Happy Free Choice Friday!!!

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    We made it to the end of the week :cheerleader: Always a call for celebration around here!

    On the morning thread yesterday I mentioned that I rubbed and put that pork bu** in the oven at 6:30 yesterday - well I finished pulling the pork last night at 8:15! Cooked all day at 225, until about 7, let it rest in the oven until 8 and pulled. It came out great! I have two lasagna-size pans of pulled pork for tonights party!

    Well, I'm at the end of week three with the "new job" and I'm feeling much more adept now and ready to handle what bonehead throws at me. Fortunately he's been really busy and hasn't been in the office a lot during the day so we haven't had any anticipatory run ins yet!

    Wishing everyone a great Friday :happyguy:

  2. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Sharon (LDM), The menu for your dinner party is the best! I love pulled pork! ENJOY!

    I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee and leftover cantaloupe from dinner last night. My "favorite sanity saver" is right by my feet. She loves fruits and veggies, lol... She is the only dog I know who is just as happy with a handful of green beans as she is with scraps of beef.

    Still raining here but the worst of it is supposedly over - Although we'll probably get some rain over the weekend, it isn't supposed to be too much. Maybe the sun will even make an appearance! Sounds like we'll have to celebrate with the grill - Dinner on the patio would be nice...:sunny::bbq:...

    Hope everyone has a good day and a great weekend! SFR
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Sharon-I'm with SFR-I absolutely love pulled pork!!! Enjoy your party tonight!!

    SFR-Sounds like a very healthy breakfast!! I know Ella would not be happy with veggies or fruit! I hope you get dinner on the patio!

    I actually have the next 4 days off!!!! I have been saving my two comp days and am using them now. This morning we have to drop off easy child/difficult child for her "coming of age weekend" that goes along with a class she is taking. I hope it turns out to be a positive growing experience for her.

    We are going to have sun and 74 here today!!!! Of course, now that I'm hobbling around on crutches I don't know that I'll get out to enjoy it. If nothing else maybe I can sit out on the deck with a good book:reading:

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!:flower:
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    G'day, people. Just checking in right before bedtime again.

    Had a rough day with difficult child 3 today. We went in to school but I had some difficulty getting difficult child 3 moving, and he was irritable and very "edgy" all morning. He even got stroppy with his teacher, who is the kindest, most patient person. He had trouble staying on task and they didn't get as much done as they expected. Meanwhile he was reacting at every little noise. Not a good day.

    After the school session we left to go to the therapist, where we talked about how far behind he is and how he needs to put in extra time to catch up. He then began to get snaky with therapist. We did resolve things as far as we could, we'll see how well it bears fruit. He wanted to drive the car from there, but with the way he was, I didn't feel he was safe. We dropped in on husband at work who picked up on difficult child 3's mood quickly and endorsed my decision to not let him drive. So as we drove off, difficult child 3 was not arguing about it (thankfully). Just down the road was a golden arches drive-thru (poor value, in my opinion, but handy) and difficult child 3 ate his lunch while I drove. He saw the sense in him not driving so he could eat. He then fell asleep for the rest of the hour's drive home. After that, he was a lot nicer to know. He's been a darling, in fact. I just made that point to him - his problems today were almost certainly lack of sleep on top of his condition; he just can't get away with it like other people can.

    Tomorrow difficult child 3 & husband are off to play trains while I go out to my writing workshop. Hopefully if the lad gets some sleep tonight, he will have a good day. husband is planning on stopping at our GOOD burger place at the beach on the way home. For the same price as today's golden arches meal, you can get a burger the size of a dinner plate, cooked fresh. With loads of salad, fresh hunk of meat, all the trimmings. A useful lesson.

    Enjoy your Friday.

  5. Finally, it's Friday!!!

    Sharon, that pork sounds simply awesome! Could you send us a virtual serving? Keep up the good work on your new job :) In my book the avoidance of run-ins is a great skill. Keep it up...

    SFR, dinner on the patio sounds fun. I have my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates.

    Sharon, enjoy your days off. I hope that you won't need those crutches soon, they're very hard work. "The Coming of Age" weekend sounds intriguing. I'd love to hear more about that...

    Marg, I'm hoping that difficult child 3 gets some good rest and is refreshed for his trains day with his Dad. Those "off days" can be killers, I know. I hope that the writing workshop will be some respite away from difficult child 3 for you as well.

    easy child came home yesterday for his first visit in five months. It is so wonderful to see him! He took us out to dinner last night - his insistence. I can see the man he is becoming, and I like what I see. His 25th birthday is next week - where did the time go?

    husband and I had decided a couple of years ago that we need to downsize and relocate to a house that could accomodate my mother's need for an accessible home - when it is time. We had gotten as far as some preliminary house plans and had stalled due to the bad housing market. A few weeks ago a couple approached us and told us that they would be interested in buying our house if we ever decided to sell. Oh, wow, the answer is yes!!! So, we're in overdrive right now. They want to move in the first week of August. Of course, it will take months to build the new house - so we're on the look for a temporary residence. And, then, there's the need to sort out twenty years of junk collection! Lots will get tossed, and some will get sold. It's exciting, but overwhelming.

    difficult child is dealing ok with all the excitement. When we asked him how he felt about the changes, he said "I'm neutral". That's so him. When we met with our contractor he continually paced around the table - so I'm not so certain about that neutrality. Last night easy child floated the idea of difficult child coming out to Oregon to intern at his company. That was a shocker! I guess we'll see where that goes, although it's hard to imagine.

    Enjoy your Friday, and try to find some quiet moments of peace for yourselves!

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    Morning! Pulled pork sounds yummy!

    I had an "aha" this morning! Its usually heck getting the boy out of bed and moving (which I'm sure you're all used to). The other day I got clothes fresh out of the dryer for him and he loved the warmth of them. Today I told him if he got up and ate breakfast quickly I would have time to iron his clothes so they'd be hot when he put them on. He was SO fast, we left the house 10 minutes earlier than usual!

    Of course I forgot my strawberries for breakfast this morning so I had to stop back by home, but oh well. I just got to my desk and realized I left them in the car. Maybe its not my day for strawberries!

    I have to go to the store to get cake mix and frosting supplies, his birthday party is on Saturday!
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning ladies.
    LDM, I probably missed the new job thing. Hope it goes well. I know changes with bh are tricky. I don't know if I ever ate pulled pork although it's often on the menu's. Have fun with your party guests.

    SFR, your breakfast sounds refreshing. I can't even imagine my dogs eating anything that doesn't come from the animal kingdom. Hope the rain clouds leave and open up to sun and maybe even the rainbow you have been searching for. : )

    with-O what happened that you are on crutches? Hope you get to enjoy your 4 days off. It would be nice for you to have some peace.

    Marguerite, sorry to hear difficult child 3 is having a tough time of it. My difficult child would benefit from a good nights sleep when he was so antsy. Enjoy the writer's workshop.

    We are plugging along. My easy child is coming home for a week on Sunday. We will visit for a few days and he will dog sit while I go back to Pa. to help with mom. I will enjoy spending time with easy child.

    Have a lovely Friday everyone.
  8. Wiped Out

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    Marg-That burger sounds delicious! I used to love a good juicy hamburger cooked medium-rare but haven't had one in years!

    Valerie-I'll try to do a post this weekend on the coming of age retreat easy child/difficult child is attending. It sounds very interesting and I'm hoping it works!

    Jenn-Sorry about those strawberries! Sounds like a good plan for difficult child-I'd get up early for warm clothes!

    Fran-My foot has been hurting for about 3 months. I finally saw a doctor a few weeks back who ordered a bone scan which shows a stress fracture. He wants me on crutches for 2 weeks with no weight bearing, 1 week with weight bearing, and 1 week with-crutches every other day. I have to admit I'm not doing so well, it is very easy to cheat when it gets difficult to maneuver. Enjoy your visit with easy child!