Happy Free Choice Friday!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, May 15, 2009.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :D Good Morning All - we have made it to Friday!

    On my way to the gym for water fitness at 6 and then it's a full day of chores and errands! But, at least it's Friday!

    difficult child and I went to the video store last night and he chose the newest James Bond for us to watch tonight. Since it's Friday, we'll not see easy child!

    Have a great Friday :peaceful:

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Good to see you on the morning thread. I hope you are enjoying your water class as I write this. Is easy child still teaching classes? Enjoy the movie tonight!

    I'm so happy Friday is here. I'm hoping to get lots of rest this weekend. After work today, no appts!! husband is going to a retirement party for one of his co-workers. I'm hoping the kids are tired out from the week so we can just relax. We've already been to the health club 5 days this week so I'm not even working out today!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. Marguerite

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    "Happy Free Choice Friday MONDAY??"

    Oh boy, do YOU need a rest this weekend!

    Sharon/LDM, enjoy the Bond-fest. Pop plenty of popcorn, laze about in flannelette pyjamas...

    Sharon/WO, I hope you both get the relaxing weekend you're hoping for.

    We have a (hopefully quiet) weekend coming up. mother in law is the only family we're likely to see (other than difficult child 3, of course). No meetings, no need to go out anywhere. A good thing, too - husband has been off work today. He had enough wrning yesterday, based on how he was feeling, so he loaded up his laptop with work and spent today in our sunroom (away from the cleaner!) and worked on his computer, hooked to the 'Net wirelessly. He said he got all his backlog dealt with AND enjoyed a relaxing time in the warm room.

    difficult child 3 has been working on an open-book Maths exam. He's got an extension until Monday, he has to get it done as well as catch up on some oter work. What with the wedding plus family visiting in recent weeks, difficult child 3's schooling has fallen a bit behind. Time to enjoy a quiet weekend and play catchup.

    Might take a leaf out of your book, Sharon/LDM, and also persuade difficult child 3 to watch a movie with us when his work is done. Or if not a movie, then maybe an episode of "Mother and Son" with Garry McDonald - we saw him on stage last saturday in "Guys and Dolls", he's one of Australia's best comedians. difficult child 3 watched a TV interview with him on Monday night, we might be able to get him to watch a half-hour sitcom.

    Other than that - I do have some garden chores to deal with, I have some self-seeded heirloom tomatoes that I need to move, I'll try and plant them somewhere where I have a faint chance of a winter crop. Western sun and fingers crossed. We're in a frost-free area so there IS a faint chance...

    Enjoy your Friday. It's sunny here but the winds are chill and te clouds are expected to roll in after the weekend. I'm living in woollen leggings and chunky cardi-dress over a polo sweater. And my long sheepskin uggs of course!

  4. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - Busy day planned for you! Enjoy the movie!

    Wiped Out - 5 days already? Nice! It is so good to hear you state you have been to the club enough - you are usually still trying to get there. Enjoy the day!

    Marg - It will be nice for you to have a slow weekend. I hope difficult child 3 gets all his school work caught up and back on track. As Summer is looking for us, Winter is on its way to you. For me, I could do without Summer and stay in Spring/Fall forever.

    Still not sure what today will hold. Chances of showers and thunderstorms are threatening to cancel a track meet. The issue is when will they call it off? Probably wait until everyone gets there at 9:30 and then cancel when the skies open and start pouring at 9:45/10:00? We then have to drive West to come back home meaning we will drive into anything that starts at the meet.

    If someone decides to cancel before ALL the schools start their 1 - 2 hours trek there, I will help our DCE set up some games in the gym. difficult child's substitute teacher says she has the rest of the year planned and does not know what to do with the kids today if the meet is cancelled. I believe this is her first year of teaching. I told her welcome to the flexible world of teaching.

    I also heard now that tomorrow may not be good weather. My sister was planning on coming for the weekend but with traveling alone and no cell phone she will not come if there are chances of stormy weather.

    I did get a chuckle last night. I am sure I heard Diva say that her boyfriend is going to babysit the neighbor kids (7 yr old girl and 12 yr old boy) on Sat because diva will not be available. For some reason, that just makes me laugh - it is so funny to think of him babysitting. He does like kids and I am sure he will do fine but just so funny!

    Everyone have a great day. Find a way to make your kids laugh. If you get a chance tomorrow morning, come help me clean my house.