Happy Friday Morning!!!!!

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    :cheerleader: Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, I am a Friday person! Another week just about over. There is a definate "lightness" in the attitudes of both my kids as I wake them for Friday's school day!

    Actually, easy child woke herself this morning. Her boss at the gym asked if she could come and help her do some major hot tub cleaning at 5 this morning. She took her clothes and such in case she needed to go straight to school. She got home about 10 minutes ago and is laying of the sofa taking a little snooze until 7!

    I met difficult child's teachers yesterday at back to school night. He has some really great ones. I'm a little unsure about art, which has always been one of his favs. She is new to the position but not to the school. She used to teach honors english. She is into academic art - if you know what I mean. difficult child just wants to paint and draw. We'll see.....

    His English teacher seems pretty tought and pretty strict. The others were great! Good or bad news......all his teachers knew who he was already ;)

    I'm heading to water fitness at 9:30, then to the grocer. After that I'll make sure everything is straight around the house so we can enjoy or weekend!!

    Wishing you a great free choice friday - make it a good one :peaceful:

  2. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, the water class sounds wonderful. Trying to get a release for that type of activity. I hope difficult child's art teacher isn't the lecturing type ~ art history is more of a high school/college subject. I'm with difficult child ~ I'd rather be drawing or painting.

    "Hi" to others who may have snuck in...

    It's Friday - really doesn't make much of a difference around here. kt will be home this weekend. PCA will be in Sunday. However, this weekend is more of a clean up around the house, then down time type of weekend.

    husband has no interest in going to the football game tonight at kt's school. There is no path to the field that will accomdate a wheel chair or walker. :angry-very: I used to love the high school football season.

    We'll find something/somewhere to go & "play" or just hang out. One of kt's friends (doesn't have a mum) needs help buying a bra & asked kt if I would take her to the mall.

    Have a fun Friday.

  3. house of cards

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    TGIF, I laughed about all the teachers knowing your difficult child, I live in a very small town and most of the teachers know my whole crew. It gets pretty strange because I can't remember faces of my life so lots of people know me but I don't seem to return the action, unless they clue me in to who they are. Very embarassing when you run into your alltime favorite. Enjoy the water work out and enjoy a clean house for the weekend(I'll be envious).

    Good Morning Timer and all that follow, its awfully sweet of you to fit in taking the young lady bra shopping, hope it goes well.
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Wow-easy child is a dedicated employee getting up so early. It's nice you got to meet difficult child's teachers last night. I hope the art teacher lets them have some fun this year!

    Linda-I think it says a lot about yours and kt's relationship that she wants you to help her friend! Enjoy the weekend.

    Long day yesterday. After the potluck at difficult child's school I came down with a major migraine. Then felt better later and couldn't sleep so I went to the club at 11:15 last night and got home around 12:30. I'm feeling more than tired now!

    After work today difficult child heads off to respite for the weekend. He is none too happy about it and I feel bad but husband and I do need the respite!

    easy child has to cheer tonight, it is suppose to be just pouring rain-yuck! husband and I want to go to the game but with the rain-oh my-after the week I've had!

    Wishing everyone a relaxing Friday.:peaceful: Hi if you snuck in.
  5. Andy

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    :) :) :)

    Little Dude's Mom - Let's take it as a good sign that all the teachers knew him. We will just pretend that the reason they know him is that they did their homework on learning what they could about all their new students.

    Timer - I am sorry husband can't get to the football field. You would think being on school property, it would have to be accessble to everyone. Have fun at the mall. It is nice that the girl feels comfortable in asking.

    House - I am the same way. Can't remember a name to a face. Makes it worse that I have an identical twin sister so when she used to live nearby, I never knew if they thought I was her or me?

    Wiped Out - Will the game still go on in pouring rain? I am glad your migraine finally went away. Have a great weekend.

    difficult child has his therapist appointment up North this afternoon. husband may come with. I need to remember to look for a lock to put on difficult child's school locker. We don't expect any trouble (the school has never had any problems with locker) but with a $300 stress eraser stored in it, we would like it locked. Otherwise nothing planned for a few days.

    Happy day to everyone. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day people.

    Sharon/LDM, it does sound a bit surreal, to be cleaning out a hot tub at 5 am, before school.

    Linda, I think it's wonderful of you to take kt's friend bra shopping. I wish someone had been able to do that for me - my mother was around but very sick and not able to take me bra shopping until 18 months at least after I should have been wearing one.

    Houseofcards, we're another family living in a very small town. husband was saying to me just last night, we are now among some of the longest-term residents here.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy your respite. I hope it isn't raining for easy child's game. Having to cheer in the rain could be very unpleasant.

    Andy, I think the locker lock is a good idea. After all, how could you call it a locker, if you can't lock it?

    It's late, I'm incredibly tired.

    Another day dealing with medical stuff. mother in law had to go back to get her heart monitor removed - it always leaves raw patches on her where the electrodes were attached, so I brought a bottle of cooking oil with me for her, to rub on the sore spots. She can't tolerate preservatives in cosmetics (neither can I) and all her expensive low-allergy cosmetics now have preservatives in them, so she's reacting to them too. I'm slowly convincing her that cooking oil works, and it's also cheaper.
    I was able to wait for mother in law, then we had to drive to the next suburb to see our neurologist. I had to collect my CT scan from yesterday first. It's getting to be an exercise in logistics and organisation, to fit all our medical appointments in.

    The neurologist - wants mother in law to go on steroids. Wants me to get checked out for polymyalgia rheumatica. We both have to go back to see him in two weeks; normally he doesn't want to see us for four months. He said for me, the treatment could be as simple as a steroid injection into the painful joints. I said, "what, ALL of them?" Doesn't sound simple to me...

    Tonight we had difficult child 1 home for a change, with girlfriend also here for dinner. I cooked up a roast chicken with roast vegetables - potatoes, carrots, whole mushrooms and celeriac. difficult child 3 tried roast celeriac (something new) and announced he likes it - a lot! That's a first. Then some lamingtons I'd bought, for dessert (for those not on a diet, like me). difficult child 3 likes those, too. I thought he'd had lamingtons before, but he clearly hadn't. He's getting really good at trying new foods now.

    Tomorrow morning we have to vote (local council) and then I'm meeting up with girlfriend and easy child 2/difficult child 2 to look at bridesmaids dresses and wedding dress patterns. easy child should join us by lunchtime, then she's home with us tomorrow night. husband & I just made up our new spare bed for her. Sunday - more dress shopping. Monday - I have yet another doctor's appointment.

    At least the weather is warming up. I wore a skirt today - a good thing, as it turned out, with the neurologist wanting to prod and poke. He said it was good he didn't have to undress me too far! Cheeky sod...
    Today I didn't wear my ugg boots until late afternoon, it was so warm. Tomorrow will be even warmer. Then it's cooler again for a few days, but you can feel the spring in the air at last.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.