Happy Free Choice Friday!!!

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    Good Friday Morning All!

    It's a tad chilly this early morning - but the promise of 75 degree temps makes it worth it!!

    I'm hitting 6 am class at the gym, taking difficult child to school, a quick run to Lowes, then back working outside! At 3, the kids and I all have an eye appointment. difficult child has been squinting the last couple months and both easy child and I need a check up. Then it's off to the eye store to order new glasses. Hate to do all of us at once because of the expense, but it happens to be the time......

    I hope your Friday is a good one and once you finish your work and chores in time to make a great free choice :D

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    Happy Friday Friends,

    Sharon-Sounds like a beautiful day in your part of the country. Have fun picking out glasses. easy child/difficult child just picked hers up yesterday-she is thrilled with them! husband and I will pick ours out next month.

    Finally Friday is here. It has been an incredibly long week. Our temps will start to drop today. By morning we should have 1-3 inches of snow-no worries as by Monday it will be back in the 50s so the snow will not stick around!

    I ended up going for a jog yesterday at lunch which felt great in some ways,in othe but not so great others. This was my first jog as usually I power walk (and due to ankle & knee pain along with the winter sidewalks-unsafe-I hadn't even walked in a long time). It felt so good to be getting some exercise since I hadn't gone to the club since Sunday. However, by the end my ankle was in pain and by last night my left knee was killing me. i iced it but that didn't seem to help. Talk about feeling the effects of aging-lol!

    After work today we have a meeting at the psychiatric hospital with the doctor and then a quick visit with difficult child before heading home for a nap!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. Finally, it's Friday!!!

    I don't know why, but this has seemed to be the longest week.

    Sharon (LDM) it sounds like a busy day for you today. Can't beat that weather report, can you? Enjoy the lovely day.

    Sharon, (WO) so sorry to hear about the ankle and knee. I know exactly what you mean though. This has been the first year I have had to deal with changes in my work out due to body aches and pains. It's not fun! I hope that the meeting and visit go well. Have a wonderful weekend!

    I'm sitting in my home office, taking a little break from work and enjoying the glowing sunshine that is streaming through the windows. By all accounts, it promises to be a glorious (almost) Spring day. I'm gearing up the garden work and am working with a friend to redesign our garden due to the loss of four large trees over the past couple of years. My yard has gone from shade to sun in a blink of the eye, and a lot of my plants literally burned up last year. It will be nice to make the changes.

    I'll be off to the Y for an exercise break today and then I'll be getting ready for a weekend guest. easy child and husband are running a marathon here in town on Sunday. This one is close, the route goes right by our house! husband's running buddy is traveling from NC to come run with them, and he's spending the weekend with us. I think we'll all have lots of fun. I'll be out and cheering them on. The company that sponsors the marathon, ING, has a contest for the best "cheering" neighborhood. Our neighborhood has won for the last couple of years. Last year we even had a marching band! We'll see what happens this year.

    Have a wonderful day everyone, and take time to find some moments of peace for yourselves.

  4. Fran

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    Happy Friday all.
    Wiped out, oh No! about your aches and pains. I hope they heal quickly. I had been trying to run but the problem with hip and joint pain in addition to bladder issues stopped me. I will have to be happy with step aerobics. Much more comforting to the joints. Aging is not for the faint of heart.
    Hope your appointment. today is productive although at this age, I felt like I was trying to hammer a nail into jello in terms of getting definite answers.

    LDM, it is a glorious day here. My daffodils are open in the front of the house. The glads are starting to pop up and hopefully will not be trampled by the crew working on the back yard or the dogs. I am anxious to plan the veggie garden this year. I'm hoping to have a little better result than last year.

    1DAAT, how exciting to have marathoners in the house. Sounds like a very fun weekend. I couldn't get my son's to work out if I paid them. Not sure why that is but they took the opposite stance as their parents. Oh well. You can lead a horse to water.....
    Enjoy your trip to the Y.

    husband and I are heading to Flo. I got husband tickets to spring training for the Pitts. Pirates baseball team. He has wanted to go his whole adult life but never made the plans. Santa brought him a whole weekend to indulge his youthful enthusiasm for baseball. We will see easy child tonight for dinner and return home Sunday afternoon.
    Now to run around and get everything organized. Hopefully it will be fun once I get to the airport.

    Have a fun weekend everyone.
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    G'day, folks. It's actually Saturday morning here but I didn't get a chance to get on the site last night (which is early morning your time) so I'm grabbing the chance now.

    husband, difficult child 3 & I were out last night (Friday night) at the recording of a TV show called "Sleek Geeks". We're all fans of these two guys - one is a professor at uni, he's a Physics professor but also a qualified MD as well as a few other things. The other is a Maths PhD who is also a radio shock jock. Together they're a lot of fun.

    It was a good experience for difficult child 3 - he's never seen a TV show being made. Odd, since he's definitely been there (and central to a scene) for a movie being made. So he understood the need for re-takes. I think he was fascinated (watching the autocue) at how much these guys were actually ad-libbing.

    We grabbed some takeaway Chinese (well, we were right next to Sydney's Chinatown, not the suburban one I usually try to get to) and then took difficult child 3 to the Pizza Hut near easy child 2/difficult child 2's. We stopped at our daughter's flat to check out her laptop computer which appears to have been fried by a 'friend' spilling a glass of water on it during the night (they had come home from the pub after drinking to celebrate Paddy's Day) and the 'friend' didn't tell her at all - she found her unplugged laptop (so friend had enough presence of mind and awareness of what happened to at least do that) next morning, still sitting in a puddle.

    I had a talk to her about friends who have so little respect for her or her property, and how letting such friends sleep over because they missed the last train, may have to stop until they can afford household insurance.

    Generosity can be expensive, especially if you all drink too much.

    husband is going to see if he can save the computer, at least in part. Poor kid - she's struggling at the moment. But she has to recognise that sometimes it's her bad choices playing a part as well.

    We're about to head off for some very hard driving - husband has to take stuff to the train track, then we head inland to J's hospital to visit her and also my sister who lives over that way so we can have a family council. I can hear husband at the car now - I'd better go.

    Enjoy your Friday (which is probably half over by now!)