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    As some of you may remember, husband and I were "adopted" by our "youngest" dog Chester a few years back when he (Chester, not husband) chased my car down the street one morning.


    I started to leave this morning and saw a dog down the street. Another terrier. Sigh. Once I got another look though, I thought it was Chester's daughter Peanut who lives across the street. So...I got out of the car and called her by name a couple of times until she came running. She got a little closer and I thought....wow...she's really bulked up! Then she got even closer and realized that Peanut had a...well....a peanut and wasn't the dog I thought! LOL Sweet dog though....terrier....white with reddish spots. I picked him up and he was fine. Petted him and not once did he squirm to get down. So...took him to my house, handed him over to husband and went to work. Texted Star and Ktmom on the way and told them about him.


    Star sent a reply of.....and I quote... Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa(inhalesa)ahahahahaha cause im not keeping olivia...hhhhhahah

    Ktmom wanted to know what I was naming him and didn't seem to like the name I texted back. :bigsmile:

    Aaaaanyhoo......HA!!!! The joke's on them!!!! The peanut imposter lives down the street andhad gotten out of their fence.


    His name really IS Peanut! LOL

    So there!!! I can too find a dog and not keep it!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
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    Posters for LADY O'LIVIA go out Saturday for a LOVING HOME!!!!!!! Her belly is healed....and she needs a home! We're not NOT NOT keeping her. she broke a toe nail, and it's healing......but she can go with that little boo boo. She's got her shots, her microchip, and rabies tag. She's fully potty trained, doing very good on boundaries, likes cats, does not shed hardly at all. Has overcome a LOT of her abuse issues. For being 18 lbs she's now nearly 45.....and she's very very smart. And beautiful.

    So, anyone know of anyone -------let us know.

    And yes Mstang - I'm still the biggest board Tootsie Pop ......lol
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    Only cuz Peanut already had a home.................yeah, we so got your number. lol

    Awww Star, I'm so glad Olivia is doing so well.

    I have 2 new outside kittens. They adopted me, not the other way around.......arrived half dead, in such horrible condition husband voluntarily fed them multiple times a day, which he never ever does. White with black spots, cute as heck now that they're gaining weight.

    Perdy and Sassy. (both female) They haven't stepped off the porch since the first bowl of food. Although my rescue friend has word out they're adoptable and will let me know if she has an opening either at her place or with a foster family. Love attention and to cuddle, so they were in someone's house at some point.

    husband just spotted he thinks 3 new ones. ugh
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    Hey...it still counts!