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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by muttmeister, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. muttmeister

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    I haven't been out of the house since Saturday (except to scoop snow off the sidewalk). difficult child 2 came this afternoon with the village tractor and dug out my driveway (it's a good 2 feet deep in most places). It's a good thing he did; tonight about 9:45 I was sitting on my couch watching TV and I heard a banging on the window behind me. It was my neighbor from across the street. He'd been doing a woodworking project for his wife (she was at work) and he cut off the tip of his finger so I had to take him to the emergency room. That's 7 miles to the next town. I was surprised at how clear the highways were because in town we have tons of snow. Anyway, we got there and his wife showed up so I left; I guess that was my good deed for the day.
  2. witzend

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    OMG! You put on the big blinders, as I would have, I'm sure. "Driving to the hospital. Doesn't matter why. Just driving..."
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    I am glad you were able to help him, and that you made the drive safely both ways. The highways are usually clearer than in town, at least teh major ones.

    I hope your neighbor has a full recovery. You are a good neighbor. Want to live next door to me?
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    Yikes. I did that about 2 years ago. (New, expensive knives DO work very well. Clean cut.) doctor did some pretty heavy stitching but said he didn't think it would ever grow back. Today, you'd have no idea that I was missing half an inch of my index finger and nail. Lesson(s) learned: always buy good knives. Watch out when you are dicing with good knives. ;)

    Glad you were there for your neighbor. I am sure he is glad, too.

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    husband did this a couple of times when he first got into real training in culinary arts school. Good, sharp knives are not only less likely to slip and nail your hand, but they leave nice, neat wounds that are easy to repair.

    In both cases, husband's fingertips grew back just fine. Apparently so long as the actual bone there isn't damaged, they will grow back.

    Years ago I was trying to use a very sharp knife to pry apart two frozen lamb chops. I managed to drive it nearly through the palm of my hand between the index and middle fingers.

    Healed fine except for a slowly decreasing numb patch on the inside of the middle finger.