Hallucinations on Intuniv?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Ash, Dec 4, 2010.

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    Hi guys, first don't worry I have already called the doctor.

    I would like some parenting advice though on those of you who have used Intuniv. My son is on it for behavior issues. He has been on it 3 weeks 3 days. He started out on 1mg and did wonderful. Was so good in school had no issues, next week per doctors orders we went up to 2mg. Still did great at school 2 full weeks on green, he has NEVER done this. Week 3 we went up to 3mg, this is where the trouble started. Within 24 hours he was argumentative, in trouble in school, hit a student etc. I called the doctor and he was back to 2mg after 2 days on 3mg. Well, last night he woke me up at 4am saying he was seeing something and that it was crawling inside his skin. I called the doctors office again and they told me to keep the dose at 2mg give him a few days to adjust that 3mg may have been to high for him. His attitude is better today, but he still said he sees this thing that floats close to his head and goes inside his skin. It also gets in his food. He seems to be in good spirits, not angry, not argumentative but he is worried. He keeps asking me if the things he sees will go away soon.

    I just wanted to know if anyone else has experience with hallucinations on Intuniv or any other ADD/ADHD drug?

    edit: my mom just called ( shes an RN ) and said that it could be because the medication decreases blood pressure that seeing spots is normal. This is a possibility but he says that he hurts all over his body and that something is "inside" his body.
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    Any medication can cause hallucinations. Some people are very sensitive to medications (I am one). I would not give him another dose that high again. And I'd talk to the doctor. Believe your son and go with your mom gut. Doctors can be wrong.
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    Yes I stopped 3mg immediately after just 2 days. I told him we would go down to 1 pill not 2 like the starter pack said. He has been back to 2mg now for 2 days he said it is getting a bit better.

    I gave him some benadryl tonight to help with a runny nose and sneezing and he is fast asleep. I hope he sleeps tonight. He was so cuddly tonight and loving, this is a side of him I have never ever seen. If 2mg is still causing the issues we will go back to 1mg. The medication has really helped him in school and at home with his behaviour and I sure hope that we can get these issues worked out.

    I know many of you don't believe in treating ODD with Intuniv or any other medication, but it really has made a tremendous difference in my sons behaviour in school. This is a boy that had never seen a green ( good day ) and has had almost 3 full weeks of them since starting this medicine. I will not use him as a lab rat and jump from medication to medication. If this doesn't work even at 1mg we will do some in depth testing. I have been reading online that Intuniv has cases of hallucinations and bed wetting. He wet the bed both nights on 3mg. Poor baby, I feel like such an ass for upping the dosage. I knew I should have just left it alone at 1 or 2 mg. It was working he was doing great.

    I will follow my gut and right now my gut says 1mg. We have to wean down to that though over a week, so its not a sudden thing I can do.

    I still hope some other moms or dads out there have had this issue as well it would be nice to know that im not the only one.
  4. gcvmom

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    No hallucinations for us, but my difficult child 2 is only taking 2mg, It has really helped his focus/attention at school (he does not tolerate stims at all -- makes him manic).
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    Our ADHD/Asperger's son is obsessed with spiders. He was on Concerta at the time. He was switched to Tenex, while it helped somewhat he still goes through phases of his spider obsession. One of his therapists seems to think he will have these issues no matter what medication he's on. His Tenex dose is 3 mg, with Clonidine at night.