Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, Sep 3, 2010.

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    :cheerleader: We made it!

    This has been a long and busy week and I wasn't sure how long it would be till we made it to the end of the week! Normally I wouldn't want this last week of summer to hurry up and be done, but it's been an incredibly busy and hectic week. This will hopefully be the last crazy-full day before three days of rest and prep for fall :faint:

    difficult child has already been up and has gone back to bed! We are in the process of trying to catch a little squatter here at our house (I posted in WC this about it) and he's coming down every morning before his mom to check for progress. He's taking the "man of the house" responsibility very serious and I am very proud of his bravery (especially since I'm such a wimp :916blusher:). No luck on the catch though.....

    I hope your Friday is a good one and you make a good Free Choice!!

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    Good morning :coffee:

    Sharon- It's so great that difficult child is such a good "man of the house". He could probably teach a thing or two to some of the husband's. ;) Enjoy the run up to the holiday weekend.

    I have a few errands and housework to do (as usual). I plan on letting Duckie lounge around all day since she's had such a difficult week breathing-wise.

    Have a great day! :salute:
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    G'day for Friday.

    Sharon/WO, good on difficult child to look after his mother!

    TM, I hope Duckie improves with a bit of rest.

    Oh, am I so tired! It was busy today. difficult child 3 had a 1.30 appointment with his therapist. mother in law needed to go shopping at the mall so we dropped her off first ten headed for the city. difficult child 3 wanted to drive (learner) but mother in law has to sit in the front passenger seat, so I sat in the middle behind them and directed difficult child 3's driving from there. mother in law moves very slowly these days, which made us even later. difficult child 3 was 15 minutes late for his appointment. But we got everything talked about.

    difficult child 3 is also behind in most subjects, but currently studying war poetry in English, so I read the poems to him as we drove. That way when he sees his English teacher on Monday for another lesson, he will be familiar with the poems. We discussed them while he drove, as much as we could because he needed to concentrate.

    Heading back, it was the beginning of peak hour, traffic was thick. And we were coming from the heart of Sydney.

    We got back to mother in law just as she was getting very tired. But when I arrived she had found a friend to chat to, they continued to chat while I dashed around and got my bits of shopping done. I didn't need to get much.

    Other things today - good news. I won another writing competition. Yay! Bad news - easy child 2/difficult child 2 was in tears when I rang just before we left at midday, she'd just got back from the doctor and she has had another bad pap test result, she has been referred for a cervical biopsy and was distraught. Also worried, because she wants to know what is going on and wants it fixed fast in case it is cancer, but the clinic appointment (gynaecology clinic at the same place where I had my cancer treatment) isn't for another three weeks. So I rang my own gynaecologist (easy child 2/difficult child 2 also saw him, once, three years ago when she had her first mildly abnormal pap test and they said it would be monitored). My doctor has now retired, no longer does obstetrics, and has an opening next Thursday morning first thing. I figure, he will have a look and at least give her some sensible answers. But we won't cancel the clinic appointment, in case she still needs it.
    Of course, she wants me to take her there.

    On the way home from the mall we dropped in on easy child 2/difficult child 2. I asked her if she'd spoken to SIL2 yet; she had. mother in law overheard and asked what about, so I made up something about a brochure mother in law had given me to pass on to SIL2 for his course. I handed over the brochure (I happened to have it with me) and we got out of that one. easy child 2/difficult child 2 seemed a bit happier this evening.

    difficult child 3 drove home, it was now after sunset. We still had to cook dinner - I went right to mother in law's and together we cut up a tray of vegetables to roast for dinner, to go with leftover roast chicken we had.

    I am so tired! I think it's having to concentrate while difficult child 3 is driving, especially in heavy traffic. It was harder work than if I was driving.

    We've come home early from mother in law's, she's tired too.

    Tomorrow I'm double-booked, still not sure what I will do. But difficult child 3 won't be driving! At least, not into the city!

    Enjoy your Friday.

  4. joneshockey

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    Good Friday Morning Everyone!
    I am looking forward to a nice 4 day weekend. B1 left last night to go to his grandparents cabin, so B2 and I have today and most of Sunday to have some one on one time . I am excited that FF1 will be home much of the weekend, with the exception of Saturday night and all day Sunday... It has been 4 weeks since he had any time with the family on the weekend. :D B2 has a therapist appointment this morning at 9:00, so I will be anxious to hear what suggestions he will have, since B2 has had such a rough couple of weeks since we met last. It should prove to be a busy, but hopefully somewhat relaxing weekend - I have much to do to finish getting both boys ready to start school on Tuesday. The dreaded school shoes still must be found... I have a good idea of what kind I want to get for B2, it is just a matter of taking him there to try them on... I am so scared to try this after our last attempt! I am hopeful though that we will have a better chance at being successful, since B1 won't be with us.

    Enjoy your day everyone!
  5. hearts and roses

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    Woo-hooooooo, I'm off today! It's my last free friday of the summer and I'm loving it!

    Sharon LDM, enjoy your long weekend after putting in a full day today! I will have to read up on the little squatter, lol.
    TM, I sure hope that Duckie feels better soon. Perhaps as things cool down...have a nice day.
    Marg, congrats on winning the writing contest! Yeah for you. You're a wonderfully giving and very busy woman but please remember to take time out to chill.
    Cindy, good luck at the tdocs...and shoe shopping, so glad I don't have to do things like that anymore~☺

    I have to drive up to the school and return a book for one of my classes, hit up the bank for my mom and work, and then I think I'm going to have lunch with my nephew who is at a sober house about an hour away. I miss him terribly and he's doing very well.

    This afternoon, late, I will be doing some housework and laundry. Enjoy the day everyone~