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    Happy MAY Day, to be specific, LOL.

    WHen I was a little girl, in k-garten myself, my school was next door to a florist. I used to wander in there often, and soon learned I could use my lunch money to buy single floweres from them to bring home to my mom. LOL. So- I began to do this as a tiny child. Actually, I musta begun earlier cuz my mom used to tell me when I was 2 yrs old I picked every single one of my fathers prize tulips for him once....LOL

    Anyway, I learned very young of a tradition of giving flowers on May Day-----the story I heard was that flowers were to be delivered to some unsuspecting persons front porch, and the giveing persons identity was not to be revealed.
    For some reason this thing stuck in my little child head all those years ago and I have done this ever since.
    Now, I also had this other little thing I always did, since I was about 12 or so-- to give my mother flowers on MY birthday--becuz I am oldest of 5 kids, it was ME who made my mom a mother, and therefore, MY birthday was HER anniversary of being a Mom.
    Well, my mom, even when we were estranged was still always the recipient of those flowers- and of May Day floweres on her front porch. I never missed a single year.
    LOL......easy child was born on May Day. LOL. The day she was born, I called mom (mom had NOT wanted to know when I went into labor, she was squeamish- so mom did NOT know I was in labor) and I told her NOT to look for any flowers on her porch that year becuz I had her new flower baby girl in my arms....and could not be both at hospital and doing any May Day tradition that year.

    Well, mom is now gone......and today easy child turned 18!!!!! WOW, how time flies!
    So, of course easy child got flowers, ALL my kids (even my son) gets flowers on their birthday. BUT then, I went to store and got 4 planters of very pretty pansies and spikey things----and delivered them to unsuspecting persons around town, LOL!

    I have to admit, it sure was great fun to run around to PCs mentors office, my next door neighbors, PCs boyfriends moms, and another neighbors, and secretly place these flowers on their porches. :)

    Truth is I often do similar with ......cookies. LOL. and me and my kids often take flowers to their various docs etc......and sometimes we take flowers of cookies to waitresses when we (used to) go out to eat.......or to the grocery store checkout person......once we took some to our local fire dept, not becuz we ever had a fire, but "just becuz"
    Sometimes we pass out flowers from our garden, sometimes we just hand out single flowers......sometimes it is a whole platter of cookies, sometimes it is just 3-4 on a small plate, but- we sure do have fun doing this.

    Hope you had a nice May Day today. :)
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    May Day was always a tradition where I grew up. We'd make little candy baskets, lay them on a doorstep, ring the bell and RUN. The thing was not to be caught. It was so fun. I think it's a lost tradition. :(

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    I think it's neat you keep up this tradition!