Guess she slept in a laundrymat last night...

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by PatriotsGirl, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. PatriotsGirl

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    I have been texting difficult child since I received her driver's license in the mail. She has done a great job of completely ignoring me. So I texted her again yesterday and told her if she cannot be bothered to text back the person that is paying her cell bill, I can just disable the phone. So of course that gets a phone call and man alive, wish I never contacted her. You could hear the anger and irritation in her voice. She tells me she has been "mad ill" for a while now and that is why she hasn't called. I ask her why she didn't go to the doctor and she spouts off about how it means she has been a big b**** not sick. Oh, that kind of So I ask her if she is taking her medications - nope, there are side effects that she refuses to have (the same one I had) so then she spouts off how I could have warned her, blah, blah, blah. I told her it doesn't affect everyone the same way but I didn't stay on the phone with her. She was miserable and pretty much spitting nails so I said it was so lovely to talk to her and goodbye.

    She posted on Facebook around 2am, that "they say home is where you lay your head at night, guess the laundrymat is home."

    Apparently, no one else wanted to deal with her being a big b****, either. One would hope that sleeping in a laundrymat would be bottom.....but alas, I highly doubt it. :(
  2. buddy

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    So sad. Really sorry you are having to see your child go through all of that. Hoping she does hit that bottom and climb up soon.....

  3. Nancy

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    Awww PG, it never ceases to amaze me at what they are willing to give up and where they are willing to sleep. I'm sorry you have to see her like this and I wish she would reach out for help.

  4. PatriotsGirl

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    Every instinct in my body wants to reach out to her and offer her a place to sleep and tell her she doesn't have to stay in a laundrymat. To tell her it is all going to be okay and let's just get back to being a family again. :(

    But, I can't. I can't save her. Everytime I have tried I have failed miserably. So all I can do is sit and wait and read these posts from her and think - is this it? Is bottom finally coming?? Because it would definitely be for me if I had nowhere to go. It was for my brother. Ugh. Just wish she would want to change her life. So frustrating!!
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    I'm so sorry. Sometimes all we can do is hope that someday, someway, someone or something will get through to them. Sending healing thoughts for your hurting heart.
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    Patriots Girl: Yes, it is so terribly frustrating!!! I agree completely, and it is so hard to just sit back and wait for our difficult child's to hit rock bottom. I am still waiting for my difficult child to hit rock bottom, and this waiting part for me is worrying, upsetting, frustrating, and oh so difficult all at the same time. I am sending caring thoughts to you so that you have the strength to deal with what your difficult child. Please keep posting to let us know how she is doing.
  7. toughlovin

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    It can be agonizing to sit and wait... really it is awful. Yet you are in a different place because you know following your instinct to reach out and try and save her won't work. You are right about that.... I too have reached that different place but it is hard when you have to follow through with not saving them. I am finding I do better when my difficult child acts in a way that makes me mad.... when I am angry it is easier for me to stay strong.... but when something tells me that he is just hurting, gosh I want so bad to do something to make him feel better, to tell him it will be ok.

  8. Kathy813

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    I'm so sorry but you are right to not rescue her. Sooner or later she is going to get tired of living like that and reach out for help. Be sure that you have a phone number for rehab handy.

  9. Signorina

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    PG - my heart is breaking for you. And if it's any consolation - I followed my instincts. And it didn't do a d@mn bit of good, it's just prolonged the inevitable. And my difficult child knew that he was doing "us" a favor by sleeping in his nice warm room in his nice warm bed and he used that to manipulate us even further. It was not worth the price we paid.

    Let's hope she sees the light soon. I can't fathom not moving heaven and earth to sleep in my own bed. Neither can you. It's just more proof that our kids are not seeing clearly. {{{hugs}}}
  10. Nancy

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    PG I so understand the wanting to grab her and hug her and tell her to come home and sleep in her bed and take care of her. I have wanted to do that so many times with difficult child. I did do that many times until finally I couldn't anymore, but the pain of wanting to never goes away. I'm sorry you are hurting so much.

  11. Tiredof33

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    I feel your pain. My 33GFG is homless, when he gets out of the pysch unit he has no place to go, and no job. I had hoped he had bottomed out before, He was telling me he would never go back to 'neverland'. He lies so much I don't know what is true and what is not.

    Hearing his sob story last night I know he wants money. The money I sent all during November and December when he was telling me he was homeless and needing food they were using to party all night.

    I'm just tired and he has to find a way without me. It is so hard for all of us, but it has to be this way. I have told myself over and over it is his life, and his choices.
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    I am giving you the biggest cyber hug PG ...
  13. exhausted

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    A big hug and prayers that she will find some sense of reason and get help.