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    I heard this on the news and then read it in our paper.

    Saturday May 9th is Biomoms recognition day - its' for all the mothers that gave children up for adoption that never stopped thinking about them.

    Started in WA state by a biomom who gave her son up for adoption only to be reunited with him later and said that there had to be more Mothers who secretly dreaded Mothers Day without their due recognition.

    Just FYI
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    That's cool. I pray my 2 darlings bio-mom's have a good MD and wish I could let them know our girls are doing well. I hate the choices they made during their pregnancies but thank them for bringing these 2 into the world.
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    Given the hx the tweedles survived due to bio mom I think I can bypass this celebration. The tweedles may someday here of it & try some kind of recognition ~ I sincerely hope they never find this woman.

    She's toxic.
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    On the one hand, I'm with Linda. In situations such as ours I don't think it's worth mentioning.

    HOWEVER.....for the biomom's the idea targets? WONDERFUL idea! I can't imagine having to make that decision. Even if you know putting your baby up for adoption is logically the best thing for the child, I can't begin to imagine the agony.
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    It was in the paper here too. I had very similiar thoughts to Linda. I was just having a hard time finding a way to express them without my entire post being blocked.

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    Not all birthmothers were abusive. My daughter's birthmother made a very difficult decision to let us raise her as our own. Certain days, like Mother's Day, are not only difficult for bio mothers, but many adopted children. I found this out from my best friend who is adopted. She hated Mothers Day and her birthday because they reminded her that she was "rejected" (her word) and made her long for her birthmother, who she eventually met. I don't see anything wrong with bio moms trying to soothe one another. I'm not talking about the ones who used crack while pregnant then had their kids removed. I mean the good ones who truly did it for the child and whose hearts still hurt.
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    Hmm. I've never heard of that b4.

    We've always bought Mother's Day cards for difficult child's bmom and grandmother. It used to be very hard to find something appropriate but now they're all over the place. Usually it says, "For a special person," and talks about wishing them a good day.

    I've found it's often better to address the elephant in the living room than ignore it and get an ulcer. ;)
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    I think I'm with Mstang on this.
    For those biomoms who made a courageous and loving decision to try and give their babies the best possible life by giving them to another family, I think they should be honoured and celebrated.

    However, for those biomoms like my Step D and difficult child's egg donor, I stand firmly with Linda, Stang and Beth. The horrors she has already wrought in their lives would just be compounded and made so much worse by any further contact.
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    I think much depends on how bioMom is perceived.