Happy Birthday difficult child!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Mar 9, 2011.

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    Old Tyler-Bear is.... now wait for it, because it's simply blowing my mind.... 20!!!! Holy COW, I don't know how this happened.

    He was such a gift - truly and honestly. He taught me the *joy* of motherhood. Boo was so sick for so long after he was born, and pretty much there was only worry and grief those first few years with him. Tyler? He was super baby!! I remember sitting in the hospital bed, holding him, and realizing that at birth he had better head control than Boo did at age 2 - it was like.... WOW!

    He knew his own little (twisted, LOL) mind from the get go. He was about 20 hours old and it's the middle of the night - the orderly came in and said, "I'm really sorry, Mrs. X, but would you mind feeding your son? We've been trying to give him a bottle but he's just screaming and ... we don't know what to do." (Navy Hospital, a bunch of really young men trying to deal with- my kid - too funny.) I could hear him all the way from the nursery, LOL.

    He was just so amazing, and funny too. By his first Christmas, he was pulling himself up next to the couch. He would just SCREAM - not in a mad or angry way, but just to hear himself. He'd be standing on his tippy toes, screaming, and then he'd laugh. We spent a fortune that first Christmas on toys for him. And where did he spend Christmas? In the kitchen, pulling out the pots and pans and playing with *them*, LOL.

    It's been a really long road with him, but I'd do it *all* again in a heartbeat. I still worry, a lot. But he bears no resemblance to the whirling dervish who brought me to the board 12 years ago. We survived, *he* survived, and I hope that someday soon he will find his place in the world. He's a loving and appreciative kid now - still has his difficult child ways and still trying desperate to figure out how to avoid going thru hoops, LOL, but that's just thank you.

    Happy, happy birthday to my kiddo!:gifts:
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    Happy Birthday thank you!
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    Happy Birthday thank you... the world is a better place with you in it.
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    Happy Birthday ! Your story was beautiful Sue !
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    OMGHappy Birthday thank you -

    20??? I remember when he was like...mmm..7 or 8. Makes me laugh cause I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, but I remember details about all of our "kids". Didn't he at one point pull off the heads of all of your flowers? Or was that someone else LOL

    Time goes by so fast tho it seems like it was at a standstill during those "times".

    Wow, 20.....

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    LOL, Marcie - I had totally forgotten that, but yes, thank you pulled off all my allium flowers. It was the first spring in our house and I had planted all these bulbs. Never had seen an allium before and was so impressed because they're like 3 feet tall and have 1 big flower at the top. I was anxiously awaiting their bloom. My beloved son went out there and snapped off every stinking one of the flowers, so I was left with a lovely collection of headless stalks. He had such a knack for intuitively knowing what I valued or what brought me pleasure, and took such special care to decimate it all. Yep, those times sure did seem like they would never end. Now it seems like it was a lifetime ago (thank goodness!!!!).
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    Ah....happy birthday (little) big guy!
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    And the youngest of the triplets hits 20..............(oh boy) lol

    I was just saying the other day to someone - either you or Janet may have taken Dude - no really. LOL.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TyGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU - Auntie Star!

    (WORD...he's 20? Well that makes me.....35......hahah)
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    Happy Birthday to thank you, Sue. It has been a very long haul. How nice to see your optimism. :)

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    What a lovely post, Sue. It's a real inspiration to those with difficult children. What a long road to travel, and how wonderful to have such results.

    A very happy birthday to thank you, and congratulations to all the family.

    Love, Esther
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    A truly lovely post, thank you for sharing. Happy Birthday, thank you!!

    I hope that you take the time to do something special for yourself today, Sue. I think my father was truly wise when he started the tradition of giving the Mom a gift on the child's birthday. Yes, the child is wonderful and a truly amazing gift from God, regardless of if they are easy child or difficult child. My father told us that we got gifts because we did all the hard work to make that miracle happen and we deserved to be celebrated on their birthday also.

    So today I also celebrate YOU, Sue!!! thank you is a true miracle - not just that he was born but that he actually survived his own gfgness. Happy Birthday!!