Happy Free Choice Friday!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, May 7, 2010.

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    :cheerleader: Houston, we have Friday!!!!

    Good Morning all! Hope you awake with a smile because we've made it through another week!

    I've a full day today, but heck, it's the end of the week.....my aunt and uncle are in town again (they were here two weeks ago). easy child and I are going over for another grilling night at my cousin's house - difficult child would rather jell in front of the tv since it's Friday.

    Tomorrow we are meeting my sister down the street from my mom's and then will go to her house together with a couple dozen roses and say, "Surprise :flowers: Happy Mother's Day!" I know she is thinking that my sister and I aren't coming to see her...

    Have a great day everyone!

  2. Wiped Out

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    Happy Friday Friends,

    Sharon-What a great surprise for your mom!!! Enjoy the dinner and your extended family!:)

    :whew: I was beginning to think that Friday would never get here. For some reason everyone at school agrees this was one extremely long week. Busy day ahead but that is o.k. since as Sharon said, it's Friday!

    After school the person who is going to be working in home with difficult child will be here for about 2 hours. Then husband and I are headed to dinner at one of my team member's home. We are having an Italian night and I am bringing the lasagna!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    lets hope the day gets better . i woke up to a migrane how nice & hubbys asleep downstairs ( he has been working day & night this weel 2 different jobs ) & the children slept in this morning i & i want to do nothing more than lock the doors & hide away all day .
    friday is my long day too because its the day i work 2 jobs & we have a different dj tonight so i have to listen to what she plays because if she sucks she wont play anymore & its raining & i might have to take the us to work because hubbys asleep in the chair in the living room
    i think i am going to put in for a volentary go home though so i can sneak home & have a rest before work tonight .
    so hope your day goes better
  4. Happy Friday All...

    Sharon (LDM) It does sound like a busy time! I know that your visit to your Mom will be very much appreciated. You and your sister are wonderful daughters. Enjoy your cookout.

    Sharon (WO) the Italian night sound yummy. Save some of that good food for us...

    CC I hope you can go home and get some rest. Migraines require rest, silence, and dark. Take care, and feel better.

    This has been a very busy week for us as well. difficult child is in the midst of finals - which means his schedule is turned upside down. He's a guy who doesn't like change - so it takes extra work for him to get on track. His last exam is tomorrow at 8:00AM. He worked so carefully to schedule his classes later in the day, but the exam schedule moves them all around. Let's just say he's not a morning person...

    easy child has taken off to hike the Appalachian Trail. This is no small task, it's over 2,000 miles - from Georgia to New Hampshire! He's doing it alone - this has been a goal of his for a long time now and he seems to have the time to do it right now. husband and I are supportive of him and his goal, but as you can imagine, I am very worried about all types of things. We do hope to hear from him from time to time as he steps off the trail for a rest in civilization. He probably should be finished in September, if he makes it all the way through. Wish him luck!

    Both difficult child and and easy child had a horrible intestinal virus last week. easy child had barely recovered when he left, and difficult child is almost back to himself. Last night I woke up with a nagging cough - and I appear to have a respiratory bug this morning - aches and all. I'm wondering if this isn't just a different manifestation of the same virus. I never, I mean never, get sick - so this is unusual. I've got to get better quickly though, because I going with husband to a presentation he is giving in New Orleans next week. Our neighborhood is also having a party tonight for our former neighbors who just sold their house (we're really going to miss them). They are moving to Charleston, SC - to be close to their grandchildren. I'm hoping to go, but if I don't feel better, I guess I should do the right thing and stay home to prevent the spread of this bug. :-(

    Have a good day, and find yourselves some quiet moments of peace!

  5. Marguerite

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    A quick g'day for now.

    We've had a fairly quiet day at home, after yesterday's busy time. I did give difficult child 3 three driving lessons, he's coming along well. We just got back from mother in law's place for dinner and I have to go out tomorrow into the city, to help at an audition. I'm also taking a young girl and her mother, the girl is trying out for a main role. Fingers crossed for her!

    Enjoy your Friday.