Had to giggle a bit at my daughter ...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by donna723, Jan 6, 2009.

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    After three and a half years of trying, three doctors, dozens of tests and medications, and one surgery, she is finally pregnant with their first child, a little boy due May 20th - 21 weeks along tomorrow! And of course, they are both estatic! They've been joyously decorating the nursery and buying little blue outfits - it's all happy, happy, happy at their house!

    But now the date is getting closer, she's getting really big, it's becoming more and more real to her, and her feet are finally back on the ground! And she's starting to look at the practicalities and panicing a little! She called me and was talking about checking out day cares near where she works - very expensive! And she's thinking about things she hadn't considered before. She said, "Mama, what if he's sick and I have to go to work?!" "What if the day care is closed and we both have to work?!" "What if there's nobody to watch him ....?" I just told her, "Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood!" And secretly, I was a just little bit pleased that it's not ME anymore that has to contend with all this and I can just watch from afar - three states away! Payback of sorts for the years and years I spend 'kid juggling' while working full time ... so, does that qualify me as "evil"?
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    No Donna723 you are not evil!
    It does take them a long long time to get the plot!

    I will be waiting even longer.

    At least now appreciation of you will begin to set in....a nice stage to be at!

    Congratulations to you on this lovely news.
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    Not evil, just a grandmother. You're entitled to some payback and a little joy that it's her turn to do the fretting. Just think, you get to spoil the baby when you see it and then go merrily back home. hehe
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    Doesn't sound evil to me.........sounds like a gramma with a sense of humor. :D

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    I vote for not evil either.

    I think that one of the joys of gramma-hood is not having to fret or worry. Another one is getting to gloat a bit when your children do have to fret and worry, because you've been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, the lapel pin, the commemorative mug and the printed place mats.

    From your daughter's perspective, it's great that she's starting to twig to this now at 21 weeks, rather than having it hit her upside the head once the baby is here. Gives her some time to plan.

    Congrats, Gramma Donna! (Or possibly Nana, or Grannie, or whatever your grandma-name will be)

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    Naw, not evil. Your daughter will just appreciate you and what you did more. lol A normal thing from one generation to another. I'm sure my Mom got a chuckle when I'd have such "insights" into parenthood, just as I do when my daughters do.

    Congrats on the new grandchild. My newest will arrive in Feb. :)
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    Your horns are showing. :devil: