Halloween- are you ready?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. klmno

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    I bought a bag of candy but have no idea if any kids will come by. The first year we lived in this neighborhood I bought some but no one came. (We live in a cul-de-sac.) So, last year I didn't get any and several came thru. Go figure!

    I plan to watch a football game and have a fire in the fireplace for the first time this year, after I eat dinner.

    I bought a very small halloween gift bag and thought I'd put a few of difficult child's favorite things in it that he hasn't been able to have when it gets closer to his release time. I'm thinking I will fill his Christmas stocking, have a few wrapped gifts and a b-day cake/ice cream ready for his release date, that way he will get a "little" of halloween, Christmas, and b-day. This is assuming he won't get released until after the holidays and his b-day, of course. It's our tradition to have crab legs on New Year's, which he LOVES, so I was thinking we could have that for dinner. What do you think?

    Remember- set clocks back tonight and sleep an extra hour!!
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  2. Wiped Out

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    I love your gift bag idea! Enjoy the fire tonight; wish I had some wood in the house I would light one tonight too-it's certainly cold enough!

    husband bought lots of candy-I just hope it's enough; we tend to get a fair amount of trick-or-treaters.
  3. gottaloveem

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    I'm ready, but I'm not getting any kids this year. So far, only 5. It is cold (in the 40's) But when we first moved in this neighborhood, it was brand new and young families filled it up. We would get hundreds of trick or treaters. I guess none of us have moved because there just isn't any little kids out. Not even the younger teens that don't wear costumes or barely say trick or treat. Glad I bought 3 musketeers. Looks like we will be having some left over.

  4. SRL

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    On a clear night like tonight we can get 80 to 100 trick-or-treaters and I'd say we're on target for that many tonight. Candy for that many gets really expensive so this year when I saw 12 packs of cans of Hawaiian Punch for $2 I nabbed 8 of those. The kids have loved them!

    I'm going to do this again next year.
  5. JJJ

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    Today ended with a net positive :)

    Piglet didn't do great in her game. The doctor said the blood test maybe showed diabetes, maybe, so now we need to get a glucose meter and test her throughout the day for a week. Eeyore declared he wasn't helping clean the house cause that is my job. He threw a fit when I told him to help clean or no trick or treating (he didn't get to trick or treat).

    On the plus side, Piglet and Tigger worked for over 3 hours on chores (I was only going to make them help for an hour but they were doing awesome!). Since Tigger can't eat any candy, he was collecting for the poor -- and he was so excited about it ("cause mom, that's just the kind of guy I am")

    The house is the cleanest it has been since before we got sick (over a month). husband visited Kanga and was very happy to come home to a clean house!!!!
  6. Abbey

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    I hid in my house until my next door neighbors wouldn't stop ringing my doorbell. Your light is on...we know your're there. Yeah, well, it's an automatic light. They were all dressed up so cute. They're out there yelling...we know you are in there! So, I came out and had dinner with them. Just wasn't in a Halloween mood this year. It's nice to have good friends.

  7. klmno

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    Well I had one group of eight- or maybe it was 2 groups that arrived about the same time. That was it. After I had a glitch with cable cords I finished cooking dinner and have been watching the game. I'm just taking a short break during half-time. My team is winning so I'm good!!

    I hope your night went well, WO.

    gottelovem- I'm like you- I bought candy that I knew wouldn't go to waste just in case. (Not that I need it, but I didn't want to have to throw anything away.)

    SRL- I don't blame you- that is a great idea! I can't imagine that many trick-or-treaters! We used to get a lot in our old neighborhood, but not that many.

    Tigger sounds awesome!! I hope he gets something special even though he can't have the typical candy.

    Abbey- I'm glad you crawled out and did something! Friends ARE nice to have!
  8. DammitJanet

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    We dont get kids out in the country where we live so we have to go in to the city.

    Keyana had called during the week and asked us to go with her so we obviously said yes to that request...lol. We went trick or treating with Keyana, her older brother Cameron, her younger brother Jacob, her mommy Lindsey and her other Grandma Linda. I really think they needed Tony to help keep up with the kids...lol. Jacob isnt a problem because he is only ten months old but Cameron is a handful at almost 6 and hyper as all get out...lol.

    We started at the mall but it was a bust so we went over to a church which was really nice. They had a whole field laid out with cars parked side by side in a huge horseshoe and you walked through that and trick or treated. It wasnt a small amount either. The candy filled up a regular sized pumpkin! Then they got fed hot dogs and drinks and rode on a train and then went into a building to do a cake walk and play games for prizes. It was really fun. We could have done more trick or treating around some houses but Keyana was tired by then and we had split off from Lindsey and changed her out of her costume.

    She was the cutest little pirate you have ever seen. I will get the picture I took up later today. Im just too tired to do it right now. I only managed to get one snapped. She was so busy...lol.
  9. crazymama30

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    I am feeling like the scrooge of halloween (whatever that is )-: ). We were out late last night at a pumpkin carving party and then trick or treating. Schedule changes and dhgfg and difficult child just do not mix well. I want to bury them in the back yard.
  10. klmno

    klmno Active Member

    LOL, Crazymama!!

    Janet, it sounds like you and Keyana both had a great time!! That sounds like a great place you took her too- I'm glad everyone had fun.
  11. Hound dog

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    I haven't passed out candy in about 5 yrs. And the way it looks around town....no one else will be doing it for long either.

    A shame. :(

    My community college does a big beggers nite safe trick or treat. Ok, so the idea is great.....businesses set up all around the parking lot and pass out candy from their decorated booths. sister in law's Mom and step dad do it every year cuz they own Subway.

    But honestly.......it's a nitemare and I don't know why any parent would bother to take their kids to it. Traffic to get into and out of the college is backed up for hours. Kids/parents stand in long lines that take forever to move.

    I've never taken my kids. And the grands have never been to it.

    Plus our downtown business (those who don't want to set up at the college) do the same thing in front of their businesses down town. This is less chaotic....and believe it or not, less traffic.

    Bad part about it is........it's ruining the old fashioned kids knocking on neighbor's doors and trick or treating. :(

    We took Aubrey and Darrin around Nichole's boyfriend's parents neighborhood. Normally this neighborhood is packed with trick or treaters. Not this year. Hardly anyone was there.......and the kids got loaded down with candy because of it. Nichole's boyfriend's parents said they've watched the crowds dwindle each year.......this year maybe all of 20 kids showed up, counting Aubrey, Darrin, and Brandon. They aren't planning to bother next year.

    The grands had soooo much fun. And Aubrey was thrilled one lady was handing out beanie babies along with her candy. :D
  12. DDD

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    We only had around 20 this year. For the first time ever...we didn't get the young teens that usually show up during the last hour. I had chilled Capri Suns as a choice over candy. About 1/4 of the kids were thrilled to get juice. It's easier and I liked it too. Not many Daddy's this year either. I think football games won out over trick or treating. ;) DDD
  13. Mattsmom277

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    We never get kids here. :(

    I babysat my niece and nephew for the afternoon, baked cupcakes (with dirt cookies and gummy worms), had dinner etc. I got them both, easy child, myself and S/O ready with our makeup etc. When my brother arrived home from work, we took all the kids to the mall where they had a magic show and trick or treat stations set up. The lines were super long but flowed quickly. It is nice to have bright light to see all of the cute costumes. S/O and I were dressed up and suprisingly so were several parents.
    My bro and his kids headed home, and we headed to our home. easy child never does much door to door, but difficult child popped out of the bat cave (his bedroom) and laughed and said easy child was doing better this year than usual, lets go ! lmao

    So we all headed out and difficult child seemed to enjoy escorting easy child around. easy child is a funny one, won't go to a door without me right beside her at the door. Not one single house thought I was the parent. They all were trying to hand me candy, or asking where's your bag for candy? HAHAHA I kept saying thanks but I'm the mom! Over half said well moms need treats etc. So easy child got nearly double. I doubt she'll ever allow me to not dress up again.

    Funny thing, most of what she collected will get given away since it'll never get eaten. But she had a ton of fun. As for difficult child, one house was a townhouse rented by University students. The gals were all dressed up as cheerleaders (skimpy cheerleaders!) for going out later in the night. difficult child decided I believe that yup, he is most definitely going to University hahahahaha.