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    with principal and the officer who works as the go-between for the police and school. We went in armed, knew the criminal code numbers and everything. Listened with mouths almost hanging open as the principal backpedaled...on just about everything. He said easy child wasn't suspended, I mis-heard him..huh? That easy child sort of admitted to it....uh, no she didn't cause she didn't do it, that the only thing they could do was let it go and hope it didn't happen again....this is about the msn conversation that was handed to principal and edited like crazy...

    husband and I let him talk....with minimal input from the officer and than we had our say. We spelled out that we would be pursuing this further, that a lawyer had seen the copy given to us and his advice was that it was heavily edited, section 300 of the canadian criminal code stated that what had occured was libel and was a chargeable offence....we threw everything at both the principal and the officer.

    And the officer finally had to admit we were right, it never should have gone to the school let alone involved police as there had been no threat or hint of threat.

    The mother of the other girl that was also accused of this has retained a lawyer as well and has advised the school that there are chages coming of this. The principal said he didn't want to trample on the toes of fellow teachers....the girl who accused our kids is the duaghter of two teachers...geez!!!!!!

    So both girls are back in school with the accuser jaunts off on a trip to florida and the lawyers get things rolling...we aren't letting go of this at all....enough bullying by the principal....

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    Yeah warrior mom and dad!!! I'm so glad easy child is back in school and her part in it has been cleared.

    Hope principal spoke about not stepping on toes in front of officer - basically admitted there's a double standard in terms of whose kids get what punishment. Utterly ridiculous!

    Must've been rather entertaining to watch him backpedal. ;)
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    I've been following this .... Carolanne, YOU GO GERL!

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    Thanks for posting the outcome.....good to see that when "mistakes" are made they don't hang onto to them forever......hope the charges don't run you into the ground.....ask for lawyer fees if you go forward.......
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    I'm glad the kids are back in school! Our difficult child has two parents for teachers-it never did help him out of a punishment. That principal really goofed up big time.
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    Oh my gosh...what a mess huh?
    Wishing you lots of luck, patience, and strength as you go forward with this. Good for you guys for standing your ground.
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    I am so glad you and the other girl's parents are seeking legal action. This principal is a bully and a jerk and a fool. Charges SHOULD be pressed - against HIM!

    Glad the officer came in on your side.

    Be sure to ask for lawyer/court fees in addition to damages and $$ for emotional distress.

    husband and I are each the child of at least 1 teacher (in my case 2) and we NEVER got out of trouble because what our parents did. In fact, we were each held to HIGHER standards and got TOUGHER punishments because we were teacher's kids and "should have known better".. (husband's dad was a vice principal in the school he attended - boy did he get in trouble big time for any offense!).

    I am floored by this. IT is just scary to think this man is in charge of an entire school. My difficult child had better sense at 5!

    Glad daughter is back in school. Keep a journal of any problems from teachers or other students based on this issue. I am quite positive this other girl (offender) has not kept her mouth shut, and her parents problem have told the other teachers. A journal/notes in your calendar about this will be invaluable in court. Esp document that the 2 girls are in school while the other gets an excused (I am sure it is) trip to Florida!!

    Hugs to all of you. hope both lawyers are SHARKS!!