Happy Day We're Being Sued

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Mar 25, 2009.

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    Well, gee. Let's just pile it right on.

    husband got notified that he still has 9000 something in childsupport to pay. (not really childsupport, paying welfare bill for ex actually) husband went ballistic as he'd just paid 8000 in taxes and another 1000 with his years wages. Pus cs got our stimulus check.

    husband requests a contestment hearing. He has the evidence this has been paid. So. We're told it shouldn't be a problem and cleared up easily. Which would mean we don't owe any more child support. (actually paying of husband's ex's welfare bill, child support we finished paying 7 yrs ago!)

    husband gets the mail today. His ex is sueing us for the remainer of the "child support" court date is fairly soon.....in MO of course! husband contacted child support here........they said that as long as his hearing date here is before the court date there......they will go by the "total owed" Which once husband has his hearing ought to be zero.

    If I had money for a lawyer, I'd call them. There is NO extra cash right now. None.

    Now people.......honestly, husband's ex can sue us til the cows come home. She won't get a dime that way. We're broke and can barely make the monthly bills, and some months we can even do that. So more power to her. If docs and the like can't get money out of a rock I don't see how she's going to.

    BUT how can she sue for money we've been paying???? husband has been paying every paycheck since he's been back to work, plus stimulus checks, puls tax returns. So on what grounds does she have to sue the man?? husband thinks this is thru child support itself. I don't think so.......because they have NO grounds. We've been paying it!! And how in all creation can this woman sue for money she is NOT entitled to?? This is to pay back her welfare bill cuz she was too lazy to work........it is NOT actual child support!:919Mad::919Mad::nono::grrr:

    When I have my next heart attack.......just have them enscribe on the tombstone..........She Just Couldn't Any More.
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    I just honestly do not understand our system most times.
    I really hope that our Government for once does the right thing and helps the people that are actually doing the *right* thing, you guys!

    None of her reasoning nor the case makes sense?
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    We had the same thing happen and are STILL paying for it.

    I can imagine the stress!
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    None of it makes sense.

    Seven yrs ago we were notified by Mo that child support was paid in full. A week later they told us we owed 20,000.00. When we called we were told it was for ex's use of the welfare monies during K's childhood when she wasn't working. (ex didn't work because she didn't want to work)

    I blew a gasket then. But it didn't do any good. We still had to pay.

    Last week husband received notice that he owed that 9000 dollars. Since he knew he'd paid in more than that last year....he went to child support and filed for a special hearing to have it corrected. Then today we get notice we're being sued for what child support says we owe....by his ex! :mad:

    There is no way we can retain a lawyer and make it to MO by the court date even if we did have the money. Ex was counting on that, I'm betting. But I am going to consult with a lawyer here, one does it for free, and see what we can do maybe or at least if he can figure out what in hades is going on.

    My blood pressure is thru the roof. Literally. I just took it. easy child wants me in the ER. Nope. Can't pay for it. Nor can afford doctor for medications, which is partly why my b/p is thru the roof. I've had chest pains for 3 days. Really bad last night but not bad enough to make that trip to ER. We're deep enough in the hole already and making it deeper unnecessarily won't make me feel better. And quite frankly.......death seems one hellova lot more peaceful than my life at the moment. I know, I know. I shouldn't think that way. But it's the truth. If chest pains reach the level they were during last heart attack I'll go, grudgingly, but I'll go. Until then I see no point in running up yet another bill......and there is mother in law.

    husband and I've been driving without insurance since monday. No money for that either.

    And thru all this I'm finding it mighty hard not to be suspicious of K. She's been hinting about how hard up for money she is an saying her Mom was wanting to stay with her.........So? Wonder if our generousity at xmas came back to bite us in the arse? K and Ex think we have more money than we do?

    I hate my life today. :mad:
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    Lisa, I'm so sorry. The child support system is so messed up...I had to scream every single month to get mine, even though they had all current info for Useless Boy, because I wasn't on welfare so they didn't get to keep the money. Hubby's ex tried to get support for one of the boys, who was living with us. They attached Hubby's wages, and when he objected and wanted reimbursement, they told him he had to get the money back from HER. Not from Child Support, who'd messed up in the first place.

    I hope you can get everything straightened out quickly and painlessly.
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    Oh, Daisylover! Please take care of your precious heart. I didn't know you already had one attack.

    Have you thought of pm'ing eekysign? She seems to have some knowledge of family law and maybe she could calm you down?