Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!

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    :D Happy Free Choice Friday :D

    We made it through another week - big sigh......

    Running late, going to the gym for 6 am class - it's about 20 outside and that always makes it tougher to think about getting in the water!

    Hope your Friday is a great one!

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/LDM, I was just about to start a morning thread, when I thought I would check first. Good thing I did! When you say "20 outside" - I assume you mean 20 F? That's minus 7 C, almost! Yes, I have experienced that. The only swimming I wanted to do in those temperatures, was in the hot springs. They were outdoors, but I didn't care about the freezing temperatures when I got out of the spring! But the spring was running at 41 C (106 F) at the time. You can't safely swim in that. I don't blame you being reluctant.

    It's been fairly busy here today. We got difficult child 3 working fairly well this morning, I sat with him and helped him polish his schoolwork from yesterday. Then we began to look at the next lot of worksheets. However, we were running out of time by this stage, I had a mammogram booked plus husband wanted to come along too. Remember my sig - we live in a very isolated place, to go anywhere major (such as to my doctor, for tests, to go shopping other than a bottle of milk) we have to go to the highway, at least 20 minutes' drive. The mall is huge, one of the biggest in the southern hemisphere. It's another half hour's drive form the heart of Sydney (that's if traffic is light).

    As we planned our trip, husband & I realised we'd need to bring difficult child 3 this time. We planned to drop in the paperwork for difficult child 3's disability pension application and it is complicated.

    So we headed out just before noon dragging a reluctant kid and a case full of schoolwork. I hadn't double-checked the schoolwork before we left - I should have. It turned out difficult child 3 had grabbed the wrong worksheets, he grabbed ones that his teacher had told me to not give him since they are totally unsuitable for someone with autism. He made a go at it, though.

    My mammogram - wow! MUCH better than they used to be. Minimal chinese burn effect on the boob skin and no corner of the table digging in to armpit lymph glands. I used to be in tears with mammograms, but this one was so easy! I felt like going out into the street and dragging in every reluctant woman who has put this off because of past painful experiences. Plus I was in and out of there in ten minutes (five of those was updating my paperwork). We have a system in Aussie health care - after you're 50 years old (and female), mammograms are free.

    From there we headed to the mall. I'd been trying to sort out some paperwork for easy child 2/difficult child 2 - she had to apply for a few jobs which required her to make some phone calls (she's not good at this). One of the calls asked her to come in tomorrow for an interview at 3 pm. But she's supposed to be with me in the city at 2 pm! So I tried to sort it out for her, I had to lie a bit and say her phone is out of order (which is why it was me ringing) but in a way, I guess it was true when I said, "She's unable to make outgoing calls."
    She did make a call to another, more local store looking for a cashier. She's been asked to go in Monday for training, which sounds promising. They've told her they can only give her a couple of half-day shifts a week, though. Still, here's hoping that increases when they discover how good she is at it.

    The kids (easy child 2/difficult child 2 & SIL2) met up with us in the mall while husband, difficult child 3 & I were finishing lunch. We had to leave though, to go to the welfare office.

    At the welfare office we had to queue up for about 20 minutes (I think their system is very inefficient). I tried to get difficult child 3 to get some more schoolwork done, but I think the noise and crowd was too stressful, he ended up curled up crouched on the floor in the queue.
    Finally we were at the head of the queue - turned out because we had new forms to lodge, we had to talk to a Person. So we were sent to wait. Thankfully, sitting. By the time we were seen by a Person (who was very nice) it was 3.30 pm. Normally these interviews take about 15 minutes. We didn't get out of there until 4.30! But we got a lot done. And it was good that we had difficult child 3 with us, they needed him to sign a lot of the forms.

    We have to go back there, I forgot to bring a lot of difficult child 3's identity papers with us. But it's lodged now. We have to re-do the Treating Doctor's report, I'll drop those in to the specialist on Tuesday. Don't know what happened to the ones I gave him in December.

    So we got a lot done. We did think about driving to the specialist and delivering the forms, but the evening traffic was building up and we'd had enough.

    It was hilarious, though, managing the interview at the pension office with difficult child 3 in classic autistic mode. I wish I'd recorded it, it would make a hilarious script. By this stage I'd discovered he was doing the wrong lesson plan, and switched him to another subject worksheet. The Person listened in to the way we interacted, her supervisor came over at one point to help her with a technical problem and I'm sure if it had been up to them, we'd have walked out of there with the pension fully granted. But the rules state that difficult child 3 has to do a Job Capacity Assessment. When he was told this, difficult child 3 turned to me and whispered, too loudly, "But I don't think I'm quite ready to enter the workforce."
    I replied, "That's actually the point, honey. Their doctor has to meet with you to see this for himself. Because if you were ready for work now, you would not be eligible for a disability pension."

    Turns out there are a few other allowances etc we could be eligible for. At least it should help pay the petrol bill (and the toll) for our drives in to the school.

    A busy but productive day. We just got back from cooking dinner at mother in law's (braised pork and vegetables in plum sauce). I'm getting better at these seat-of-the-pants fast home-cooked meals.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  3. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All . Hope everyone has a great weekend!
    Sharon- try to stay warm

    Marg- Glad the Mammo went ok and was better than expected

    Sending hugs to all Rabbit
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    Having trouble getting to sleep, so I'll wish everyone a calm and pleasant Friday, and hope I'll be able to take a nap later on.
  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Sharon-Good for you for going to class on a cold morning. I'm impressed:)

    Marg-Wow-what a day you had-I hope you get a good night's rest!

    Rabbit-Have a great day.

    Mary-Nice to see you on the morning thread-hope you've been able to get to sleep.

    I've become a cold weather wimp. It's minus 13 with the wind chill right now and I don't want to get up out from under my warm electric blanket! However, it is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:happyguy:

    Nothing on the agenda after work today!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:salute:
  6. Rabbit

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    no great day for me! but thanks for the good wishes! no school today. I woke up the bus driver and sat in the car a 1/2 hr waiting before that Ugh!
    sometimes I hate myself! hugs to all Rabbit