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    As many of you know easy child had a very rough year last year for a lot of reasons, one being cheerleading when she didn't make the squad for basketball after being on it for football. She was the only one who didn't make the team and the coach told the girls that it was because she didn't like her attitude. Bless her heart she tried out for the football squad and didn't make it but it was the same coach who really didn't like her and she didn't make it. I wasn't surprised when she didn't make it because easy child stuck up for other girls and the coach didn't like that or the fact that husband got involved at one point to express some concerns.

    Well this summer the coach quit (or got fired don't know which). There really were a lot of problems with the coach-but if I talk more about them this will turn into a book.

    The new coach is a university cheerleader and really into the cheer squad; she wants to have the squad become competitive.

    Now for the good news-they had tryouts for basketball cheer leading and easy child made the squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheerleader::cheerleader: She was so excited when she came home; she was grinning ear to ear:bigsmile:. Part of it being that the new coach told easy child she doesn't know how the old coach ever let her go to begin with. That really made her feel good!

    I'm hoping this will boost her self esteem and get her to start caring about school a bit more as well.
  2. flutterby

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    Way to go easy child!!! :cheerleader:
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    Way To Go easy child :D :D :D

    Smart coach!
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    Yaaaa. Go girl. I am so glad she made the team, that is great.
  5. Star*

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    Cheer from her Auntie Star....(ready girls) -yes I wrote this myself and did all the coreography! (the heck you say?!!):tongue:

    The older coach is gone we're glad
    You know she stunk and her cheers were bad
    easy child's back & and gets another turn
    And that ugly old coach can go eat a worm.


    YEAH!!! WOOOO!!!! kick!! KICK!! WHOOOOO HOOOO!!

    Congratulations Darlin'!
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    Congrats easy child!:cheerleader:

    Ummmm Star spell check "choreography"
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    Sweet Victory! :cheerleader:

    Yeah, go easy child!!!:you_go_girl:
  8. Fran

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  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Star was so excited she did not spell check the dance word choreography. lol. ;) I think Janet is Latin for walking encyclopedia! :tongue: (This is why...I'm THE PRETTY ONE) :tongue:
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    Thanks everyone! I can't wait to read her the cheer you wrote Star. Of course, I have to wait because she had me so upset this morning I don't even know how to handle her when she gets home-but that's for another post. This one is the I'm very happy for her post!