Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!

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    :playingball: Good Friday Morning!

    We made it through another week and, for many, the first week with kids home from school! This is difficult child's "free" week. The first week home from school is wide open for him. No schedule, only regular chores, sleep in late, stay up all night...whatever. It's a reward for a school year completed. Beginning Monday, we go on our summer schedule and he will also start a little part time work for bonehead.

    A few friends will be joining me this evening after dinner for wine and conversation on the patio. After yesterday's record 102 degrees, today's 92 will feel like spring out there!

    Stay cool :peaceful:

  2. Finally, it's Friday!


    Isn't it great when school is out for vacation? I know that comes with its own set of problems, but it sounds like you have it covered. Enjoy your evening with your friends, it sounds lovely. Wow, 102! You all have Georgia beat - amazing.

    easy child is getting closer and closer to the 1/2 way point of his thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. He had phone service for a few minutes on Wednesday and called me from Cold Mountain in Virginia. I don't think it was very cold at the time! I worry about his hiking through this extremely hot weather, but he promises me that he is keeping himself hydrated. Virginia has the longest section of the trail - over 500 miles! He hopes to make it to Washington, Difficult Child by the 4th. He's going to take a little break, meet his girlfriend and enjoy the festivities.

    difficult child has been having a wonderful break. He chose to not take any classes over the summer. He's working on a programming project (and IT work) for husband, and is going to the office every day. It is very good for him to do this, it gives him some socialization through the slow summer months , and best of all - for him - some income! Thus far most of his money goes for upgrades for the computer he built. Oddly enough, it is his pride and joy.

    I'm off to NC to visit my Mom tomorrow. The tenth anniversary of my Dad's passing will be next week, and I know that she would like some company - it's a hard time for her. We'll catch up on all the errands and odd jobs she needs to do around her house. The drive there is around 5 hours - believe it or not, I enjoy the drive. It's one of my rare opportunities to have some time alone.

    Enjoy your day everyone; and find some quiet moments of peace for yourselves!

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Sharon (LDM), I love the idea of "free" week for your difficult child!!! Enjoy today's "spring-like" weather, lol... Have fun tonight!

    Today is the last day of school for easy child and difficult child 2. They both only have half a day. Instead of dreading having difficult child 2 home all summer, I'm going to try to think more positively - He is that much closer to graduating high school. As hard as it is for me to believe, he is a senior! We're spending lots of time working on his daily living skills. There is a chance he'll be getting a volunteer position at our senior center this summer. His "clinician" is going to take him there to meet the staff next week. Please keep your fingers crossed!!! THANKS.

    This morning there is a chance my "favorite sanity saver" is going to finally get her stitches out. It's still bleeding a bit around the incision but looks lots better. After I drop her off at home, I have to pick up a radiology report from my doctor's office. Then it'll be time to pick up difficult child 2, head to the market, the post office, come home and make lunch for both of us.

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to smile... SFR
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    Good morning Sharon & all to follow. :coffee:

    Sharon- I'm sure 92 will be downright comfortable after 102. I don't think I could take your heat! Have a fun evening. :redface:

    Today is the big day! Duckie's summer pool party!!!! Last count has us at over 30 kids. I had fun setting up yesterday... it was a particularly windy day which made getting the tents up very tricky.... but we're almost ready now. I just have some last minute housework and food prep to do. It should be a blast! :swimming:
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    Good morning my Friday Friends,

    LDM, I like the idea of a free week. It's a great reward. A little part time work for bonehead sounds like a positive too.
    Enjoy the company tonight and the "cool" temps.:hot: It has been beastly.
    1dayatatime, I am so envious of your easy child hiking the Appalachian trail. I probably wouldn't do it in the summer but what a wonderful way to explore. I always wanted to do it. Not the whole thing but just a couple of days worth. I don't think I can talk husband into it. Good luck to easy child for the 4th of July end date.:proudamerican:If you are down my way, let me know. We could meet for coffee.

    Searchingforrainbows, hope the summer turns out to be a positive experience. Trying to savor some of the good times is important. It keeps hope alive. :thumbsup:We need that.
    TM, the end of year extravaganza sounds like a blast. Hope the weather and difficult child all cooperate. :swimming:

    Today, I am getting difficult child up early. He has a job interview on Monday at 9AM!!!!:sleeping:It's not his best time. I plan on putting him to work, moving stones. :rofl:Have I mentioned the heat wave we are having. He is going to ring a flower bed with some stones.
    I decided to take a sick day today. I've never done it but I feel like I need to empty out my brain in order to "reboot". I plan on reading my new Stephanie Plum book, take a long bath, and just block out all the constant stimuli of what needs to be done. :reading:Of course, the puppies will need tending to but since it's so hot, they stay close to the house. I'm sure I won't be able to stand the dirty dishes and such but for the most part, my brain is shutting down. Hope I can tell a difference. :rolleyes:

    Have a great day everyone or at the very least find a reason to laugh.
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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-I bet difficult child is enjoying his free week-I love that idea! Enjoy the wine and conversation with your friends!!

    Valerie-How cool that easy child is doing the Appalachian Trail! Glad he is enjoying it. I bet difficult child is loving the income! Enjoy the drive to your mom's and your visit.

    SFR-You definitely have a busy morning planned. I hope your sanity saver is able to get her stitches out. My fingers are crossed for difficult child's volunteer position.

    TM-Enjoy the pool party!!

    Fran-I'm glad you are taking a down day! I started the book last night but only got in one chapter (I finished another book first). I'll be reading more today!

    husband and I are back from boot camp and it was an extremely intense workout. Along with that we came home with puddles in our shoes. The dew was especially heavy this morning-yuck!

    I'm going to take easy child to summer school in a bit and then come home for a quick nap. Later this morning I have an IEP for one of my students and then I'm heading to the pool!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    G'day, folks. Checking in late again before heading to bed. Although I've had a physically quiet day, there are a lot of little stressors and things needing to be done which get in the way. Things nobody else can do...

    Sharon/LDM, the free week sounds like a good idea. Enjoy your cooler evening with friends.

    Valerie, easy child's hike sounds like a good way to take a break. difficult child's regular work routine should be a good habit for him to develop.

    SFR, you sound like you have a full day ahead of you.

    TM, I hope the pool party goes well. After you've had so many kids in the pool, you'll need to top it up. Extra chlorine!

    Fran, good luck for difficult child's interview. Here's hoping he finds some ability to function at 9 am.

    Sharon/WO, I wish I had your energy. I also wish I was able to nap so easily!

    difficult child 3 has had a lot of assessment tasks to do for school and needs a lot of emotional support and talking-to, to get him through it. I just had to give him another one this evening, it's already overdue and I should have asked for an extension already; it's possible the rules won't allow one. So I'm having to pressure him to finish it over the weekend, which will be tricky since I won't be here. His cousin is visiting (staying with mother in law) and he wants to spend time with her instead of schoolwork. He knows he has to do it, and he will do it, but he's hurting at me and I could really do without it. But I still can handle it with more patience than husband - if husband gets hurt at too much he finally explodes then they're both angry (noisily) with each other.

    We also have to re-apply for special provisions for his state-based exams, when we'd been told it was all OK and not needed.d So again, last minute rushing. So an added complication was the Speech Pathologist arriving this afternoon to re-do some assessments on him. Now she has to write up her report and we then have to get it into the school before end of term on Friday next week.

    A previous assessment task got sent back by a substitute teacher and when I looked at it (late last night - a mistake) it seemed to say that they were rejecting it as incomplete because he left out something I hadn't even realised he had to do. And if I didn't realise it (and I can generally understand written instructions better than difficult child 3) then how could he? I left a message for his teacher to call me - nobody called today. Fretting overall this means I don't sleep as well as I should. If I dumped it all onto difficult child 3 it would be time for hysterics and meltdown.

    I had a three hour appointment today (very handy, just around the corner) with a client wanting some help with writing. She's coming with me to my meeting tomorrow. Before I go to my meeting, I have to learn how to use a new sound recording program on my new laptop; I'm expected to record people tomorrow and I only found out tonight. I would have known sooner, if I'd read the email I got sent a week ago. But keeping up with it all is not easy, I have been deliberately letting non-essential things slide to help difficult child 3 as much as I am allowed.

    So I'm going to quickly explore the recording software, hope it's fairly standard and intuitive, and if I can work it out quickly I will sleep much better tonight than I did last night.

    Enjoy your Friday.