Happy Friday Morning!

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Friday is finally here and this is our last day of work before Spring Break and might I add a very needed spring break! I cannot tell you how needed this break is, not just for me but for the students as well. difficult child gets to go bowling this afternoon with his class at school.

    After work today-no appointments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! husband and I will probably crash after that. It will be nice to get in our late Friday nap! Who knows, maybe I'll even make it to the health club!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful da
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    Good morning all,

    Sharon, enjoy your much needed nap & better yet spring break.

    Today is last day of spring break for kt. It's to warm up a bit & PCA & kt want to get the bikes out & go for a ride down by the lake. I found the bike pump last night ~ it should be a go.

    Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker, kt & I watched Marley & Me here last night. It's a well done, funny beautiful family movie.

    My contractor is coming in with final numbers & schedule on the remodel this morning; it seems to have gotten a bit out of hand as I've wanted the roof & bathroom done by now. I know this is the way it goes.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.
  3. It's Finally Friday!!!!!

    Sharon, thank goodness for Spring break.... I hope that you have a wonderful day and that you do get to the health club.

    Linda, It's good to hear the good news about Marley and Me, I'm looking forward to seeing it. I hope things can get reined in with the contractor. husband and I have rehabbed lots of houses and I know how hard it is to get those things under control.

    husband and I will be meeting with the insurance adjuster and a contractor today regarding repair to our roof from the damage caused by the tree falling over the weekend. The tree is gone, an excellent team came to remove it - with no further damage. I do miss the beautiful hemlock - there's just a big hole where it was....Wish us luck with the adjuster, our experience has been that they often find a way to wiggle out of paying for damage caused by trees.

    difficult child seems to be on a pretty level course right now - only two more months left for high school! Spring break is next week... Woo hoo!!! We will ALL enjoy that.

    Have a great day, and find some moments of peace and serenity for yourselves...

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy your break and your down time.

    Linda, the renovations are both exciting and a hassle, but it will all be worth it when the job's done. Also, you've inspired me to get on with some painting of my own, hopefully tomorrow.

    Valerie, I hope you have no problems with the insurance assessor. Sorry you have lost a favourite tree, here's hoping you can get some fast repairs to your roof.

    difficult child 3 has to do a lot of work on a major assessment task over the weekend, already he's building up resistance to it. But it MUST be done, although he has longer than he thinks, I brokered an extension for him that he doesn't know about.

    Today was the second study day in a row, maths today (science yesterday). The weather is weird at the moment - cool in the morning, then hot, humid, cold - or maybe it's me, having "tropical moments". A combination of menopause and prednisone...

    It was cold at sunrise when we left home, it rained all the way in (just a light sprinkle) with a lot of fog around. But by the time we got in there, I was already shedding layers.

    We got there half an hour ahead, difficult child 3 needed to get online to finish off some science worksheets, so we signed in and headed for the library to put that half hour to effective use. He had almost finished the work when it was time to go to class. There were three groups for the three different grades. difficult child 3 has been working in the top grde but for some reason was listed in the middle grade. The middle grade teacher left him there though, because difficult child 3 said, "I'm in top grade." The top grade teacher said, "You're not in my class, you're not on the roll, go back to the office."
    I said, "The office sent us to you."
    By this stage difficult child 3 was getting flustered so I said to him, "Go back to the computer in the library and get on with your science work sheets while I sort out this paperwork."
    It took me half an hour, by which time difficult child 3 was frankly too flustered to work. However, he did trot off to class once we'd established that he WAS supposed to be in the top class. Meanwhile I had called his own class teacher for maths to meet with me, to discuss difficult child 3's concerns about the top class being too difficult for him anyway.

    I'd been anticipating a quiet time as I usually have on study days, when I hang around waiting for difficult child 3's break times and simply stay available; this time I was scurrying back and forth sorting out this problem and meeting with the Special Education staff, the class maths teacher, the head maths teacher, other teachers and staff in general, trying to not only fix this problem but sort out the anxieties over the class being too difficult.

    I had picked the wrong day to break in new platform stiletto shoes!

    However, they do work fast at this place, we got a lot of problems sorted out. difficult child 3's first class session broke after a total of an hour (so he had half an hour of that class, at least) by which time we had confirmed that he stays in the top class for now. At the first break he headed straight for the library to finish his work sheets while the other students headed for morning tea. I saw he was working so I headed to morning tea for him, grabbed a packet of biscuits and made him a coffee (I bring our own decaf). I took it all back to the library for him abd left it outside the computer room. He finished his work at last, by which time he'd eaten his biscuits and his coffee was drinkable temperature for him. He had just enough time to go meet with the other kids, grab another pack of biscuits and then head back to the next class.

    Usually they only break for morning tea, and then for lunch, at which time everyone goes home. I think because this was maths, they had planned in more breaks. The kids had two more breaks over the 'day', during which difficult child 3 kicked a football around with a couple of other boys (including his regular friend). By this stage he was at last working better, feeling more confident.

    By this time I had at last met with the maths teacher and we'd established a strategy to help difficult child 3 a bit more with his confidence with the work. The class teacher is insistent - difficult child 3 MUST stay in the top class if possible, it will be more appropriate for him and the way he learns. He also fetched some sample work, side by side lesson sheets on the same topic, for the top class and the middle class, so we can both see (difficult child 3 & I) that the topics will be the same, regardless of which class he is in. difficult child 3 won't find himself doing easier topics, he still has to cover the same ground. Having the teacher also explain it, was really good. His class teacher took difficult child 3's group for the last session, so he was able to keep an eye on him and also talk to him privately, as he went round the group. difficult child 3 has had the same maths teacher for the last four years, he knows his work well.

    After the official part of the day was done (and I had handed in the science work sheets for him - that's my job as his supervisor) we hung around to meet with the IT teacher so he and difficult child 3 could play some games on the school's Wii and the interactive whiteboard. They've been doing this as a regular thing whenever we're in at the school and we can organise it, it's also helping the school refine their skills and equipment. It's also giving difficult child 3 unparalleled skills with the interactive whiteboard!

    While difficult child 3 and the other kids were in class, after the hasles were sorted, I had the chance to chat to the other parents/supervisors. We were all haning around waiting. It seems difficult child 3 is one of the long-term students, none of the others have been doing correspondence for as long. A number of the others are new, this is their first year and the parent/supervisors were a bit overwhelmed. One of them was minding a darling baby boy, her grnadson, because her daughter is doing correspondence for this year (and hopes to continue for the next two years). Another new student has just started full-time as a professional dancer, she's finding it physically exhausting but knows her body will adapt and she will be able to get on top of her schoolwork. Other kids attend a performing arts school where they do correspondence lessons in the morning and performing arts in the afternoons. All these kids are a fascinating mix and over time are getting to really understand one another.

    We left quite late, most of the teachers were heading for home, so we had peak hour traffic back to our district. A quick trip to the mall (it's on the way home) so I could have a word to easy child 2/difficult child 2 at her work, I organised haircuts for me and difficult child 3 then we did a little grocery shopping & window shopping before heading for home.

    I put my stiletto heels back on while driving - I'm actually finding it has helped my legs not get so tired with the driving. It's weird, I haven't been wearing heels for decades, now I'm loving it. Still getting used to them, though, always carrying soft flats as well.

    So tomorrow - difficult child 3 has to have his nose to the grindstone and get his assignment done. I'm sitting here feeling cold but pouring with sweat. My feet hurt. I've got some reading to do on oil paints and how to use them, plus the garden is calling, all the rain has brought out some snails and a lot of weeds. Sunday is open day for our local artists and it's weird - by the next open day, easy child will be married and heading off on her honeymoon. Four weeks today.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone. May it be more productive but less stressful than ours!

  5. Andy

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    Wiped Out - Yes, I believe that between New Year's and Spring break gets so long for the kids (even with a few days off here and there). Wish difficult child luck bowling. I am sure we are headed there after school.

    Timer - What a busy day for you. I hope PCA and KT enjoy the outdoors.

    One Day - Wow! What a sight that tree must have been! Good luck with the adjuster.

    difficult child and I will be headed up North in about 1/2 hour. He has a 1 1/2 hour initial psychiatric appointment. Then home to work and school. Then bowling after school.

    I just registered on-line to win Twins tickets including hotel reservatons. I think I deserve to win. I am a twin and they are for a game on my birthday! So, I figured I should take the chance (though there was no place to comment to beg for the tickets - LOL).

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.

  6. Andy

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    Marg - you snuck in on me - bound to happen at this time of the morning. What a busy day for you! Hope your feet get a happy rest tonight.
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    Good Morning Everyone:yawn::coffee:,

    Sharon (WO), I hope your last day of work before Spring break goes smoothly and quickly!!!

    Linda, Remodeling IS definitely a hassle - In the end, you'll be happy you did it.

    Valerie, I've got my fingers crossed that things go well with the adjuster... My difficult child only has a few months left in high school too - Time flies!!!

    Marg, As always, I get exhausted just thinking about all you're doing... I never would have thought heels would help with driving - I'm glad they're working for you. What are you painting? I wish I had a bit of talent, lol!!! I can draw stick figures... easy child must be so excited - Only four weeks to go...!!! It'll be here before you know it...

    Andy, I've got my fingers crossed that you win those Twins tickets!!! I think you deserve to win too!!! I hope things go well at difficult child's initial psychiatric appointment.

    Today it's rainy and damp. In fact, it's supposed to be like this through tomorrow. Hopefully, Sunday, we'll see some much wanted sunshine...

    I've got some errands to run, and calls to make for both difficult children. I don't have much work today - should be able to wrap things up within a few hours. I really need to get motivated to begin some Spring cleaning - The dust bunnies are multiplying rapidly around here...

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... WFEN
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