Gut wrenching truth about parents of killers ...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by TerryJ2, Jul 21, 2012.

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    It's funny, Terry, I was watching the news yesterday, and thinking about Holmes's parents and what horror they must also be feeling. The parents of victims and perpetrators are in a lifelong sentence as well. It's so unfathomable. Thanks for sharing that - it's so sad but true.
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    There but for the Grace of God...
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    Thanks Terry, it's so sad, all those families touched by this tragedy, it is unimaginable. Compassion needs to be extended to the parents of the perpetrator, to the victims and to the perpetrator himself since Mental illness is undoubtedly at play here. God bless all of those impacted by this.
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    Yes, I'm thinking that regardless of media speculation (one group said he was a member of a fringe group associated with-Occupy, another news outlet, conversely, publicized a man with-the same name as a Tea Partier, stating a connection) that this guy had a psychotic breakdown, schizophrenia, or something. Especially since he was de-enrolling in school, after doing such a good job for so long. Something was going on with him.
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    The minor son of a well respected business man in our town killed a young child at their day care. The family of the victim had members in law enforcement and knew every legal angle to take against the parents. The parents of the boy were financially ruined. The victim's family demanded and won all the finances and then some which meant no funds to send their other children to college.

    I knew the dad of the boy. He was so emotionally crushed that it was well over a year before I saw a hint of joy on his face. He willingly gave all he could knowing it would never be enough and asked only that his other children be spared but his request was denied. The family moved away as it was too hard to face the anger of the victim's friends and and family as well as the community's as people lashed out at the parents and siblings. Didn't help when the victim's family found every chance they could get for several years to get this story on the front page.

    I understand the anger toward the boy, but the parents and siblings are not to blame and to have their lives shattered to the point of leaving town is a second senseless act.

    So, when you see a minor in these situations, know that the parents and siblings are also being persecuted as if they did the unthinkable act.
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    Good point, Andy. It would never occur to me to go after siblings and especially, if they had educational trust funds.

    I know someone locally, very well, who did something amazingly stupid, and he was taken to court. His parents lost their house due to court costs and payouts. It can happen anywhere. I only hope that he has some plan to pay his parents back.
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    Timothy McVeigh grew up a few towns away. His poor sister changed her name and moved out of state....
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    I think.....and I'm not sure if anyone could ever understand this, because human reaction is usually vengence, but to me this is the example I would want to TRY to portray - and after loosing two boys? I can tell you that after a lifetime FULL of tragedy, loss, betrayal, and death? It's not easy - but it's a LOT better than walking around the rest of your life with hatred, maiice, vindictiveness, pettyness, spitefulness, in your heart. - This also isn't for everyone - but it's a good read especially when you get to the part about how the victims family treated the shooters family.