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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Dec 10, 2011.

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    In the ER again. Went to our urgent care for that rash and pressure when peeing and they closed early. Arrgg after a 45 minute drive with a crabby kid. So now at a hospital and they r nice but just told him he needs a blood test so my good kid just started getting aggressive. I just walked out. When we checked in he told the nurse his info. Said his "issues were behavior and seizures ". LOL I asked why and he asked me to start him off so I said cavern.... he said cavernous angioma ...LOL. first time he spoke for himself. Was uber polite etc until the blood test news
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    Home and fine... no infection, switched creams, and he took a lithium level just to make sure. I had him foreward it to our psychiatrist but didn't stay becasue Q was getting antsy and started blurting louder and louder, put his clothes on, got his hat on, the young doctor was so sweet and he just said I'll call if it is not good but everything else was so he figured it was not a big deal to stay if it helped him to just go, I didn't even have to sign him out.

    Amazing difference between this little private hospital and the county ER we had to use to ry to get into the neuro hospital across the street.

    by the way, our neuro said she talked to the head of the inpt dept and SHE was actually Q's in pt doctor, she said what the you know what??? She is looking into it because she remembered him perfectly and said that he was wonderful in pt and she would welcome him any time. Now gotta fight the nurses about it, I will never understand It is a BRAIN TRAUMA hospital, you think they haven't seen behaviors before??? so dumb
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    Glad it wasn't much. Hopefully the switch in creams will help and that no other news follows. As for the hospital "stuff" apparently the brain trauma's they see are too damaged to have behaviors. LOL
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    Steely Active Member sorry. Your medical bills are gonna be outrageous this month. Yuck. But I am glad everyone was nice, and that it is nothing major.
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    On the up side, I'm thrilled he spoke for himself and was not inhibited at all about describing what his 'history' is! Good for Q! Glad you're home and fine.
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    Thanks my friends, just love that I could distract myself while there by typing out to my cyber support even if no one was on, it felt like talking to friends. I hold my breath a little when out with him in that kind of situation because if he gets scared or learned from when he was sick to do those things again, It will be so hard. but he did ok, just himself.

    Steely, THANK HEAVEN that since he is adopted from US foster care, and the county he is adopted from could not place him, he has full, no parent pay no co-pay insurance plus I asked in his adoption contract to add that if MA should ever deny any charges their state would cover the charges. They agreed to do that plus other things like special need daycare (if there ever was such a thing I could find, sigh) and alternate therapies at 75%.

    I only had to use that a couple of times because once he got his waiver, everything was covered for that section and for any direct health benefits, he has never been denied, not even for off forumlary medications or braces....(and two orthodontists said MA woudl deny him because his bite was good, it was the front teeth that were really crooked but it was not a functional issue, they were wrong...he was approved really fast). I guess his funding comes from a different pool somehow so he has not been denied.

    MN recently had a govt shut down during the budget crisis, and the big things they cut as usual were MA things. Every year they are hit proportionally harder than other areas of the budget. NOW after all that, the news says we are millions in the black. Makes me sick and I am sure they did it to fund a stadium. UGGG.

    They decided all people on ma for disabilities need to go to an hmo type of deal. there supposedly will be perks if you do it. Well, I fail to see how adding a middle man is gonna make things better. IF my doctors are not on their plan, then I will opt out, luckily we can do will not change what we have, but there may be new things we can't have. So sick that they make problems for people who can least deal with it.

    Otherwise, yes, I would be in HUGE trouble. It is only I who have no insurance. bummer.
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    that happened here over the summer and i fail to see how its "better" either. in my opinion, its been a colossal PITA--i have a bunch of suppliers decide to NOT participate in any of the choices and was stuck scrambling for new ones.

    our case is a little different because we have a primary ins so the medicaid portion only really picks up co-pays and the stuff thats not covered. i didnt have to switch doctors, since i dont mind the co-pay for people i respect, but had no choice on suppliers (mucho dinero per month, it made no sense to pay out of pocket).

    i called our medicaid hotline to find out all of the rules and try to decide which plan would work. it was VERY difficult to compare and contrast--information was sparse and it was near impossible to get it directly from the hmo co. themselves.

    if nothing else, call and ask what happens/when you can change hmo's if it DOESNT work for you--i found out that you could switch pretty immediately and there was no once a year type open enrollment.

    good luck with that part of it--i totally empathize--the whole thing ate up a lot of time that i didnt have, and in the end, hasnt been as awesome as it was cracked up to be. its a terrible solution for complex needs or disabilities--its much better suited to other type of 'caid recipients--the generally healthy, than our kiddos.

    oh, there was one perk--some cover some OTC medications. which ones, I don't know of course, lol, as its apparently a "Secret", but evidently if you dr writes an rx for say, claritin, *IF* its on their formularly they will cover the cost. but as the fates would have it, none of our (monthly) OTCs are on that list, ROFL.