Happy Free Choice Friday!!


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:smile: We made it!! Good Friday Morning!! :smile:

Had difficult child's back to school night last night. I couldn't be happier. All his teachers seem great. He happens to be in a collaborative math class, his history teacher offered to give difficult child written notes, and his English teacher said, when he found out I was difficult child's mom, "I love having difficult child in my class!" :thumb: His science teacher is "crazy" and has already done the volcano experiment and pinched difficult child's cheek!

And, to top off all that good news, he was belly laughing in the car on the way home from school telling a funny story from science class. He could hardly talk he was laughing so loud! This is the kind of thing that does my heart good :kisses:

easy child is driving down to southwest Virginia this weekend to stay with my best friend's daughter (the girls are like sisters) who is a freshman in college. It will be the first time difficult child has no parental supervision overnight!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so excited and can't wait until tomrrow!

Grocery shopping this morning, cleaning crew coming, then I am taking a little down time! Been a hectic week for me. I'm going to sit and watch "All My Children".

Find your free choice today too! Have a great Friday :wink:



Good TGIF morning!

Sharon, heartwarming news about difficult child! Hope you enjoy "All My Children" after your hectic week.

My three kiddos didn't have school yesterday because of Rosh Hashana. We had some friends over Wednesday night to mark the beginning of the holiday and then went to services yesterday. Although the holiday was a nice break, it will be good to have everyone back in their routine today.

husband and I have an appointment with A's psychiatrist this morning. Although A is doing very well moodwise, she is refusing to talk to her psychiatrist in her weekly therapy sessions. We're trying to figure out why. A says she doesn't like the psychiatrist, but we 're wondering if it's really because she finds therapy difficult (she's never been a kid who wears her heart on her sleeve). Very hard to tell.

Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.

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Good Morning Sharon and all who follow,

Sharon-It is so good to hear how great difficult child's school is. It really is how all schools should be! Sounds like a great weekend ahead for easy child! Enjoy All My Children. I got so annoyed when they decided to have Jack and Erica get there divorce I am temporarily boycotting it but know eventually will start to watch again.

Tonight after work we head off to Michigan. Tomorrow is the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game. With both teams being so bad this year it doesn't hold quite the same meaning but I am no fair weathered fan and will be there cheering on my team. It should be a fun weekend. I just am not looking forward to all the driving as it has been a long week and both husband and I are very tired.

I hope everyone has a peaceful day and a great weekend! Hi if you snuck in. :flower:


Good Morning

Sharon what a good report from the teachers. Must make your heart smile!

SW-I actually never heard of Rosh Hashana. Always nice to celebrate holiday's with friends.

Nothing going on for me. Still Two more nights for me to work.
Hoping difficult child will get involved with some kids from school. Maybe skating or something tonight. He has become a real loner.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, sounds like difficult child is blooming at school.

SW, good luck at psychiatrist appointment this morning.

Sharon, enjoy the game tomorrow & the entire trip.

Kjs, it's hard to watch our children be in that loner state. I hope he finds something, someone that will get him out of this state.

"hi" if you snuck in.

Today promises to be real busy....PT in for a session, the wonderful stove I had delivered on Wednesday never got installed (screw up), so that is scheduled for this morning; in home nurse stopping in to see if I have a blood pressure, kt's in home therapist & finally I'm interviewing a PCA for the final shifts of kt's week.

I thought that I was supposed to be resting.

Enjoy your Friday. Find one reason to smile today. :flower:


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Good morning. :coffee:
LDM- Good teachers often make all the difference with our kids. :thumb: I'm glad to hear difficult child has experienced the volcano experiment. The club advisor and I did it for the kids last year at science club and it was a hit.
Smallworld- Our kiddos had classes yesterday, yet the local colleges did not. Strange how they choose which holidays the kids get off. :hammer:
Sharon- I know you'll have fun at the game, win or lose! :warrior:
Kjs- That loss of forward momentum can be hard for our kids to recover from. :rolleyes:
Linda- I hope the stove is finally installed today, that alone would raise my blood pressure. :devil:
Duckie has school today, she's looking forward to her music special. She seems in much brighter mood today, not as irritable. Thank goodness. :faint:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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G'day, everybody.

Good news, Sharon, about your difficult child being so welcomed at school and having such a good time. If only it was like that for all of us!

Smallworld, you could well be right about the psychiatrist.

Sharon II, I hope you enjoy your break in Michigan.

Kjs, sometimes our kids choose to be alone. If he's like my boys, he will connect with someone more like him - another loner with similar issues. Would be the best thing for him. difficult child 1 used to tell me about his best friend, "He talks to me about reptiles, I talk to him about eagles. Neither of us listens and we get on really great!"

Linda, I hope you finally get your stove installed and running.

TM, do let us know how Duckie gets on with her music special.

Well today I WAS planning on taking difficult child 3 to the beach and hopefully meeting up with a local home-schooling family. It was forecast to be 28C today, but it only got to 21 C, and on top of that, it was stormy all day - dry storm in the middle of the day, and then a lulu of a storm hit at about 2.30 pm. Hail, torrential rain, wind blowing the rain horizontally, and then the power went out for a couple of hours. I did check the rain gauge - we only got 3.5 mm of rain, it just all fell in about ten minutes. Very glad we weren't on the beach for that lot.

difficult child 3 worked well again today, until the storm - then he was too distracted.

Oh well, I'll get another chance. At least I got a few drops of rain on my vegetable garden.

Enjoy your Friday.



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Marg- Duckie's music special is her music class at school. We call them specials: music, art, gym, library, language, etc. The entire class goes to the special teacher's room for the specialized content.


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I made it here just a little late, good mid-morning :smile: . Today is the last day for hockey tryouts and I am a mum-in-knots of worry. There is absolutely no reason difficult child should not make it (seeing as how he should have made the last two cuts) but still I worry. This coach is a teacher and his daughter seems to have a physical disorder so I am hoping he has a more open mind for kids who aren't perfect. Fingers crossed ladies, I don't think difficult child could take another regection!

Happy Friday everyone!