Guess What I Got for Mother's Day...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by jal, May 8, 2011.

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    A child with a 102.6 fever and projectile vomiting. Poor kid. Was bouncing all around this am no indication. We went to husband's opening softball game and difficult child changed. Draggy, quiet complaining he was freezing. We stopped at mother in law's quick to visit for mother's day and then came home. Poor difficult child had a temp, gave him Tylenol and with 3 sips of juice he lost his breakfast.

    difficult child has only ever thrown up 2x's in his life and he is too young to recall and they weren't sickness related. difficult child also hasn't been ill in over 3 years. Last time he ran a fever he was almost 6 and now he's almost 9. He doesn't know what it is like to be ill. He has missed only 1 day of school in 4 years. He is just never sick. (Yet as an infant in daycare he had everything under the sun).

    He's a bit miserable now with how he's feeling, but very low key and quiet.

    Our difficult child goes from the moment he gets up until his head hits the pillow for the most part every single day. He is a lot of hands on, attention needing 80% of the time. He is loud and all over a lot of the time too. When I look at him being 6 and having a temp and now...those are the only times he is the most mellow, low key child, quiet child. Not that that is how all kids should be, but when you have a difficult child you wonder what it's like to have a non-difficult child or at least a bit of respite. And these spells, behavior wise are sadly enjoyable. It seems cruel to him that the only time his body is chill is when he's had a temp. What I guess I am trying to say it's been over 3 years since difficult child just had a chill day, of no yelling, jumping on furniture, demanding, fussing, ODD etc and I kind of feel awful that it's been an enjoyable day, but it's due to him being knocked down a few pegs because he is sick. I must sound awful...

    Has anyone else experienced that in correlation to a child being ill?
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    Yep, they could be sweathearts when they were ill. Go figure.
  3. Star*

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    There is a bad flu going around. FYI -
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    Sounds like the same flu, and Star is right it is downright nasty, that hit katie and Evan last week. They were down for the count for the whole week.

    Illness didn't bring much respite in our house. My kids, unless downright seriously ill, would still play and was a battle to make sure they got plenty of rest and down time. And Travis? The boy never got sick. Never. On the very very rare occasion he did.........he was deathly ill, so no downtime for me then either. ugh

    Hope he gets over the bug quickly.

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    Ugh. Pretty sure that's not what he intended to get you...
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    My daughter was always easy child when she was sick. It's how I knew she was really sick and not faking. Hope he feels better soon.
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    Poor kid!
    Sort of happy mom -- I know the feeling. When they're low and quiet they're not bad to be around, lol.
    Still, I'm sorry that he's sick.
    That's a Mother's Day reminder that you really do have kids! Argh.