his very best.

    You may want to have a similar discussion with your daughter.
  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    That would be a great threat, except I'm not paying for Nichole's college. lol

    I wouldn't pay for it if I did have the money. For this very reason. Over the years I've seen too many kids dawdling around in college and wasting their parents hard earned big bucks that are paying for it. I also believe college is a privilege.

    She grumbled at me again this morning because I won't let her drop the biology. Then asked me if I had my lab book from when I took it so she could copy the answers. :slap: Turns out she hasn't done any of her lab workbook. Of course she's not using my lab book. Then gave me this speil about how hard it is with a toddler to care for. Didn't work. Aubrey is easy to watch, entertains herself most of the time, which gives Nichole plenty of time for homework and studying.

    Some of this dropping thing is because she IS changing tracks. Instead of phlebotomy, she's going for paramedic. Instead of biology it requires Anatomy and Physiology which we're taking next quarter together.

    I actually can't stop her from dropping it. And it would be better for her gpa if she dropped it rather than flunking it. (which is probably also what she's thinking) But I'd rather see her stick her nose to the grindstone and pull herself out of the hole she's gotten herself into.
  5. crazymama30

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    I have seen the college kids who act like they deserve a good grade and then don't study, or my favorite is when they never come to class. Hopefully she will figure out that she does have to work. I am in Anatomy and Physiology I this term and will take A & P II next, and III the next. So far it is hard, but not too bad as long as you study. Good luck to you next term.
  6. Kathy813

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    Welcome to my world. :rofl:

    I hope that she can pull it out.

  7. susiestar

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    Ok. Does she have the study skills to be ABLE to study?? I went to college with an academic scholarship. I had NO CLUE how to study. Just before I transferred back home to finish my degree, I took a class through the college of education on STUDY SKILLS.

    Yup, a 3 hour class that taught you how to study. Best thing I ever did. I learned how to learn.

    And that is what they don't teach you in school.

    Maybe a class like that would help her? It would CERTAINLY make life easier for her in the learning department.

    Just a thought.

  8. meowbunny

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    Sorry, it's her money. If she wants to drop biology (especially since she doesn't need it), I think she has the right to drop it. That doesn't mean you have to approve, but I'm not convinced you have the right to force her to take it.

    I agree that a study skills class can be of tremendous value. I was one of those who got straight As in high school without even opening a book. You can imagine how difficult college was for me. I was fortunate that my English professor actually took me to the side and gave me some wonderful tips on studying. It most definitely saved me.