Guess what Q got in trouble for today????

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Nov 29, 2011.

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    So after point by point going thru the "crisis" plan... deciding what to do if he says offensive things or is aggressive (which has has only happened once and he has never been restrained there in 2.3 years). ......... here is what happened today.

    I went to the dr. with Q, we got back late. I saw the teacher and told her Q was upset because A, a girl he likes and they use as a peer mentor, (so dumb....I have objected to this for a year.... told him he was never going to be her friend anymore. Q was very sad and asked what he can do to fix it. I told the teacher he was really preoccupied about it.

    I go to the library to shelve books. I get a call from mr sp ed and he says can you come up here.... I do it and he is leaving hte class to go to his office and they basically say nevermind.... then mr Special Education walks with me down the hall and says he got called there (which was the plan if he refused to stop the swearing/offensive talk or was aggressive).

    I asked why he was called. He said it was because he was doing nothing. I said, WHAT???? yeah, he was doing NOTHING. head on desk, not talking, shut down. This is not new.... he does this all the time. we just let him work thru it and he does.

    One of the big problems with the bip was that the behavior team said they should clear the classroom if he i disruptive to make sure no one gets escalated or hurt. So they didn't want that anymore. So if he is DISRUPTIVE he is to go to his "office" . \\\

    So tell me why they cleared the classroom and called the administrator? HE was doing what???? NOTHING you said????

    UMMMMM>>>> MR sp ed said that he agrees with me, that is not what we agreed to. He said she had to draw the line and he was in the way.... excuse me, he was in his desk, head down, hood over face. NOT in the way. They got in a power battle and they wanted to win.

    I dont even know what to say.....

    Mr sp ed. asked what was up...q told him it was the girl. he told the ladies to leave that this was guy talk. then he agreed to get the girl and problem solve. Q said thanks and went to his office.

    so whew, the class got to go back into the room so the disruptive kid doing nothing wouldn't offend anyone.
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    Log this with the lawyer lady.
    This one is the TEACHER being a problem.
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    I feel for you (and Q).

    I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that koi anymore.
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    Wow! They are really clueless!
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    Sigh... things like this just shouldn't happen. Sending hugs yours and Q's way.
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    OMG - I would be furious.....such stupidity.
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    How stupid. I swear people look for trouble when there is none just to make drama. He was doing nothing, and still got in trouble. Poor guy can't win.
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    You know what I think and why so I won't get on my soapbox. Nuff said. Just give Q a hug for me and tell him I'm proud of him for NOT getting out of control. THAT is huge for him right now.

    **HUGS** to you too!!
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    for nothing... I agree, in this case he just can't win. I just had to share that, it is so crazy that I wonder if I am going to find out there is more to the story than what the admin. told me. I doubt it though.