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    Thank God I found this thread. I also have an adult daughter who is dysfunctional and steals from us. This last was all I can take.... difficult child is 22, mother of a 3.11 yr old boy :) and 9 months pregnant with a little girl, due June 3 (c-section).
    The story: I've known for years she would take my money, cigarettes, medications and such out of my purse and/or home (after she moved in with the father of her children). To make a long story short this time my husband and I paid her to come and take care of our dogs while I was out of town at my brothers funeral and my husband was working. While I was gone her boyfriend called and borrowed money from my husband. (We generally trust the boyfriend but still know that there is no way they can pay us back). We both had given my daughter 20 dollars to care for the dogs while I was gone and I have been giving her money weekly since she'd been "laid off* from work due to her pregnancy (3mo's ago?) for gas/groceries/dog food ect... When I returned my husband asked if I had taken the Digital Camera
    with me to the funeral. I had not and it is gone. We began to compare notes and have come up with numerous missing items and cash/checks/jewelery.
    Now, I am not the worlds best Mom but I have done everything in my power to make up my mistakes in raising this child. I have put her in therapy, paid for it, taken her to the doctor and paid for it, taken care of her son without asking for money or time from her. I even give her gas money when she comes to my house.
    I have been home from the funeral for a full day and a wake up...she did not call the night I got home, she didn't call or text yesterday and has made few *in general comments* on her facebook page, mostly regarding her *condition*.
    Yes, she is 9 months pregnant and having difficulties. Or so she says...neither I nor her boyfriend have been with her during her doctor appointments and cannot
    trust that the stories of possible cancer and numerous iron shots at the ER - for which she needs money - are real. OH what to do what to do??? She swears she is not doing pain pills (she says she was addicted at one point but is *drug free* at this time <-----the addiction part I DO believe)
    God help me I don't know what to do today....confront her? let it go until the baby is born? have her drug tested?
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    You responded on a very old thread and we would love to meet you and talk to you about your situation. Obviously, as you have read, your issues are not unique.

    Welcome to the board.
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    Yes Welcome I'd like to me you too! :hugs:
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    Hi gypsy, and Welcome.
    You've posted on a REALLY old thread. A new thread was posted requesting you introduce yourself via a new thread so we can all find your post and lend support or help. Since I stumbled on this one, thought I'd post the info here in case this is the only thread you are monitoring so far.

    Stick around, this is a great place to find support and guidance for your situation.
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    FYI... I've moved gyspysoul's original response to an older thread into Janet's intro thread. Welcome gypsysoul. :)
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    Thanks TM...I have a new laptop that doesnt have a mouse and I cant figure out for the life of me how to copy and paste stuff on here yet. I will get a mouse It doesnt do the scroll right for some reason. Its a difficult child laptop.