Had a good weekend...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lonelyroad, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. lonelyroad

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    My daughter went shopping with a friend for 4.5 hours, lol...got summer shorts, which created am emotional breakdown 2 weekends o, she is 5.7 and weighs about 165, so tall and big boned..she hates this, so shopping is never fun.

    She also found her Grade 8 grad dress, a huge deal as I thought she would never go..although time will tell, by charting her depression episodes, she will have 2 more before this, UNLESS this new medication works...
  2. Bunny

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    Take the good days and be happy that she has them. I'm glad she was able to find shorts and a dress.
  3. DaisyFace

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    Ugh! I feel for her!

    It is hard to find clothes that fit a tall woman...everything seems to be made for someone who stands 5' 5" and/or has short legs. And then when you DO find something in a tall size (miracle of miracle that it is!) the selection is usually very limited.

    Is that part of her depression, I wonder? It's tough being in Middle School feeling like you're this big, gawky thing who can't even wear "regular" clothes like everybody else.
  4. StressedM0mma

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    I am so happy for you. I know that it was a big step for her to go out shopping. This age is so hard. They want so much to be like everyone else, and when they stand out even a little, it can be gut wrenching for them. My easy child was 6'2" in 8th grade. So she was heads above everyone. And stick skinny. So, of course people stared. And she would freak. There were many times we had to leave stores. Now, at 18 she is fine with it. It takes time. I hope her medications kick in and she stays the happy girl you have been missing.
  5. buddy

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    OH I feel for her too. Glad she had success. body image is such a big deal when young especially. Truth is as an adult I woudl LOVE to be that tall and that weight! She will some day feel blessed to be that size. But at her age, I can see how she would feel she self conscious even though we know she is beautiful.

    Hope the medications start to help and the depression starts to decrease.