Had a hilarious and sweet conversation with Cory this afternoon

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Apr 21, 2010.

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    Was on the phone with Cory a little bit ago about nothing in particular, just a whatcha doing call. He mentioned he watched a movie a few days ago and in it the family was having to deal with the mother dying and it was being all drawn out long. He said he got all teary watching it and said he just couldnt deal with thinking about it happening to me considering how bad it was back when I was in the hospital and how horrible he felt then.

    I tried to tell him that I had this paper filled out that gave my wishes concerning how I wanted my medical care done when I got really sick and all that so that it wouldnt be such a burden to them all when I was that ill and couldnt tell them what I wanted anymore.

    I told him that it was all laid out that first his dad would be in line to make the decisions, then Jamie, then Billy and then him.

    Well, he wanted to know why he was last!

    I told him, honey, you are the youngest, you are apt to be around the longest (gulp).

    He got upset and said he wanted to be at least second after his dad!

    Then he started saying how he would take care of me better than Billy or Jamie, yada yada yada. I broke in and said...ummm Cory, this is about my end of life decisions like whether I should be kept on machines or tube fed or have ....and he broke in and said

    "You mean...should I pull the plug!!!! Oh heck no! I dont want to do that...NO NO NO!!! Make me last!!!

    I will take care of you and wash you and love you but I dont want to pull the plug on you! "

    LMAO. Bless his ever lovin heart.
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    And you actually doubted if he loved you during his worst difficult child moments...as if they really think through decisions enough to realize how it comes across to those who love them most???

    (JK) I'm glad you had a moment in time like that with him.
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    Oh, Janet! That's so sweet!

    The other day I asked difficult child 1 if he would take a guess at what would be my next car. He asked "a hearse?" I guess he still needs to grow a brain....:tongue:
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    Janet, how sweet!

    3S, smack difficult child 1 for me. A hearse...guess that's along the lines of Miss KT calling me Moses when I have to use my cane.
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    How sweet.
    He has come a long way.
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    How sweet!!! He is truly a very loving person.
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