Hanging in there for the holidays

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by SRL, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. SRL

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    I just wanted to wish you moms of little ones a Happy Thanksgiving this morning.

    I know holidays can be stressful with a challenging little darlin' in the house. If you've got a big day planned, things will go best if you supervise constantly, tag team off with spouse or SO, use a preventative approach to meltdowns take the low road with battles, turn a deaf ear to relative's criticisms, give junior some quiet downtime in the midst of chaos, stay at a hotel instead of with relatives, and take a few moments for yourself. I know, I know, piece of cak...um...pie!

    Wishing you all a good day!
    SRL :thanksgiving1:
  2. tiredmommy

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    Thanks SRL. Great advice. We've already had a mini meltdown (less than half an hour). I can't wait to get to my in-laws where Duckie will honeymoon.
  3. lisae

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    Does 'honeymoon' mean that the difficult child will present as calm in a situation outside the home?

    My two sons are almost 16 and did alright with my dad here for a meal earlier in the day, including clearing the table without being asked. After he left there was a stereo freakout as both boys wanted cigarettes ( this is a new development) and think if they yell and demand I will start to buy them for them. NOT!

    Luckily we had to go over to see my niece's new baby daughter and they had a great time holding the newborn. When we came home the cigs were forgotten but difficult child did have a cursing and scream fest over Madden 2008 on the Xbox.

    They are in their rooms, and quiet now....many times I think that they are 15, going on 5!

    They are both explosive personalities but one boy has it under control whereas the other has gotten worse and is now in treatment.
  4. lisae

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    OOPS! Didn't realize I was in the under 5 forum, my bad. I'm new to the board.
  5. tiredmommy

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    You are welcome to post in any forum, but yes! This one is intended for the little ones. You may feel most comfortable in either the General or Teens & Substance Abuse forums. Welcome aboard!
  6. Dara

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    We have had meltdown all week so we are happy to get out of the house! Unfortunately, at my brother in law house husband and I are trapped upstairs with our child and theirs! Tonight it was for over 2 HOURS!!! :hammer:
    I hope all of you have or had a great Thanksgiving and a meltdown free day!
  7. Gaia

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    We had a relative-free Thanksgiving, and I was very relieved. Because my husband's jaw was broken and he was unable to eat, we felt it best if we stay home. I also had to give my cat medicine (not an easy task). The day (and the whole weekend) was not too bad. Each day difficult child had one explosive episode, each over something different and at a different time of day. It's the unpredictability that gets to me. I still have not figured out how to deal with that.

    Anyway, I hope everyone is finding some peaceful moments this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!