Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!

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    :coldday: Good Friday Morning Friends!!!!

    The current temp is 40 here (actually warm for this time of the year), but the temps will only rise to about 43 or 44. That's a tad chilly for our area but I LOVE IT :frozen:, but you guys knew that already!

    Got tons of work done yesterday. The office was really quiet - our secretary even commented on how quiet the phones were. Today is a good day for me - gym this morning until 11 and back home to just putz and do a few things so there is no housework over the weekend (that's always my goal!). My cousin comes over as soon as I get back home with difficult child this afternoon and we are going to a local Christmas art show that we have been going to for the last seven years together.

    Not too much planned for the weekend. Tomorrow is the neighborhood free pancake breakfast and santa picture at our church. My Sunday School class will be meeting there at 8:30 and taking charge of all the kids! With the economy the way it is, and the number of low income families in close proximity to our church, I think we'll have a good crowd. It's great that a child that would not normally be able to go see Santa or have a keepsake photo, can do that due to this outreach program.

    difficult child will be working to put his project board together - at least get a start. I'm anticipating the weekend being a relaxing one.

    I hope your weekend works out to be the same! Have a great Friday :sled:

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    Good morning LDM and all to follow, and happy Friday.
    Sharon (LDM)--hope you get through your chores today so that there's no work over the weekend. The Christmas art show sounds delightful, as does the pancake breakfast and pics with santa. :santa:
    What a wonderful Christmas gift to those children who would otherwise not have that opportunity.

    I have a crazy day ahead of me, and possibly a crazy weekend too.

    This morning, I have to stop off at the doctor to pick up medications (they compound them specially for me) and get the results of the ultrasound from Wed. There's a small tumour that they're keeping an eye on. If my track record holds it will also be benign, but no sense taking chances.

    Then, I meet with the recruiter to sign the contract papers for my new job. :happyguy: This is the same recruiter who put husband together with HIS new job, so he has done wonderful things for our family. Interestingly, the recruiter does not know that husband and I are married (though I think he suspects we're "awfully close for co-workers" :mistletoe:).

    husband and I work in the same field, and have often worked together over the years. We have found that it keeps things on a more professional footing if we don't broadcast to people that we're together. We don't hide it or anything, just no canoodling in the office, and I use my maiden name at work.

    After the contract signing, it's on to a meeting with the Sensory Therapist at difficult child's Residential Treatment Center (RTC) :nurse:. He and I are discussing introducing Shiatsu and Chi Gong into difficult child's program, the possible benefits, etc. At this point, I'm willing to try anything that will calm him down, short of a whack to the side of the head. It sounds promising anyway...

    Then home to finish the grant and insurance paperwork for difficult child. Yuck.

    This weekend, I have promised myself that I WILL paint the kitchen cupboards. I was planning to do it before Christmas, and I think this will be the only chance I get. Then digging the Christmas decorations out and making the house festive. :christmaslights::forchristmas:
    That part I love, so although it's crazy, it's happy crazy.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/LDM, I'm glad that you had a quiet day at work. It sounds a very busy time, otherwise.

    The temperature here - about the same as you, only Celsius, not F. Today was hot but overcast, not much point trying for the beach. Tomorrow is looking promising (at last!).

    Trinity, your new job sounds so exciting. I'm thrilled for you, I hope it works out. Good luck with getting the cupboards done.

    Today I went out "to the mainland" to collect mother in law after one doctor's appointment and then go together to another. mother in law was very tired, didn't feel up to doing the Christmas shopping she had planned. I dropped her home this afternoon, went home to get dinner on then walked back down to see her with some catalogues we planned to talk about. She is getting anxious about not getting everything done before Christmas. And right now, I just had difficult child 3 fussing over his Christmas gift list which (of course) he has organised on a database, password-protected. Between him talking at me, occupying the computer suddenly with no warning and now talking again about more stuff - it's a wonder I've managed to get THIS far with this message! No wonder I rarely get off this computer before midnight, by the time we get him to bed...

    Tomorrow is going to be busy but hopefully productive. We're finally at the time of year when we can enjoy the fun little fiddling around with this and that. I've been baking batches of biscuits (the kind that can double as edible Christmas ornaments) and I'm hoping to engage difficult child 3 in some of this as well. Unless there's some other recipe he wants to try. I introduced him to the joys of chocolate fondue today, when we melted out some good chocolate to re-fill last year's Advent calendar (and save money as well as give him something better quality). He dipped some fresh strawberries and fresh cherries into the leftover chocolate and loved it! It's just a matter of choosing my time. A sunny day is not the time - instead, we go to the beach. There I might find some shells I can use to make necklaces or bracelets, or earrings. difficult child 3 can take photos and we can use these to make cards or possibly frame them for an upcoming art exhibition.

    difficult child 1 & daughter in law should be home from their honeymoon over the next few days. I can't wait to see them and hear how they enjoyed their trip.

    Enjoy your Friday everyone.

  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Just stopping in this morning to wish you all a good day. :flower::xmasdancers:
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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-A relaxing weekend ahead for you-enjoy! Have fun at the gym today too!

    Trinity-You sure do have a crazy day ahead of you! I hope you get some relaxing time in there as well.

    Marg-Sorry difficult child is fussing over his Christmas list-for whatever reason our difficult child hasn't overly been fussing with a list-just any commercial he sees something he wants it. I hope tomorrow is as produtive as you are hoping for!

    Linda-I hope you are having a peaceful day.

    I decided to stay home from work today-everyone was right-I went back too fast. After two days back I'm exhausted and still not feeling great. I felt better the first day back but by yesterday definitely knew I had pushed it too far.

    I have so much to do-no Christmas decorating done at all yet but just going to try to sleep some today-can't wait to start feeling better and get back to "seeing" more of all of you. difficult child leaves for respite for the weekend today after school.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I want free pancakes and a picture with Santa! ;)

    On my way to Virginia.......

    I have no life - lol.

    I think tomorrow I'm calling in dead.

    I love the weekly goal of no housework weekends LDM - My Mom and I started this about a year ago. I'm just going to say after working 15 hrs. a day? She wins. lol

    Have a super day everyone!
  7. compassion

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    I picked difficult child at her friend's aand took her to Humane Society for her community service. She is now 19 days sober. She is much more stabilized.
    I will take her to AA meeting. She has voice and she and borther are goign to a movie. I will connect with a freind, attend therapy with husband and go to a support meeting myself. I also plan to deal some with the insurance stuff.
    We are soing horse drawn carriage rides and a treelighting tomomorrw. husband is taking difficult child to NCAA vball tourney tonight. They will shop, go t a meeting, and probabley she eil go to a meeting with her friend.
    I am trying to keep things basic, firs tthings first. Compassion