Half-marathon tomorrow. Need to beat husband. Keep your fingers crossed

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  1. SuZir

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    Few months later than we were supposed to, but better later than never, we are having our duel. husband had let himself get unfit and overweight over the years. Very overweight in one point, but he luckily quite quickly got rid of those 50 pounds and was around 210 for few years. Still a lot for guy who is only 6 feet tall. He always blamed boys' hobbies of not having time to get fit so year ago at spring, when he got relieved from all easy child's sport duties, he promised to get back into the shape and beat me at half-marathon a year from that. He was very slow to start training, but after boys riled him enough, he got his feet moving last autumn. Spring was horrible for us and things got into the way and our half-marathon challenged was postponed. But now is the time.

    Okay, I'm really, really happy that husband has taken steps to take better care of himself. Is fitter, healthier and has much more energy again. Has stopped snoring, lost 30 pounds, is in much better mood, seems younger and looks better. I'm really happy to get the athletic, energetic, attractive guy I once married back. It really is awesome!

    However that of course doesn't mean I'm ready to lose. I really can't stand the bragging I would have to listen if he beats me tomorrow. Normally he shouldn't have a chance. I should be able to finish in 1.42-1.45 time frame, and he is likely to finish just under 2 hours based on his training. He is an awesome competitor though, so I will give him 1.55. 10 minutes difference may not sound a lot, but it really is. It means about a minute in every mile and that is quite a difference when running. So I should be safe.

    But the horse tramped my leg at Monday. Not badly, I'm sure nothing is broken and really only one toe got little hurt. I think the nail will come off from that, but it isn't giving me any trouble otherwise. I did run a bit this morning and it didn't bother me too much and I'm going to tape it well for tomorrow. But I still can't be sure how much it may slow me down. And we do have a house rule that excuses are not accepted when it comes to sports. So I can't try to plead on injury if I lose tomorrow. Either have to win or not start at all. And it really isn't bad enough not to start (well, without being called coward by my men, even the boys though they are rooting for me.)

    Yes, this is all silly, but if you could have a good thought for my toe staying nice and unbothering, I would appreciate that :bigsmile:
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    SuZir.......! Congratulations for even attempting to do that, good for you. You must be in amazing shape to want to race your husband. I hope you beat him. That is over13 miles. It's wonderful he's gotten into shape and is running beside you. Have a fun day and good luck to you both.
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    Upallnight: Thanks! I'm an avid runner. Have been since difficult child was a year old. I ran several times a week and do several races a season. This will be my third half-marathon this year and I have also done few 10ks. I haven't done any full marathons this year, but I have done several in the past (they do tend to be hard for my toes though, so I only do one per summer, if that.) I think I wouldn't be even this sane without running. It is a major coping tool for me.

    husband getting back to shape is a biggie. But as I said, still don't wanna lose! ;)
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    hehehehe This entire thing is GREAT! Kudos to your husband for working to get back into shape and he must be feeling much healthier. As for you? I hope you beat the pants off him !!! I love the spirit of this couples competition. No way a wonky toe is going to slow you one bit. Be sure to come fill us in afterwards (READ: Come by and brag and tell us all about it!!!!)
  5. DDD

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    I'm rooting for you. husband and I compete frequently. NOT physically, lol, but backgammon, scrabble, cards. We're both in it to win it and it's one of the fun aspects of our marriage. Hugs DDD
  6. Hound dog

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    I shall do the nekked chicken dance for you..............all will be well. You'll leave him in the dust. :)

    Good luck and have fun.
  7. dstc_99

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    As the sad excuse of a wife of a runner I am here to root you on! LOL husband has been trying to get me in to running for years and only recently has succeeded in getting me to try. So far I suck but hey I am working on it which is something I never did before so thats something!

    Anyway good luck and you can do it! Bad toe or not you can stay ahead of him.
  8. trinityroyal

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    Go SuZir go. Sending good vibes that your wonky toe does not get in your way.
    Go get 'im!

  9. SuZir

    SuZir Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the good juju!

    It did help and my toe didn't give me much trouble (the nail is definitely coming off though) and I beat husband easily. He did very well though, 1.53 and that is a really good time for someone who has run so short time yet. If he continues to train, he will beat me next season, but I'm zen with that. It's just one of those differences boys and girls have; boys can run faster. I did also very well; 1.40 and I'm happy with myself. Had enough time to catch my breath and add some clothes at the finish line before husband got there and act like I had been waiting for him forever :bigsmile:

    easy child was reporting splits for both of us (and difficult child via FB chat) during the race. He too was very happy with me winning. Though he didn't agree to trip husband like I asked. Then again he didn't agree to try to lead me astray from the route like husband had asked ;) difficult child was little disappointed with him, he would have tripped husband had he been home. But of course he is such a Mommy's Boy. And it is easy to promise and try to claim brownie points when you are thousand miles away ;)

    Anyway, we managed to have lots of family fun even though one of us is far away, so that is good. Modern technology can be an awesome thing. And while boys were riling husband whole night about losing I almost felt sorry for him. So I just had to make sure he knows how happy I am with his transformation back to athletic person and all the hard work that has taken later at night :bigsmile:
  10. InsaneCdn

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    And, of course, there's "always next year"... :D
  11. DammitJanet

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    Wow Im proud of you! You must be in amazing shape. Even when I was young and thin I couldnt run. Now I can barely walk fast from one end of the house to the other. However, Im pretty sure that if I saw a snake in the yard, I could do a 4 minute mile...lol
  12. DDD

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    Congratulations! I never tried it but, lol, running Florida is a bit like self induced penance! DDD
  13. helpangel

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    :bravo:well done!

  14. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Wow, SuZir, I'm impressed with both your time and your husband's. Good for you for winning, especially without difficult child's "help".

    Glad to hear everything went well, and congratulations on your win!