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OMG, I've been invited to a Halloween party...and I have to wear a costume.

I am old........and I do NOT like attention drawn to myself ......and, unless and until I have a couple of glasses of wine, I will feel completely ridiculous ....

...so please help me think of an EASY, INEXPENSIVE, CUTE/ATTRACTIVE (no ghouls or ghosts or bloody stumps) costume. Come to think of it, I do have a kid's tiara and wand...and pink ballet slippers.......how can I make an easy princess/goddess/sprite costume???






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Well since you are tiny, cute and a princess...well a princess or goddess of links...lmao...it shouldnt be hard to turn you into something rather easily.

Do you own or can you get to any thrift stores and look for dress/skirt type thing that is filmy in pinks and magentas. It could even be some type of gypsy skirt or something. Or a disco dress from the 70s with the funky hemline in that weird fabric...ya know what I mean?

Or you can go to the store, buy some gauzy material, make a quick skirt to go with tights and a pink/rose/magenta top and you are a princess.
WAIT wait wait wait...

the tiara...the wand...the slippers...get a skirt...put it on over street clothes.

Get a box of Nabisco 100 calorie packs.

Go as the snack fairy!


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Best costume I ever wore was as a tourist in Hawaii. Thrift shop tackiest outfit I could find (bright turquoise capri set that had purple, pink and orange feathers on it); orange shoes; Carmen Miranda fruit jewelry; heavy black hairnet, pink sponge curler for the bangs; heavy makeup with blue eye shadow; a name tag saying "Hello, My Name is Irma from Iowa." I may have looked awful but I was totally comfortable and I did my best to talk through my nose all evening. So, if the fairy doesn't work out ......


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LOL @ snack fairy!

At a church costume party one year, my mother in law went as a brick and my father in law went in overalls with the laying tools for the cement between the bricks, he was the brick layer. I still die laughing over that. Brick and the Brick Layer. How sick are they?

I fit in perfectly, don't I?

Marcie Mac

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I went one year to a party as Mother Nature - complete with the Tub of Margerine at the end of my wand. You remember the commercial, Its not nice to fool mother nature. I bought a bunch of plastic daisey's and wove them into a halo for my hair

I went to Sears and bought a white silk nightgown with a matching robe that I found in the Bridal Department:)

I will send you a picture if you need a good laugh - but at least I was original.

The only other Halloween party I attended, I went as a street walker after shopping at Fredericks of Hollywood for a corset and fish net stockings (ok, I actually had some sembalance of a body wayyyy back then) ROFLMBO



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OMG, OMG, OMG..........snack fairy is just goofy enough to be perfect.

Thank you, BBK!

Help me think this through, gang.....

jeans, pink top. I have those. Tiara, wand, ballet slippers, I have those. Snack packs...attached with safety pins??? I'll look for a tutu that I can somehow attach to my jeans.

What else do I need?

What should I do with my hair?




(the future) MRS. GERE
Marcie..........pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease send me those pics!

Janet, good idea about checking thrift stores for skirts...MB, I have a Hawaiian shirt and a camera so the tourist is a good backup....

...and AllStressed...........brick and brick layer???



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If you didn't want to wear jeans, you could find some kind of flouncy skirt at a thrift shop and wear tights or leggings under it (even stirrup pants) and gold or silver shoes. Flats will work to. Don't forget spray paint works great!

You need a hat too. A straw hat or a big flouncy hat. My mother and I went to a red hat event recently and we went as "sweet -n- nuts". She sewed all kinds of wrapped candy on my pink hat and she showed peanuts on her red hat. Personally, I prefer a hot glue gun!


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You mean to tell me you actually OWN a tiara, a magic wand and ballet slippers ... and you DON'T have your own tutu?????

Frankly, I'm shocked!

(And I have always secretly wanted to have my very own tiara!)


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Look on Michaels arts and crafts website. They have lots of easy make-it- youself costumes by just adding a couple of accesories. I need to come up with something inexpensive for 4 teachers who work with autistic 5 year olds. I love Halloween!!!-Alyssa
I think the less dressed you are under the skirt, the better.

didn't he have a tutu, then a casual shirt and like Docker pants or something? Of course you can do this up any way you like. You could even carry the box of snacks with you.

We're from a proud family of making your own costumes (which stopped at me, since I can't sew a button without somehow attaching my thumb). My mom made ALL of our costumes every year. Once she did me up as Ace Frehley, I won 3 awards that year. One year, she did my brothers as "Chicagoans". She had stiff wire inserted into their clothes (like the hem of their blazers, their ties, etc) and shaped it so that it looked like the wind was blowing at them and their clothes were being blown back. They had umbrellas that were pushed inside out, again to look like they were walking into the wind. And they hammed it up. They walked as though they were struggling against a hurracaine. They also won awards that year. That was extremely clever.


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husband and I once went to a party at the brn where we boarded our horse.

husband went as the horse, complete with papier mache' head. I went as a bale of hay.

Our horse went as the farmer, complete with overalls on her forelegs with the straps attached to a bellyband so they stood up and a straw hat with holes cut for her ears.

Luckily the invitation went out early enough for us to be able to train our poor horse to pu up with the silliness.

And, at least at your party you won't have to worry about your actual horse trying to eat your costume!


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The funniest and best costume I ever saw and won 1st prize was a man and wife....she went with a long paisley skirt and extra padding in her bum, a white top. mens boots and her hair done up in a bandana (she was a washer woman) HE went with the bottom of a laundry basket cut out, an empty box of tide in the basket and an empty bottle of clorox with a few unmentionables and rags in the basket....and a pair of underpants on his head. HUGE granny panties.

She made herself so huge no one knew who she was. They were attached with a clothes line and clothes pins. It was a scream. Especially since HE was ultra conservative and very shy.

Um.......I DO have a blue M&M costume I can send you. You have to get your own white tights, die a pair of sneakers or spray paint them blue if you'd like and find some white gloves.


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Suz ~

I think I still have difficult child and easy child's pink tutu's from when they were small that I could send you.

They stretch and stretch and stretch.

You have to promise to take a picture. I volunteer to upload it and create a link so EVERYONE can see it.


Your friend Kathy


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Reading your comments/suggestions/smart aleck remarks (you know who you are ) is a great way to wake up. Thanks, everyone!

(For those of you who are jealous, I got my tiara and wand in the toy section of Target a few years ago. I'm sure they still sell them.)

You're the best!



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Originally Posted By: Big Bad Kitty
We're from a proud family of making your own costumes (which stopped at me, since I can't sew a button without somehow attaching my thumb). My mom made ALL of our costumes every year.

LOL on the proud family of making your own costumes. That would be me! My mom sewed a lot of our clothes and made some creative costumes along the way. One year my brother wanted to be a tree and she spent hours painting him a cardboard tree to go around him. She's sewed my kids some great ones including an astronaut and a pioneer dress. I bought a fancy schmancy sewing machine before I had kids and still sewed many of my clothes. I figured I'd sew for them too but between sensory issues and difficult child and the cost of patterns and fabric all I've done has been costumes. One year I did them all up as Lord of the Rings characters and the next as Luke, Leia, and Darth Vader.

Be sure and check out the thrift shops for costumes or costume parts. Around here they save them all year and haul them out around mid Sept.


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My favorite adult costume was a Xmas Present. I wore green and red (one leg each color) tights. I wrapped up a big box and cut the arm holes. Stepped into it and had straps to hold it up. The only thing that was uncomfortable was sitting down!

I think the tiara is all you need. You are already a princess!!