Happy Friday and Happy 4th of July!!!

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    :4thjuly:Happy 4th of July!!!! :4thjuly:

    Wishing all my American friends a happy Idenpendence Day and a Great Free Choice Friday to All!!

    I'm really ahead of schedule for the festivities today. I've nothing else to do to get ready! A good place to be in. easy child is doing the grilling tonight so I feel pretty free today.

    I went to another aqua arobic class yesterday and let me tell you......the instructor had to be 65-70 and she was brutal!!!!! I was so tired last night I hit the sack at 9!!! She is leading another class this morning at 9:30 and I think I'm going back! Yes, I know, I'm a glutton for punishment! But I could never do on the floor what I'm able to accomplish in the water. I'm pushing myself.

    Have a wonderful holiday everyone - stay safe with the fireworks - don't eat too many hotdogs!!

    Sharon :proudamerican:
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    Happy 4th, Sharon, and to everyone else! Much to be thankful for today.

    Sharon - since you're done with preparations, care to pop on over here for an hour or ten???? :rofl: I've been a total slug this week and the house is a wreck, no preps at all for today's BBQ, and my dad arrives for his annual 6-hour visit in 5 hours, LOL. Guess I'd best get moving.

    Aqua aerobics - that sounds like a great class, though I think I'd be intmidated by a senior citizen who could run me into the ground! I bet the water is much kinder on joints and your back. Good for you, sticking to it!

    No word from thank you so I guess he won't be home for the holiday. I'm chilled about that - nothing to do for it.

    Wee is in UT whitewater rafting now - got word yesterday that they survived the backpacking portion and everyone made it to the summit - not sure how high the mountain was but it's in the Rockies so I'm thinking it was fairly significant, LOL. I baked something like 10 dozen cookies yesterday and sent them priority mail so hopefully he'll get them at the next mail drop. Boo was *incredibly* helpful yesterday. I was so tickled - I'd pop a batch in the oven, set the timer, go back to work, and he'd holler to let me know when the buzzer went off. Consistently, every single time. Not a burned cookie in the batch (major miracle in my house). I think he was proud of himself too for being able to help out.

    So... I'm off to start potato and macaroni salads, marinate meat, clean bathrooms and kitchen, and hopefully talk husband into running up to get some chairs for the back porch so Dad and his wife have somewhere to sit!

    I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th and you're able to enjoy your families today.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Will you pay for my plan ticket????

    Sounds like Wee is having a fabulous time! Sounds like Boo was a great help to you yesterday - how sweet.

    Hope your 4th is a good one and get all that cleaning done!!!

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    :good_morning: and Happy 4th of July :4thjuly:,

    Sharon-Sounds like you have a nice day planned! Enjoy the water aerobic class this morning:)

    Sue-Wee's trip sounds like so much fun! I bet he will love the homemade cookies! How great that Boo helped and there were no burnt cookies. Since I've started baking cookies with my stoneware from Pampered Chef I haven't had burnt cookies but before that I did a lot. Dinner sounds delicious!

    I picked up easy child yesterday and she was in such a great mood (I posted in wc). This morning difficult child has me up early and was kind of a grouch but he has had his medications and appears to be settling down.:whew:

    This morning husband and I will go workout:treadmill: Other than a nap not much planned for the day except we love the old Twilight Zones and they're doing a marathon so that should be fun!

    Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th!:4thjuly:
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    Happy 4th of July from the Nation's Capital!!!!!

    Sharon, you are so organized to have all your preparations done. Good for you for sticking with water aerobics.

    Sue, Wee's trip sounds fantastic. No burnt cookies is a miracle -- glad Boo could help you out.

    Sharon, enjoy your restful day (and easy child's good mood).

    As you know, the 4th is celebrated to the max in Washington, Difficult Child. Tonight we're heading to A's school, which sits atop a hill overlooking the city. We'll get an amazing view of the fireworks over the Mall.

    Have a patriotic day. Hi if you snuck in.
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    What a great day for Freechoice Friday

    Little Dudes Mom - You are so organized. Enjoy your day!

    SLSH - You have a lot to do today! Maybe thank you will surprise you today. Wee will have many stories to tell when he gets home. And GREAT job Boo - that is really the means to a successful cookie and he lived up to that challenge. I also love my Pampered Chef stone - I cook EVERYTHING on it - especially pizzas.

    Wiped Out - I saw a Twighlight Zone show last night. It was the one about a living doll. I was going to watch it but got distracted with something. I did think what a great way to keep the kids out of the living room - a black and white show. :rofl: I am so glad easy child was in a good mood - hopefully that will last. Hopefully difficult child will get in a good mood also (can he remember how happy he was to see easy child?)

    Small World - I am so coming to spend the fireworks with you. Set two more chairs (I'm bringing difficult child with).

    easy child said she will probably not come to Brainerd with us and now husband says he will be spending the day working on his dock. Needs to adjust the lift. So it looks like just difficult child and I going to Brainerd. I will ask easy child one more time. easy child got her tatto yesterday afternoon.

    Happy 4th to everyone. Make your difficult child laugh atleast once today - Isn't it fun to hear them laugh? See you all at school overlooking the Mall - Smallworld, there is room there for all of us right?

  7. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks. A rush greeting tonight for me, it's late and tomorrow is a busy day.

    Enjoy the 4th, peoples, have fun. We had a quiet, cold, snuggle-in-the-PJs-while-you-do-schoolwork kind of day, for the last day of school term - until difficult child 3 remembered an audition he wanted to do before the deadline. So he traded some holiday time for today's schooltime, and filmed himself using the computer. husband spent tonight learning how to burn it to a DVD (probably should have left difficult child 3 to do that, as well - the kid is GOOD!).
    We have to get it all in the mail tomorrow morning, paying extra to get it delivered first thing Monday if possible.

    I don't think he's got a snowball's chance in the Sahara, but it is a useful experience.

    So tomorrow - we get difficult child 1's car to the workshop first thing (and he's out tonight with his friends, so he will be home who knows when), get difficult child 3's stuff in the mail, get difficult child 3 to then do some more schoolwork especially on his backlog of stuff - and maybe collapse in a heap after the stress is off!

    Have a great day, everybody.

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    Happy 4th EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:liberty::4thjuly:

    We're off to my in-law's vacation home tonight to watch fireworks and celebrate at the Bay. My parents will be there too so I'm very happy about that! We'll spend the night and maybe go sailing tomorrow or just hang out at the pier pool. Their home is one block from the water front so it's very nice.

    Everyone sounds like they're having a NICE weekend...even those not living where there's a 4th celebration ;)! HAVE A BLAST EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!