Hail Update


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Things are starting to come together. I was awarded very generous settlements for both the house and the car. I bought a car yesterday and will sadly say goodbye to my much loved camry. I will be able to repair the house and have some left over.

I have been frustrated with the process more than I should have been. I recognize that I tend to stuff my emotions to the back burner on major things and then have it erupt over lesser ( in the scheme of things) events. I really need to get back into therapy.


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and then have it erupt over lesser ( in the scheme of things) events.
Pasa... major hail damage is NOT a 'lesser' event. It's a huge disruption to your life, and a direct attack on your personal space - sure, it's the weather doing the attacking, but there is something about damage to a house that has a bigger emotional impact than you would expect.

Nice that you got a fair settlement!


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Hi Pasa,

Glad you have gotten your insurance stuff settled.

Now, for the fun stuff....

What kind of car did you get (if you want to tell)?

And most importantly....tell us about the kitchen remodel.

What kind/color cabinets?







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I bought a red Toyota rav4. The cabinets are solid cherry and the granite is speckled with a bit of a reddish hue that accents the cabinet perfectly. The flooring is an engineered cherry plank that you can not tell from wood except for the sound when you walk on it. The backsplash is white beveled subway tiles to coordinate with the white French paneling on the breakfast area walls. I will try to post pictures when it is complete. The workmen had to take a short hiatus due to the damage they sustained to their vehicles and shop.


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I'm glad things worked out monetarily! You must have a good insurance company. To be able to get the repairs done plus some extra for those renovations you mentioned you were doing...nice.

I don't think you overreacted at all. Having your home damaged, especially when you're already messed up with remodeling, is very distressing! You've had a lot on your plate.

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Oh Pasa, so glad to hear it's all working out. How awesome to have a little extra too.


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Sounds beautiful, Pasa. Post pics when you can.

You will get your money back on those upgrades, too, when, you sell.

I can't believe the market in San Antonio and much of DFW areas.

My daughter was looking for a house last fall in SA, and everything was selling so quickly, at full price. Many were off market after only a few days. She made appointments to look at several for the following Saturday, and half would be already gone by then.

I sold a house there right after the crash that I had for only three years and I still made money on it.

My sister bought a house in Allen several years back. She was one of ten offers on the one she finally got. Ten offers the first day on the market! She had been beat out of several.

Do you have white trim? Forgot to ask about that.


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Oh! Pasa, we're cousins. I drive a red Rav 4. Mine's a 2012, so still has the external spare tire on the back. I bought it in 2013. What year and trim level is your new Rav? Mine is the basic model and still has more "stuff" than any other car I've owned.

It was great in the snow and slop up North and has done fine in our (wimpy) winters in SE WI.

Of course, it wasn't as good in the mud and deep snow as my 2002 4-runner, which was built on a truck frame and had skid plates covering most of the underside of it. THAT was meant to go off road and places I wouldn't dare take the RAV.

But, for routine daily driving in all sorts of weather, your new RAV will get you where you need to go. Congrats!


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The rav is a 2015 with a couple thousand miles on it. It does not have tons of bells and whistles, but it does have a backup camera, Bluetooth, and I can get in and out of it without folding myself in half. I am a bit on the tall side.

Red is not really in my wheelhouse of fav colors, so I am surprised that I have made the choices I in colors and materials. Yes, white trim. I sold one of my houses 30 min. after it was on the market. This one needs some updates and it should sell, or I will stay here and make it exactly what I want.