Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :good_morning: It's Friday!!

    This first Friday of the first week of school always seems like it will never get here!!!

    I'm off to the gym in about five minutes, a couple errands, then Friday WW meeting at noon. Think I'll take an hour to sit after that before picking up difficult child!

    Hope your day is great :salute:

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Sounds like a nice day ahead! I like that you'll have an hour to sit before picking up difficult child. Any chance to sit (or nap) is a good one:)

    I'm so glad Friday is here! After school I'm dropping off difficult child at respite, a friend is watching easy child and husband and I are off to Michigan so we can see the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game! It will be so nice to not have to worry about the kids fighting in the back seat!! We even get to cut a few hours off our drive because we're spending the night with our niece in a city that's closer than when we go to husband's hometown to drop off the kiddos.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. Rabbit

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    Good Morning all! Hope everyone has a Great day and stress free weekend!
    Its raining here and I am planing on cleaning the apartment. It needs it!!

    Sharon- Enjoy the football game!!!!

    Sharon- Enjoy your day!

    Sending Hugs to All! Rabbit
  4. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee2:

    Sharon (LDM)- It sounds like you have a good day planned. I really envy that you may get to sit & relax for an hour... I'd love to do that today.

    Sharon (WO)- I hope you & husband have a great weekend together, Go Michigan! It's your annivarsary, right?

    Rabbit- I hope the apt cleans up quick and you have a relaxing day.

    I will be picking up Duckie and my neighbor's daughter at the end of the school day today. Their squad is taking part in a cheer competition this afternoon. Please send good thoughts that the rain holds out until late tonight... we don't want the girls to slip in their mount groups. Besides that, I have to catch up on cleaning because a few of the girls will be coming here to get ready (I'm two blocks from the competition), but the house is absolutely horrid.

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning:coffee:,

    LDM, I'm glad you have a bit of much deserved time for yourself today!

    Wiped Out, Enjoy your weekend!

    Rabbit, Hope the cleaning goes smoothly, quickly, and as painlessly as possible!

    TM, Keeping my fingers crossed that the rain holds off until after the cheer competition! Don't stress too much about the house - After the kids leave, it'll probably need cleaning again.

    Today I have lots of errands to run before picking up difficult child 2 at school. After I pick him up, I have to remember to stop at the fish market to pick up dinner.

    I hope everyone has a great day and a fantastic weekend!!! SFR
  6. Finally, it's Friday!!

    Sharon, you are being so good keeping up with the gym and WW. I'm very impressed, and I think that you have earned your hour.

    Sharon (WO) , do enjoy that game!

    Rabbit - you are being so good ... I could use some of your housecleaning tips :)

    TM, I've got my fingers crossed that the rain holds off... I know you'll have lots of fun with the girls at your house... I wouldn't worry too much about cleaning. I'm sure they won't even notice...

    SFR - Fish for dinner sounds delish... I hope you enjoy the meal, cooking and all!

    This has been a busy week for us. difficult child seems to be adjusting well to college (fingers crossed here) . He has been in a wonderful mood and things are rocking along at home.
    easy child was in an auto accident, unfortunately. A young lady his age ran a red light (she was from out of state and lost in the city) and really hit easy child's van hard. Fortunately, and amazingly for the speed and the power of the impact , he is fine - and so is she. But the van is a goner. We'll probably spend a lot of time today working with her insurance adjuster to see what the company is willing to do to reimburse us. I'm guessing we'll get a small check as the van was quite old- sadly for us, it probably had another 100,000 miles in it . Still, the good news is that everyone is uninjured! We've decided not to replace the van , but to instead join the Zip car service that has come to our city. Basically you join the service , and reserve the use of a car as needed. There are two Zip cars parked on our street and one parked in the parking deck at my office. You just go online, reserve the car, and use your phone to unlock the car - and off you go. Overall, it's much cheaper than purchasing a car, paying for gas and insurance. We walk most places we go, so it will work better for us.

    husband and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary in a few days. It's hard to believe that it has really been that long...I'm so lucky to have such a sweet, good -natured hubby. I've got a trip planned to our favorite little French cafe for an intimate, romantic dinner. Wish me luck!

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  7. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope you get to fit in everything, including a rest.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy the time out with husband. I hope the game goes where you want it to.

    Rabbit, rainy days sometimes are the best ones for cleaning.

    TM, I hope the rain holds off for the girls' cheer comp.

    SFR, you sound like you have a busy day ahead.

    Valerie, I'm sorry easy child was in an accident. Glad nobody was injured. Congrats on your silver wedding anniversary!

    I've been MIA for the last couple of days. Things are getting busy here. Yesterday (Thurs) is my cleaning day, plus I got some bulk cooking done because the weekend is going to fill our house with people (teens/young adults) needing food. easy child 2/difficult child 2 has organised all the non-pregnant females in the bridal party to turn up for their final fittings, we're gonig to have to get all their dresses finished tomorrow. ALL. Because the pregnant bridesmaid is now overdue, if the baby doesn't turn up by itself before Monday, that's when she's getting induced. Three weeks to the wedding from TODAY and counting; and we still have one more bridesmaid's dress to make, from scratch. The design is a body-fitting one, there really is no room for slack. It will be forgiving and flattering, but it will need to FIT.

    Oh dear, things will be busy!

    We have a meeting with the wedding reception place on Tuesday, the bridal couple plan to visit mother and baby in the hospital afterwards. I think husband & I should go too. We'll leave difficult child 3 at home to do schoolwork, so we'll have time free.

    Yesterday after my cleaner left, difficult child 3 & I immediately went out on an excursion with friends of ours who are home-schooled. It was all work difficult child 3 knpws but a refresher never hurts. The home-school kids - the mother has been too busy to set up much formally, I think the kids are not getting enough academic work to do. So I wrote some notes for them to keep and yesterday we explored different forest types and also did some geology of Sydney basin and looked for fossils. First we explored magroves (near where we live) and also had the chance to study some strangler fig trees. Then we went to a small patch of temperate rainforest and walked through it, explored the upper reaches of one of Sydney's major rivers. Then we drove a long way south to Wollongong and I showed the kids the shale rock shelf at Coldedale, and the narrow coal seam that outcrops there. It's the same coal seam that completely lies right underneath Sydney (miles deep there) and outcrops to the south in Wollongong, north in Newcastle and west beyond the Blue Mountains in Lithgow. There's nothing like getting your hands right in it, to teach you.

    Today we had a quiet day at home, very tired (even though I didn't do much physically yesterday). difficult child 3 went to his tennis class but was tired and irritable. It's all going to get busy tomorrow, when people start to arrive. easy child is coming up from Canberra although sister in law is staying home this time. Not sure when difficult child 1 & daughter in law will be here, I'm hoping she does some artwork while she's here.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  8. AnnieO

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    All... HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!

    Jett has a game tomorrow morning, and since there was no practice Monday, he does have practice tonight. At which BM will pick him up. I've arranged for a friend to go with us (over in the WC, I've referred to him as E). This guy is a referee for the league and also an EMT for a living. Not to mention he's 6'3 and almost 300 lbs. I doubt BM will say boo to us. One can always hope.

    This weekend are also several festivals, so I'll be SUPERBUSYSTEPTO2. And... Whaddaya know... Got the tax refund so it's bill paying time too!

    Have a lovely weekend, all.