Halloween almost over

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

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    I love Halloween but this year I am really glad it is almost over. difficult child has been up since 5:15 this morning. At that time he began saying he wanted to trick or treat now! He has been manic like all day long. I am not sure he has stopped talking or singing the entire day! He has been a total difficult child driving us all crazy! He has been rude and disrespectful the entire day. I can't even explain just how off he was and the consequences we gave him did little to help.

    About the only time he was good was when we were trick or treating. He ran into a someone from his school who is also a difficult child. Apparently they are friends at school. difficult child's school is across town so we were surprised he ran into someone he knew. Turns out the child's grandparents live about a block and a half from here. We met them and exchanged numbers because difficult child's friend goes there every weekend. Who knows, maybe difficult child will now have someone to hang out with in the neighborhood. It was funny to watch the two of them because difficult child is super short; only 57 inches and the other boy is super tall-way taller than husband (not that husband is tall-only 5 feet 7 inches).

    How did everyone's difficult children do with trick or treating?
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Well, the monsters here on the left coast are just gettin' started!:frenkenstein:

    I'm hoping my two difficult child's don't get into it with eachother -- difficult child 2 is a little irritable and difficult child 1 is being a PITA bossy teenager. Not a good combo.

    Hopefully they will bring their wonderful mother some yummy chocolate... :D
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    Miss KT decided we should give out candy this year, and went out to get several bags. Only two kids have stopped by. It's still pretty early though.
  4. DammitJanet

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    It went well for us and brought back so many fond memories...lol. I loved starting over! It was so nice when Keyana's mommy thanked us for coming with her. Like we would have missed it!

    The kids were really good. It was so funny hearing Keyana pipe up to the people and say "twick and tweat me please" and then "thank you!" So cute!

    She came home and ate a bunch of candy and ran around the house screaming like a banshee - take that back...screaming like a pirate. I finally gave her a dose of benadryl and she finally fell asleep. She was completely wore out and on a sugar buzz.
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    I will not be buying candy to hand out ever again. I am so broke I can hardly see straight. I called my bro to pick up a bag of candy for me when he came to pick up the costume I made for his three year old. He brought bubble gum (yuck). A bag with 90 pieces. We had a grand total of 10 kids. 6 teens came before it even got dark. I hate it when teenagers (not young teens, driving teens) are out trick or treating. There oughta be a law that you can no longer go after the age of 13. Anyway, like I said 10 kids, 6 teens in a group, 2 late grade school kids (like 5th grade) and my niece and nephew who got presents instead of candy. So 90 pieces of gum and 8 kids. If I would have known it was going to be that bad I would have given the teens more (only gave them two pieces each). When the two others came it was like 8:30 and I gave them a handfull each, but I still have bubble gum coming out of my ears.
  6. timer lady

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    It was a pretty decent holiday....kt handed out candy dressed as a nerd.:geek:

    The children on our block have grown over the last 11 years we've lived here, but there were other younger children from other blocks - we had about 60 kids at the door. We had few teenagers & for the 1st year there were more parents walking with their kids than riding in their cars. Ran out of candy & shut down the lights to watch movies with kt & T.

    All in all it was a fairly decent day - now we move onto the big holidays. Yee haaaa!