Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, Mar 21, 2008.

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    :bunny_ears:It's Free Choice Friday and Spring Break is Here!:easter_eggs:

    At least spring break will be here at the close of school today! My kids are ready for a break and so am I. So our break begins with the visit :wildone:today (beginning in a mere 4 hours or so). Mom has hurt your leg and told me yesterday that she won't be able to do as much walking around as she usually likes to do. Wow! Guess that means I won't spend the next could days at the malls!!

    difficult child has a field trip today down on the James River to an old metal works that has been turned into a Civil War museum. Bonehad is going! difficult child is so excited that his dad will be there. I wish bonehead could see the influence he could have on his son's life if only he be more involved. Sad....

    easy child is hyped for break as well. On Monday, we are all going to the beach and taking one of easy child's best friends. Tuesday we will drive about 30 minutes from there to this huge mall. It's prom dress shopping day :queen:. We were going down to Raleigh next month to do this, but easy child's DECA conference is in Atlanta that same weekend. Money prevents me from doing both so hopefully the girls will find some nice dresses. Since we are dragging difficult child to the mall, the girls have promised to take him to the arcade after we return to the hotel. That'll give me a couple of hours of quiet. A glass of wine while looking at the ocean will probably be in order!

    Wishing everyone a great Friday!!!!! :dance:
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    Good morning, Sharon! What's this about Free Choice Friday? Do I get to throw off all my responsibilities and spend the day at the bookstore cafe...?

    Wow, you sure have a lot on your plate this week! I'd just want to fast forward to the glass of wine while looking at the ocean.

    Today is the first day of our spring break but difficult child has been out of school for a week already with the respiratory flu that is going around. He probably could have gone back yesterday but I knew one more day wouldn't kill him but frankly I didn't want him picking up anything else. Nasty stuff, lasting 7-10 days around here.

    No big plans for us this holiday--we'll mostly hang around home. I've got dough for hot cross buns rising now for breakfast and eggs boiling to cook later. I wouldn't mind going to that Civil War museum myself ;-) but I'm glad our kids still get Good Friday off from school.

    Have a good day and a good week...and that goes for all of you to follow as well!
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    Sharon, the school excursion sounds really interesting.

    SRL, I hope difficult child feels better soon. Enjoy those hot cross buns!

    We normally have school holidays now too, but because Easter is so early this year they're holding off on school holidays for another few weeks. But today (Good Friday) is a public holiday in Australia, most businesses and shops are closed. Some are closed until Tuesday here, because for us, Monday is also a public holiday. Easter Saturday less so, easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 are both working tomorrow (Saturday).

    We went to church this morning for Good Friday reflection, followed by coffee and hot cross buns on the church veranda, overlooking the beach. Nobody seemed keen to go walk on the sand and dip toes in this morning. The weather has turned colder at last after several weeks of unseasonal heatwave. Tomorrow we're meeting up with our friends from Philadelphia and taking them for a drive into the Aussie countryside. It's going to be an early start. easy child has driven down to stay with us, so she can come too and meet up with our old friends. It should be a relaxing, stimulating day. They will be staying at mother in law's tomorrow night so they can come to church with us on Sunday.

    I got the candle finished! The glass paint I used to decorate it should be nicely dry by Sunday morning, I hope everybody at church likes it. They have to put up with it for a year, so they'd better.

    Have a pleasant Easter, everybody. Or Passover, or whatever festival you may observe at this time of year. This is a time of peace, of fellowship and hope for everybody, regardless of affiliation.

  4. mstang67chic

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    Happy Friday everyone!

    LDM - Hope the field trip and Spring Break activities go well. Enjoy your beach time!

    SRL - buns sound good! Hope next week is illness free for your house.

    Marg - The candle sounds great! Enjoy your weekend and I'll be thinking of you as our weather is (slowly) getting warmer. (hee hee hee)

    School is out today for Good Friday but no Spring Break until the week after next. husband is off today through Monday so he gets the joy of difficult child today. We've not been having a good time with difficult child lately and it's hard to predict what will happen next.

    I'm at work today with literally nothing to do but wait for the phone to ring. I'm sure the time will pass so quickly. (snort)

    We're going to my dad and step-mom's tomorrow for Easter dinner but other than that no plans.

    Have a nice holiday and weekend everyone!
  5. Marguerite

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    Mstang, you said, "Enjoy your weekend and I'll be thinking of you as our weather is (slowly) getting warmer. (hee hee hee)"


  6. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-It sounds like a lovely spring break! Congrats to easy child on making it to Nationals for DECA.:congrats: I have great memories of nationals when I was in high school. I'm glad bonehead is going on the field trip.

    SRL-Hot cross buns sound delicious! I hope difficult child is feeling better soon. My difficult child missed an entire week of school because of it at the end of February.

    Marg-I'm glad the candle turned out nice! Sounds like you had a lovely day.

    It has started snowing here and we could get up to 8 inches. It's kind of interesting that our last big snow storm was on Ash Wednesday.

    This morning I hope to drag myself to the club as I am feeling a bit lazy and depending on the roads.

    Later this morning husband is picking up our niece and her boyfriend from the airport. They have been in Florida along with much of husband's family. We've been watching her two dogs-it's been fun but we're ready to send them on their way. Three dogs for an entire week is a lot:pet:

    Later this afternoon difficult child is being discharged. We have the discharge meeting at 3:00. I hope his return goes smoothly!

    As usual wishing everyone a calm, peaceful day:peaceful:
  7. mstang67chic

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    If it makes you feel better Marg, we DO have a winter storm watch/warning for today. Where I'm at I don't think we will get any or much accumulation but north of us could get up to 4 inches.
  8. Tiapet

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    Good morning Ladies!:good_morning: It's a beautiful sunny day here and already fairly comfortable temperature-wise. It should be in the mid 60'd again. I am so enjoying the sun and nice weather (one of the great reasons to live in NC as I can't stand the cold and yuck weather anymore).

    On today's agenda: go to Wally world and find some egg dying materials for the 3 dozen eggs. :easter_eggs:Come home and do them all with the 3 difficult child's.

    Also get to grocery store and find a honey/brown sugar ham that is safe for little dude difficult child (due to food allergy many have dextrose or maltodextrin in them making them not safe). If I can't find a ham think up an alternative as I do not want turkey! YUCK! Pick up sour cream if the ham idea goes through, some yams for sweet potatoes and a few other things.

    We do have today off because it's Good Friday but our spring break doesn't start until the week after next just like Mstng's. Really weird not having it the week before or week after Easter.

    I decided my reward for all this work today and dealing with the difficult child's (cause I know they are going to fight like crazy and taking them to Wally world and grocery store is fun, fun, fun - oh so fun - NOT) is going to be T-bones and baked potatoes for dinner (kids don't get them). SO is going to cook for me he said. (That reminds me I better refill the gas tank for grill too while out!) We get really good deals on mark downs so I pick them up when I find them and toss them in freezer to have now and again and pull them out for times like this. I'll throw something out at kids. Heck maybe I'll even pull out the frozen pizza dough and let them make their own pizza. They love that. I'm feeling really generous today.

    They did clean up their rooms yesterday. I told them if they didn't no :bunny_ears: visit (they know it's me) and no hiding of eggs as I'm doing each of the eggs hidden in their own rooms so there is no fighting of "he got/she got my eggs". Maybe, just maybe I can create a GOOD day!:praying:

    Here's hoping ya'll have a good day too!!:D