Halloween and my difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by shellyd67, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. shellyd67

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    Today we went shopping for the kids halloween costumes. easy child picked a cute little vampire outfit and difficult child picked some scary creepy outfit.

    I had to chuckle because I remember many times that difficult child did not dress up for Halloween.

    In preschool the had a parade and he was the ONLY kid not in costume and he marched around not one bit embarrassed that he was not dressed.

    He also went out several times not in costume and took his candy bag and hit every door he could.

    He is 10 and has not dressed up 3x or so.

    He would never really have a reason just that he didn't want to.

    Go figure. LOL
  2. Jena

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    See i think that's cool though, beat of his own drum kinda thing~!! :)
  3. Andy

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    A kid after my own heart!!! I really do not like Halloween. I do let the kids participate as other kids do but usually refusing to put lots of money into an outfit. The year difficult child was hospitalized for anxiety, he was afraid that Satan was really out to get him and would attack him on Halloween night at midnight. He was at the phospital that week and I was emotional about him living this fear alone in his room. So hard when your kid is terrified and you can't be there to say, "see, nothing to fear!" All I could do was work with him during visitation to assure him that he was safe and Satan would not be attacking him. The following Halloween, he was so much healthier to the point that he created a grave yard decoration in the front yard - something I would normally not have approved of but seeing where he came from the year before figured it was something he needed to be able to do.

    I let my kids do whatever for Halloween, I just don't give them ideas.
  4. aeroeng

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    difficult child used to love to dress up as an invisible boy. He did a real good job and people usually would not believe he was really there and thought easy child was just trying to get extra candy.

    I made difficult child a black cape with a large hood. He had a fishing poll with a small trick-or-treat bag attached. He would hide beside the porch and using the fishing poll "float" the bag to the proper place. Then easy child would say, "Don't forget my invisible brother." The person would look suspiciously at easy child and then figure out the costume and laugh. difficult child ended up with twice the amount of candy as anyone else, so making people laugh is good for your stash. The one draw back is that a black cape is really invisible as far as any drivers on the road goes. So I would make him wear all kinds of glowing objects in between houses.
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    Sounds like Halloween will be fun for both of your kids this year. I wish my difficult child would stop trick or treating. We've told him once he hits high school (next year) he needs to be done. Good thing he is still so short so no one thinks he is as old as he is-lol. easy child/difficult child hasn't gone trick or treating since 1st or 2nd grade-doesn't like it but does like to hand out the candy. Of course, now when difficult child gets home he wants to pass out the candy!
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    This may be my difficult child 1's first year NOT trick-or-treating, and he's 16. I thought this day would never come! He hasn't had any interest in thinking about a costume (the other two kids already have theirs). I told him that I'm taking the younger two out in a few minutes to pick out pumpkins, but he didn't sound too enthusiastic.

    difficult child 2, on the other hand, is still very eager for Halloween to come. He's 13 and very much an immature difficult child, so I'm not surprised. We'll see how long this lasts. This will be his first year wearing a truly scary costume (skeleton jester). And he still freaks out a little when we go into costume shops (actually wants me to hold his hand). When we went out to get his costume, he insisted on wearing his headphones so he wouldn't hear any of the spooky sound effects in the store! Funny kid.