Happy 16th Birthday difficult child 1!!

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Can't believe I have a 16yo!!! Yikes.

    He is still very much a difficult child... but there are signs he is sloooowwwwly maturing. The driver's permit is the big carrot for him this year. We'll see how long that influence holds.

    Took him to an indoor go-kart racing venue yesterday (Monday) for an early celebration. He absolutely loved it! :D Hopefully his first day back at school today goes smoothly -- he's a sophomore now! He gets to go back for a free race at the go-kart place after school and I know he's looking forward to it.

    It's been a bumpy summer for him -- partly due to losing his grandfather, partly due to medication tweaks. I sure hope things are less tumultuous for him this school year. We're all scaling back our activities and looking forward to simpler demands on our time. That can only help, I think. I hope!
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    Happy 16th to difficult child!:)
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    Happy 16th to your difficult child!!
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    i'm soo late to this i'm sorry. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!! How was the day? and 16 is old. it goes by way way too quick