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    It's been clear for a while, but thought I would update today: Sweet Pea is definetly a difficult child...
    She will start Occupational Therapist (OT) tomorrow. I filled out some questionaires and her evaluation is tomorrow. The questions were about sensory processing and I'm pretty sure they will tell me that she has it tomorrow. I have known for a long time. I'm hoping therapy can help her because her tantrums are really excalating.
    Her speech is better but it comes and goes. At times (a lot of times) she simply won't use her words and resort to grunting and pointing. At daycare, she is essentially non verbal. Outside of the house, she never uses her voice except for crying... very frustrating, specially when I know she can do so well during her speech sessions.
    Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) will go to her daycare in order to see how she interacts with her surrounding and see if she can help Sweet Pea use her words in other contexts.
    Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) thinks it is a behavioral problem, in the sense that there is no physical reason why she does not use her words consistantly. It is not hard or tiring for her to say words according to Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) thought that Sweet Pea might be shy, but I know she is not at all. She will interact with grown ups in a non verbal way. She will smile, use gestures and eye contact.
    My parents spent a whole month with us and they also think that Sweet Pea has something wrong going on, and it is beyong the speech delay. They were very happy when I told them I contacted the same Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) program that diagnosis V... Only in my world can somebody be "happy" of such news.
    Emotionally, I'm all over the place. Sweet Pea's explosions are just draining and for who ever has not witnessed it... it is almost impossible to believe: how can this darling quiet little girl turn in such a raging furry.
    The school will test her next month. It shall be interesting! And I thought I was done with the testings and wondering. Nope! I get an extra round, just for the heck of it.
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    Well, it is the "terrible twos" of course, but you are saying it is worse than that. Who knows, you may have to change that signature back again one day, for both V and Sweet Pea, but that's another question... Right now, it is a struggle and exhausting. As someone who has dealt with and still deals with explosive outbursts, I guess I'm more battle-hardened now... what do you think is driving Sweet Pea's explosions? Is it related to the frustration of not having words to communicate with? Some kind of sensory overload?
    You've seen big improvements with V and doubtless you will see them with Sweet Pea, after interventions. Count the blessings, I guess! Sorry you are facing this - it's probably the hardest time. Things can only get better... Hugs.
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    To answer your question, several things trigger the tantrums: communications issues, transitions, sensory overload and of course the part that is more age appropriate is being told "no".
    I know it is different than the terrible twos. She has rages that last several hours, the record being 6 full hours! I think anyone would admit it is beyond the scope of "normal" two year old stubborness.
    I think I could almost say V is a easy child, but he requires too many accomodations to be really called this yet. But you're right, one day maybe they will all be easy child!
    The hardest part is maybe knowing that life has to be so hard and probably will be for a good while... Managing everyone's care is a fulltime job.
    How do people with several challenging kids do it in the long run??