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    This is kind of a vent...but it is so weird and silly that it makes me LAUGH!

    I've known for years that the hairdressers in my area can be difficult. Perhaps the clients can as well...

    The hairdresser that normally does my hair messed up very badly recently. (it was a haircut). She costs a little more than others,, so I am particularly NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. I have one side that looks a lot different than the other side and it takes me (get ready for this) an HOUR now to blow dry my hair due to the choppiness/layers (which I did NOT want).
    When I did my color a few weeks later with her and complained about the cut, she acted "indifferent." Ok, so this didn't sit well with me at all.

    So, I asked around and was told about a talented hair dresser at another salon and thought I would try him. I had an appointment. this afternoon. He is kind of near my home and very near where I work part time.

    Early this morning he cancelled (left a message) and said it was an emergency, but he should have time tomorrow and to call the salon. He was super polite and apologized. I have been calling the salon to re-schedule and no one has answered my call. So, today after work, I stopped by the salon to see if he had any openings later this week and the receptionist was acting "weird."

    After chatting for awhile, she tells me that he cancelled my afternoon appointment today because he didn't have anyone for a few hours before my appointment and he couldn't be bothered to wait. Then she described him as a selfish man and that he just does what he wants. She was very negative....Mind you, I have never been to this salon and was a brand new potential customer. So....I said that I wasn't sure if I wanted to make another appointment and gently backed out the door.

    It's been awhile since my last hair cut...a little longer than ususal. I called my regular person, spoke to her nicely, but firmly telling her that I was making another appointment...but she was NOT to rush doing my hair because I was unhappy recently and I expected her to do a good job. She said she understood, promised not to rush this time, was polite and appropriate.
    I have another appointment with her this week.

    Anyway, it was a VERY WEIRD experience! But, I think in the end...I was fortunate that the receptionist was sooooo crazy honest with me and it is likely to turn out fine (going back to my usual person). (On the other hand, one could say that perhaps this receptionist REALLY has it out for this hairdresser!)

    I think delaying making the appointment and talking to her has to help. It's ashame that the prices alone doesn't do the trick. But honestly, this is the last chance.

    Am I the only one that has weird experiences at the hair salon????
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  2. Marcie Mac

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    I know the guy that does my hair has his "off" days once in a while - if he hasent cut it even or the layers seem a bit off, I will call him the next day so I can make an appointment to go in and get it fixed, always free of charge. Perhaps she seemed indifferent as you didn't bother to call her right afterward's saying she needs to fix it, only mentioning it weeks later

    As to the new receptionist at the new place, hmmm, I think I would be calling the hairdresser or salon owner and out her. That is such bad form to be badmouthing someone you haven't even seen yet so who knows what the purpose of all of that discussion was. You probably couldn't get a call back yesterday because they are off on Mondays? No salon works on Mondays here unless you have made a private appointment.

    Getting a hair cut shouldn't be fraught with such angst and drama LOL

  3. Malika

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    Take a leaf out of my son's book - cut it yourself :)
  4. CrazyinVA

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    My hairdresser is full of drama, and so is her salon. They even had someone interview them for a reality show. The stories I've heard.. oh my. Once she actually teared up about her latest boyfriend drama while doing my hair. But, she does a fantastic job despite it all, so I'm willing to deal with it. The drama has never interfered with my appointment scheduling or her ability to do my hair (even with the crying, it turned out great!). In a way it's nice to hear about someone else's issues other than my own, and it can be very entertaining :)

    I think it's just par for the course with some salons . Have you seen that show, Tabatha's Salon Takeover?! (on Bravo) She goes into high-drama salons and cleans house. Hilarious! (that wasn't the show that interviewed my salon, but they should definitely go in there!)
  5. DammitJanet

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    I go to Fantastic sam's and they are perfectly
  6. Nomad

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    Crazy....The hairdresser I go to now is very nice and tries to keep the drama to a minimum. My guess judging from the intro I got with the receptionist at the new salon I almost went to was the new place is potentially OVER THE MOON with drama and frankly it seemed to have waaay tooo much for me.

    But speaking of day I went to a salon and the nail tech went ballistic and started screaming the "F" word at her co workers. I had color on my hair and my nails half done and couldn't leave. I was STRESSED.

    Between the money and the drama....this is why I'm only allowing this gal one mess up per year! LOL!

    Marcie Mac...All the phone calls attempted were this morning (Tues). NOt sure why no one answered the phone...the salon was technically open.