Had a pretty great Holiday

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    difficult child managed to control herself relatively well for the long weekend at my mom's. We went down Thurs. afternoon, and came home yesterday afternoon. I was so happy with how she did.

    difficult child, my mom and I went shopping on Friday, and for the most part she held it together. Normally we have a huge screaming meltdown in a store with her trying to bolt. Not this time. She was repectful, and happy the whole time. My mom bought difficult child her Easter dress, and difficult child thanked her and gave her a hug. The only issue we had was when we were in Forever 21 and she had to choose between the clothes she wanted. She was getting a little stressed and saying "I can't decide" and things like that, and I made the mistake of chuckling about it. She snapped at me for that and started to get loud. I forgot that she has such a hard time with choices. For a minute it was like having a typical teen, and then I was reminded. But, she calmed and made some decisions. Not the ones I would have chosen, but she made choices and that was good.

    She was bored at Mass, but she is not used to going to Catholic services. We usually attend a nondenominational type of church.
    Other than that I would call it a success.

    Oh, she did abuse the internet at my mom's. There are no shut off controls there. So, we need to reign her in at home. But that should be pretty easy with our parental controls. She will be mad, but she should not have stayed up past midnight. Natural consequences.

    I actually left my parent's house in a good mood. This is the first time in years.
  2. I'm glad you had a good Easter holiday and things went relatively smoothly with your difficult child. I'm new to this board and have been going back and reading posts from previous months - seems like your difficult child is making some progress.
    Made me smile for you.
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    One itsy bitsy meltdown and one internet abuse... Not bad at all, considering!
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    so glad you had a good holiday at your Mom's. You deserved it! -RM
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    This is really good news. I am happy for you! I hope this trend continues...................Congratulations to you!
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    Woo hoo!! I'm glad that it was a nice holiday weekend all around for you.