Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, Sep 18, 2009.

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    :happyguy: We made it through another week - Happy Friday :happyguy:

    Good Morning everyone! Getting ready to head to the gym for easy child's class this morning. She doesn't have classes on Fridays so she will be coming to our house this morning. After I get difficult child to school, she and I will take her car in - she needs a state inspection, oil change, and a drain test because her new battery keeps dying and I suspect something is draining it.

    I've got my WW weigh-in today and I'm sure I will find something to get into after that! I'm just so thrilled it's Friday...... I'm going over a friend's house for dinner tonight - looking forward to it.

    Went to difficult child's back to school night last night. Seems his teachers are going to be alright this year - a little concerned with his civics teacher since she is coming right from teaching high school and seems really tough with some high expectations. But, it could be a good thing....

    Hey, you all have fabulous day - make sure you make a great free choice :salute:.

  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Friday.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope the mechanic can find out what is draining difficult child's car's battery. Intermittent faults are a real pest to try to diagnose and fix - in cars, or kids!

    We've had a busy day today. Left home early this morning to trek in to the school for a couple of one-on-one lessons. difficult child 3 also got to talk to his computer studies teacher and together they looked at his exam paper - turns out difficult child 3 was mostly correct about the answers he got wrong. The teacher said only one answer is wrong that difficult child 3 really DID get wrong; the others were incorrectly marked wrong, difficult child 3 was right to question it.

    So it sounds like difficult child 3 has got closer to 98%.

    We left form there to head over to his therapist plus the research study appointment (same building). We were there for the rest of the afternoon (until end of school hours) then fought our way through peak-hour traffic and I finally got to the providore's, to re-stock on ingredients I can't get elsewhere, as well as pick up some GOOD chocolate for easy child 2/difficult child 2's wedding cake (chocolate mud cake).

    back home in time to drop difficult child 3 off at tennis (half an hour late) and finally home here at 7 pm. Thank goodness for crockpots! The curry smells are fillnig the house, I added some cornflour to it about 15 minutes ago, I just heard husband get home so dinner will be ready when he is.

    This weekend is also going to be busy. In fact, the next fortnight is busy, with every day filled up. In some cases, I'm double-booked. Very hectic. I just found out - I have a specialist's appointment on Monday plus difficult child 3 has a very important study day at school. I'm going to try to get out of my appointment, but I might need to travel between the two and leave difficult child 3 alone at school (the school normally doesn't like us to do that). Frankly, I'm better off either skipping the appointment, or trying to shift it a couple of hours later. Wish me luck! difficult child 3 also has an exam I have to give him, and it also clashes with prior bookings. I'll have to ask the school if I can give it to difficult child 3 over the weekend or something.

    Even my weekends are filling up!

    Enjoy your Friday. I'm heading to bed early tonight (I hope).

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Enjoy dinner tonight! Is easy child loving school? I'm glad difficult child's teachers seem to be a good group-hopefully the civics teacher turns out to be a good guy!

    Marg-Be sure to take care of yourself with all you have going on! You are going to enjoy your pillow time each night (once you finally get to bed). Congrats to difficult child on his exam!

    Yeah for Friday!!! This has been our first full week of school and I am feeling the effects-of course-open house was in there as well as book club so the nights were long as well.

    After school it's the club and then, hopefully, I'll be in bed early tonight!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: Hi if you snuck in!
  4. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - Sounds like you have a nice day planned.

    Marg - Part of learning I believe is that the students do gain confidence in asking why something was marked as is. As in your difficult child's case, sometimes they need to know that they really did understand something and it was marked wrong in error. I have a hard time getting my kids to understand why they have to review a corrected paper - it is just another learning opportunity - learn what you did wrong and ask the teacher if it still doesn't make sense as graded.

    Wiped Out - Congrats on your first full week! I know you will make it through today. :)

    I am starting to feel trapped. First Monday through Friday trapped in a hospital room for difficult child's EEG with nothing to do. Then yesterday, I received a call from school within 1/2 hour of getting to work to come get a sick difficult child. I called the clinic for Diva to talk to a nurse about her symptoms (started to vomit which she NEVER does even with a flu). Diva had a 2:00 appointment at the mall so I figured I would be able to look around a bit. WRONG - I left my checkbook and credit cards on the table at home so needed to run all the way back accross town to get them while she was in the appointment to pay for her doctor appointment and any medications ordered. She was diagnosed with only a sinus infection. The flu test came back negative but with the body aches she had, I am sure she also had the flu.

    difficult child is still dragging. I have e-mailed and am sending a note to school to try to get him out of swimming in phy-ed. I don't want him in the pool and don't thing swimming is a necessary mandatory subject. So, I will see how the teacher responds. We were not given any advanced warning, just a few kids mentioned they were to take swimsuit and a towel today. That is absolutely the one thing I am totally against - A HUGE class of kids in a very deep pool and some who may not really know how to swim. difficult child does know how to swim a little bit but I don't agree that school is a place to learn to be a stronger swimmer. The YMCA and family members are available to help in that situation with one on one training if necessary. Wonder how my parents got us kids out of that activity?

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.

  5. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon (ldm), a busy day ahead ~ a wonderful evening planned. Glad you have time for you today.

    Marg, AND when are you going to find time for you & husband? Hmmmmmm? I know you're in wedding planning mode, just worry about your health. Find some time for you this weekend.

    Sharon, you are always so delighted once the weekend hits.

    Andy, I'm glad Diva didn't have the flu & hope she's feeling better soon. I, myself, never got out of swimming in school - once I tried on religious beliefs but it didn't fly. ;)

    It's been a non stop week here - good, bad & indifferent. A staffing for wm, doctor appts, workers in to paint then finish the floors in my living/dining rooms.

    I leave this morning after my niece T gets out of class to head to northern WI. Meeting my dad & siblings for a golf weekend. My niece doesn't golf - unlikely I'll be able to golf with-o my "cripple" cart so I'm bringing a new art book & my art supplies. My niece & I are planning a Scrabble marathon.

    Have a good one all.