Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!


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:wink: Good Friday Morning All!

It's still hot and muggy here this morning, but we are supposed to get some relief this afternoon in the form of storms and rain showers. High 80's feels a lot cooler than mid 90's /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif

easy child and I are about ready to leave for her wisdom teeth extraction this morning. No sedation, just numbing and "laughing gas" for her this morning. She's nervous, but eating some watermellon and blue berriies right now.

difficult child is still sleeping, and if he follows his normal sleeping pattern, will be just getting up by the time we get home.

Wishing everyone a great Fridday. Not much planned but nursing the patient today. I've got four bags of frozen peas to use as ice packs, vanilla ice cream, tomato soup and jello!

Hope you can find some time to slow down and enjoy the weekend :beach:.


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Good morning friends,

Sharon, hope easy child recovers quickly from the extractions.

kt is heading off to respite at 3 this afternoon. I have some last minute laundry to get done for her; one errand to run for paperwork that needs to be signed for wm.

The prediction is for a beautiful day - windows wide open & letting in fresh air type of day.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


Good Friday morning!

Sharon, good luck with the extraction today. You sound very prepared. Hope easy child sails through and is not too uncomfortable later.

We're getting some relief on the weather front as well (since I don't live that far from Sharon). We had some thunderstorms last night and are expecting some more today. All in preparation for a Saturday that will be sunny and in the 80s. Perfect for the pool.

Not much on the agenda today, except errands, cooking and cleaning. M has her last day of tennis camp (complete with a pizza lunch), and J is hanging around yet again.

Keep it cool! Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- I hope easy child bounces back quickly. :smile:
Linda- You've had a tough week; I hope you can have some downtime this weekend. :beach:
Smallworld- It sounds like a pretty quiet summer day at your house. :bravo:
I still have to get out to buy paint for my bedroom and move furniture. husband will help later, he's on vacation after today. I'll try to have the little things out and just leave the bulky stuff. Duckie has been invited to a friend's house, I just may take the folks up on it. :smile:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good Morning,

Sharon-I hope all goes well with easy child's extractions. I'm a bit jealous that your difficult child sleeps in so late!

Linda-Enjoy the respite! :flower:

SW-Enjoy the cooler weather!

TM-Sounds like a busy day! You are more ambitious than I am. I've wanted to paint my room for years but the previous owners had put in ceiling to floor wallpaper on all four walls and that project I'm afraid to tackle!

Another cooler day here-only in the 70s then slowly we start to warm up again. It's difficult child's last day of swimming lessons. Then he and husband are headed to Michigan for the weekend for our nieces open house-she graduated from college this year and is the first niece/nephew to do so. I would go but tomorrow is my family reunion. I've skipped it before but this year my aunt who lives in California is coming and my cousin from Virginia is coming. These are people I would love to see and hardly ever are able to make the reunion. So easy child will be coming with me (she's not happy about going anywhere-but oh well). Of course, this means a weekend of respite from difficult child too!

I hope everyone enjoys their Friday! :dance:


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I'm going to do my best to not duck tape my children to the walls over the weekend. Its only 715 and they're already on my naughty list. Surprisingly enough, its my daughter who started the morning off with a bang. She's still in a fowl mood and I must say, mine is quickly matching hers. I'm going to be that mom we all saw on the post "New Behavior Plan Technique" in about .05 seconds.

I need my caffeine or more sleep. This day is not starting off well!

I have a girls night in planned tonight, maybe that will put me in a better mood. The alcohol certainly will.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning all. TGIF for sure. We have less rain yesterday and a few hours of clearing and sun but we are still getting rain for the next two days. We are close to breaking the wettest June on record. Things are green if your house or car hasn't floated away.
The painters are almost done. A friend is going to help husband get boxes over to storage.
I'm hoping for dinner our tonight. Nothing too exciting. It's been a bit intense.

Happy Anniversary Nomad. My kids barely noticed either but it was the day after Christmas. I'm glad when I get a card.
The "no food" calls strike terror in my mommy heart. It's an instinct thing or something. I suggest grocery shopping once a week. He is supposed to tell me what he eats for b/l/d then tells me what groceries he should buy. He is to check his pantry and fridge. Then we go with his budget and calculator to do the shopping. He either writes a check at the grocery store or he writes it to me. (as per SSI rules). I feel better, he feels a little more confident every week and it helps him learn planning. At least for that day. Just an example of what I'm trying.

Sharon, sending good thoughts for easy child. Hope she breezes through the surgery.

Timer, enjoy respite weekend. Glad the weather lets you open the windows.

TM painting your room sounds like a fun project for you and husband. Duckie going to visit a friend is a good thing for her too. Have fun.

Wiped out, enjoy a weekend with just you and easy child. She will grumble but she will appreciate the special mom time. I'd get her a little something special in honor of the mom/daughter weekend. Nothing expensive,just a card or a book about mothers and daughters or some little trinket(earrings or bracelet). Just a thought. Girly stuff.

All stressed out, I hate mornings like that. I always wish I could go back and start over.

Hope you all have a fun Friday. difficult child got called into work yesterday and he said YES! I wasn't even there to suggest yes. He just did it(although he complained it was his day off) Yay! :bravo: It's one for our team. </span>


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G'day, everybody. We just got back from New Zealand tonight (Friday). Sorry I haven't got the energy or time to reply to you all - the family are still catching up, we haven't unpacked yet, mother in law just fed us, then we found the kids left the budgies out of their cage almost the entire time so we have guano in our bedroom and bathroom. The budgies are OK and back in their cage, but I don't think our personal space will ever be the same again.

Lots to tell you when we get time to sit down with coffee/hot chocolate and gently relate. Checked out LOTR stuff with Robby in mind - got some warnings for you, Robby! - but did it the inexpensive way. Got snowed in - I managed to post on the Good Morning Thursday thread 8 days ago - from there we got snowed in, the kids missed their flight, we missed a lot of connections, roads were cut (including, ironically, the roads to the ski fields!) and easy child & BF1 say they never want to see snow again! My sister who endured several of the coldest winters ever in Ontario in the 1960s will have a thing or two to tell them about winter and snow!

Meanwhile Sydney & Newcastle copped a thorough drenching. Back home the kids were cut off by floods, BF1's family were without power or phones but fortunately not losing homes, but the dams got some water at last! Sydney's Warragamba is up to 50%, our own Woronora is even higher and another dam is overflowing, we've been told. Just gossip as yet.

Very tired. Must go to bed. More later. Will draft something long and detailed in Watercooler over the next few days, as life gets slightly more sane again.



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easy child and I have been home about 30 minutes already with a stop to get her paid rx filled!

From the time she sat in the chair to the time we were back in the car it was about an hour! Love our dentist family. And I say family because it is a father and his two sons. The youngest did easy child and he is good and fast. I went out to get a cup of coffee once they had started and only drank 1/2 a cup before they were done!

She is on the sofa with a bag of frozen peas on her cheek right now! Thanks for the positive thoughts.

Marg, good to see you are back safely.



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hi everyone! I am at library trying to figure out how to use this computer, it seems tonot agree with me this morning. I am trying to do a travel and medical permission slip for easy child to go out of state and trying to figure out the best way to get to taste of chicago for tomorrow. (I can do el/subway or trains or combos, but, the schedules and maps are confuseing me, LOL)
difficult child, easy child and I are gonna go see Kenny Rogers there.

Have a great weekend everyone, and also hqave a great 4th of July!!!!!